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Feeling Loved [E-S]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid] I met someone a few days ago in the Student Center. He had very long brown hair, pulled back and tied neatly, long black leather trench coat and boots. Wore a black shirt and tighter fitting Levi Jeans. From what I could see, he liked me quite a bit, which I had no arguments with. I was naturally very open and flirtatious, but like most men, he wasn?t that responsive. He was very shy until he discovered that I could pluck eyebrows. I borrowed his tweezers and flipped myself from his left side onto his lap. Now straddling him, wearing my Tae Kwon Do pants and a white sports bra. He didn?t say too much and I commenced with the plucking. Eventually, when I was finished, I handed him his tweezers but remember that I?m still straddling his hips. I look over my shoulder at the girls at the tables.

?Should I kiss him?? He didn?t say a word, meek as a lamb to any slaughter. A British lamb to an American girl slaughter. I so totally rock, go me.

?YES!? The girls were unanimous, laughing their heads off. He stared at me like I had lost my mind. Then I placed both hands on either side of his face, turning him to face me instead of the wall to hide his blush, leaned forward, and kissed him. Smack on the lips, and he was so surprised he didn?t kiss back until about five seconds into it. His moans were delightful and I flicked my tongue against his lips, and then pulled away. Eventually I slid back off his lap to the middle part of the couch. He was completely struck dumb, crossed his legs, and tried to breathe while melting right into the couch. I laughed and we kept on talking, until I turned back and kissed him again, this time massaging the side of his face with my right hand and letting my left explore his chest. This time he kissed back and rubbed my shoulder and neck, his tongue rubbing into mind. It was so erotic and everything, I nearly died.

He walked out about five minutes later and smoked a cigarette to get over the shock of having a beautiful female rubbing up against him and making out with him for the first time in a year. Later I sat on his lap and he placed both hands on my bare shoulders. His nails were long, and they grazed my shoulders gently, felt under my bra, and down my spine where he and yet another gorgeous female tested my backbone to find the gap in my vertebrae. I smiled and ground my hips into his. Eventually he leaned forward and sank his teeth into my neck after I had already gotten his twice and bitten his lower lip good and hard. I moaned and arched up and back. His teeth felt pointed to me and seemed to pierce my skin. While he bit, his hands surged across my back and pressed me tightly to him. I tried not to panic and faint with pleasure, but either way it was a sudden power switch from me to him and the quickness it took place in was dizzying to me in my new and vulnerable state.

We went for a walk, he smoked a cigarette, and I took his arm, as it was offered so gallantly. It was interesting to think that although he?s British and 13 years older than me, I see nothing wrong with he and I flirting and making out intermittently. His smoking wasn?t a turn off for me like it was with other people, instead it added to his mysterious character, which I found myself quite smitten with. Oh dear. His accent was very sexy and came through at the oddest time. While we were on the couch earlier he said, for everyone to hear, including another British boy,

?Englishmen don?t come. They arrive.?

So wrong, so naughty, oh my. We stopped at my car and I put my purse and belt into the side seat. He hugged me and we leaned against the side. He kissed my shoulders and felt the softness of my skin, commenting on it occasionally. I asked what he was looking at. He said he was watching the expressions on my face and said that I had the most beautiful lips and eyes he had ever seen. I smiled and went up on tiptoe for a kiss, which got stronger as my hands explored his chest. I tweaked his nipples and he gasped, claiming that he had an extremely sensitive chest. Without warning I tilted his head to one side and bit deep into his neck. He moaned with pleasure and felt up my breasts at my moving his hands up to where I wanted them. His fingers were soft and gentle, and he smelled of cigarettes and cologne. As my teeth dug into his neck I could hear him moaning and gasping, which served to tell me to dig my teeth in deeper. I also picked up his wrist and bit deep into the flesh, nearly piercing his skin. He almost called me a lycanthrope, while stroking my hair, until I told him that I was a Tristae witch and not a lycan in the least.

It was so romantic and sexy I nearly fainted. I looked down and he stood over me, holding my shoulders with his long fingers, and I felt very young compared to him. It was a very odd moment, and I felt so little and emotionally vulnerable, I nearly melted straight into his arms. He held me close to his chest, nuzzling my throat and chest. My knees nearly gave way and he held me around the hips and lower back. I turned around so my back was to him. He leaned over and slid one hand down my pants, feeling up my ass cheeks. By his admonition, they are very firm and delightful, at least to him. Earlier he tried to slid his hands down my front, but I caught his wrist, since I hadn?t shaved and didn?t think it would be as sexy as it could?ve been. He contented himself with stroking the side of my face.
We came back and I sat in a chair across from him. He leaned back and looked up, eventually closing his eyes. I asked if he was sleeping. He said no, as if he could, with a raging hard on in his pants. I laughed and snuggled up to him. When I looked over to him a few minutes later and he mouthed the words,

?You are so beautiful.?

I blushed, naturally, and demurred as we Asians do. When he had to leave he kissed me so gently, until I bit down on his lip. He laughed and walked off, while I tried to walk in a straight line, I was feeling so star struck and sexy. What?s more, I felt loved.
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