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The..'art' by moi.


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Well, these are my two lastest pictures, I hope you will all give constructive crit, considering I really want to improve.

The CHaracters are from my all time favorite Series, 'Kanon'.

Ah yes, to the mods n such, Im still pretty new at posting on this BBS, it seems different than the others Ive been on, so, if I did something wrong, feel free to correct my mistakes.
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[QUOTE=Coltonw911]I think your pretty good at drawing but the truth is you need more work on the head. I think you might need some inpiration then work a bit longer on the pics.

But... thats just me! They look pretty good though. :p[/QUOTE]

Thanks! to be honest, Im experimenting on different angles for the faces, so ..it looks a bit odd. Your Critique is much Apreciated!
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