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Theif's Game M(LVS)

Akieen Cloud

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It is before modren day, before cars and electricity, urban livingwas the way of life. But jobs were so rare, and if you had one, you didn't keep it for long, you were fired for someone younger, healthier, more 'fit' for the job you were doing. Depending on where you lived depended on your living style. The west was high in life and rich, while the east was the gallows for anyone who lived there. But the only reason for any of the poverty was that the west took all the money, taxes and property prices were so high that only few got to live very well, others had to scrounge for food, just fro a way of living. They worked nearly 12 hours a day just to keep food on the table or a roof over their families heads. And this was the way of life for them, but as the times got more into the future and weapons got better for the wars and battles that took place people began to make their own jobs. They became thiefs,pirates, rebles. The biggest problem the police had were the theives. they were everywhere, in bands, alone, sometikes with priates or rebles. They took from banks and richer citizens, the money was never recovered.

Okay here's the deal. Your can be what you want, basicly there's a money problem in the city, remeber, it's urban! so no guns! or things like that. So work with me here people. All can be rebles or police.

signs ups.
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name- Known as the Grim Reaper
age- Unknown
gender- Male
apperance- Robed in all black.
bio- He is one of the most feared assassins in all the land. He is the leader of the Black Dragons, a wandering gang of thevies and assassins who take from the rich and give to the poor and take out the power hungery leaders. No one has ever seen his face...not even his own family....
side- What is there to say? He knows one saying, "In the darkness, the gifted shall reign...."
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