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Collection 2

Ice Dragon v2

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Well, after a long time, I finally have the second collection up.
It's amazing on what you can do with paint.

Here's the list.
First line: Gundam (We need mechas)
SD Deathscythe
SD Heavyarms
SD Sandrock
SD Shenlong
SD Wing
SD Wing Zero
SD Epyon
Then just regular Zero and Epyon

Second line: Evangelion (We also need mechas)
EVA 01
(Im low on EVA pics, so I'll take reservations if anyone wants and EVA avatar)

Thrid line: Outlaw Star (not too many avatars on Outlaw Star)

Fourth line: DBZ/GT (everybody's favorite)
Android 13
Android 14
(Android 15 has a bad side view so it literally stinks, but I'll find a decent one......someday)
Goten (that's right, its Goten in GT)
Vegeta (at age 6 or 7)
Shenlong Dragon
SSJ4 Vegeta
SSJ4 Goku

Well, there you have it. Collection 2. Number three coming soon.
My line is open so feel free to PM or IM me whenever.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by *GaLxY-GiRl* [/i]
[B][COLOR=limegreen]The quality of those AV's is rather poor...... you should take your time.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]
its paint
what do u expect?
I have limited resoruces in editing pics.
Besides, I'll be getting Paintshop Pro this week so they can look brand spanking new.

And yeah the quality looks whack, but hopefully i can work with james in that otaku avatars site. I need something to spread my little business.
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The Avatars even thought not great quailty are actually very good.

Paint Shop Pro 7 is the best way to go man. I am surprised on how some people make stunning images with that program.
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