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  1. [quote name='ScirosDarkblade]A lower cel count has almost no effect on the artwork itself (especially when you treat it as a "style"). The differences in production affect some particular approaches when it comes to the [i]animation[/i'] of the art, but regardless of whether an anime episode has 20,000 cels or 50,000 cels, the artists have to be just as "good" at drawing the style, whatever it may be.[/quote] You're an artist, right? I've been to your website. Please, for the sake of enlightment, from now on, even if this pissing contest is never resolved, please acknowledge the fact that [B]animation is art IN ITSELF[/B]. A drawing is art. Animation is art. A macaroni noodle chair with darts sticking out of it is art. The Art comes before you and me. I'd also like to highlight this part of your argument, just for the hell of it. [quote]Also if you make a claim such as that it's not really an opinion as much as it is misinformation (in reference to my claim that the Japanese are best at creating "anime" as a style) ... So, please don't have an "opinion" on this subject.[/quote] There's just no sense in even having a debate with you. I wish you'd realize you're atleast 65% wrong and probably not representing YOUR OWN OPINIONS as best and accurately as you could be. :/ Grass is red, the sky is hot pink, George W. Bush is a genius, and OH!1MIGAWDDUSS sucks. Don't hate me, I'm just misinformed. [I]*edit* It's been brought to my attention in a rather comedic fashion that, "arguing over the internet is like being the champion of the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still a retard." So, U R teh win, and I'm willing to agree that Hot Pockets kinda taste good.[/I]
  2. [quote name='Jamvis']Like alot of good Japanese culture games, they've horribly and i mean HORRIBLY americanized it. they've removed a number of the japenese pop songs and others they've made it so that you have to unlock them [complete 200 songs and you'll get all of them v.v][/quote] Are you comparing it to the arcade versions or the Japanese version of Extreme for the PS2? It's not that these songs have been removed it's just that they've not been included in our console version. "Americanizing" of games is crucial if a company like Konami wants to make money at all from bringing a game to the States. I mean, some people would buy a DDR version with ALL Japanese songs but it wouldn't be worth their while. Furthermore, DDR has never had ALL Japanese songs. I'd like to say that the majority of them are sung in English or are atleast partially sung in English. [quote]okay, now that i've ruined the fun of all the games. Most of the songs are tastefully stepped, but for cripes sake, WHY do they add in american stuff to a PERFECTLY good japanese dancing game? What the hell is Konami THINKING?!?![/quote] These American songs are added because they are popular here (and probably in Japan, too). I'd venture to say that the majority of the people buying this DDR version aren't obsessed with Japanese culture/music and would rather "dance" to music they can understand or recognize. Also, I know a lot of anime/Japanese culturl enthusiasts who wouldn't touch DDR with a ten foot pole. Can't win 'em all. All in all, I don't see a huge difference between this console version, previous ones (MAX/2) and even the arcade. You must just be dissapointed that the American console version didn't include more -arcade- songs. I'm sure Konami is rationing these songs for future console releases. DDR is pretty much dead in Japan so they're milking the game for everything it's worth in America (where it's popularity is increasing), to be honest. =/ I suggest you, if you're truly unhappy, modding your PS2 and getting the J version (like Syk3 has suggested), buying an arcade machine (har har), or getting Stepmania and downloading whatever damn songs you want, lol. [Stepmania, if you didn't know, is a game very, VERY similar to that of DDR and you can either play with your keyboard's directional arrows or get a USB>Playstation hookup thingie for your home pads. The game and songs are available to download for free.] [I][SIZE=1] Phew.. that all took too long to type. This entire topic seems to be getting rather redundant, and I don't want to sound rude, but posts by people who seem to only have half a grasp on a subject only make it worse. Heh.[/SIZE][/I]
  3. I live in Orlando and all I have to say is, I'm sick and tired of picking up shingles on the ground that are covered in fire ants. My hands are so pumped up full of toxins, I'm sure they're going to rot off pretty soon. My room mate is useless and never offers to help out... you can't peel him from his computer; he loves to pimp his Sims [i]that[/i] much. It's safe to say that Charlie caused the most damage; it pushed my two favorite trees into the side of my house and they had to be cut down. =[ Frances was a joke, to be honest. My power didn't go out for more than 5 minutes at a time, and since my roomate fled to Georgia and went to DragonCon, I took advantage of uber bandwidth the entire time. =] Ivan didn't touch Orlando. Jeanne tore my roof up some more and broke my gate... stupid hurricane. The only reason I'm kind of/sort of scared of hurricanes is because of all the tornados they create. They're what really damages stuff. If a roof gets ripped off of a house, it's probably because a tornado formed. I just think it would suck if all my stuff got.. sucked out of my house. Yeah. BUT !! We here in Florida can look forward to an uncommonly cold winter... it's been historically linked to hyper-active hurricane seasons.
  4. [quote name='Mage15']Thats awsome that the DDR:Extreme is coming out in English, I had to pay to get my PS2 Modded, buy the game, get a metal pad, and play it non-stop. Which in retro-spect wasn't a very good idea but i was desperate. I hope they have Cow Girl in the english version 'casue that song is awsome ^_^. Nice pics by the way ~^.^~[/quote] HAH.. You're so much better off with a modded PS2 and the Japanese version of Extreme... it totally owns the US version. It's basically the arcade version of what most of us know and love (mostly all songs from the machine), and, well, US Extreme is not. Well, you'd know! =] I should probably get mine modded and whore out my friend's DVD burner... screw the US version, hehehe.
  5. My friends are going crazy with that game right now (even at midnight). It's like DDR for the bored DDR player... there's so many missions and unlockables. [spoiler]So far, they've unlocked Trip Machine Survior, Can't Stop Falling in Love (Speedy Mix), and the all new Maximizer! I'm waiting to see if they've put Sakura in there... Konami said Can't Stop Falling in Love (Speedy Mix) wasn't going to be in there, but is, soo...[/spoiler] The game seems pretty exciting for the hardcore DDR player. I just feel like I can't afford to go out a buy a game right now... However, if I had an X-box, Fable would be MINE.
  6. [quote name='Dagger IX1']I'm not sure that kids would have the patience for this show, heh. The first episode reminded me of Koi Kaze--Windy Tales obviously isn't about incest, but it's deliberately paced and has similarly subtle character development. I really love how they animated the wind. While the artwork is deceptively simplistic, I think Windy Tales will look and sound fantastic on DVD.[/quote] I agree. Some kids would watch it, but I don't think they'd [i]get[/i] it. I like it's unassuming nature and slow character development. It kind of allows you to think about the theme of the show more, not so much the plot since I don't think it's as important as the... message it's trying to convey? Heheh... It's pretty deep. I have the first two episodes and they make me want to fall asleep (lol) because they're so serene. I like the design of the characters and the clouds... it reminds me so much of French art and popart; a nice change in between all of the other animes I'm watching/waiting for.
  7. [quote name='ScirosDarkblade']But to say that Japanese are better at the "anime" art style than Americans is just silly. If you want to compare quality, compare writing or voice acting or something.[/quote] I don't see what's wrong with claiming Japanese people are better at creating anime when the style belongs to them. It's just my opinion and I don't think it's that far-fetched. There's more to the "anime style" or Japanese animation in general than the recognizable art. They typical use a lower cel count than American animation for example, which sets it apart as a distinct style. The entire production is different. There MAY be these American animators out there that can *perfectly* match the style of anime as you claim, but where are they? Are they freelance or something? Feel free to link me to a website if they have one. If Americans are out-sourcing Japanese animators I doubt it's soley because it's cheaper... it's because they're best at creating what's popular; the anime style and what not. They're not asking them to write for them or bring their high-pitched friends over to voice the characters, they just want them to animate. This is just my opinion and I don't really think it's silly. And what's this about comparing the quality of writing and voice acting? Are you saying instead of me comparing one country's mastery of its style and another's imitation of it, I should compare a Japanese voice actor with an American one? That sounds a little contradictory to me. [I]I[/I] wouldn't even go there. I would never compare voice actors from different countries because the culture is so different and I'm not even going to pretend I have a complete understanding.
  8. [QUOTE=Sol-Blade]Hmm... Disney + Anime = The Twilight of the Gods and the End of Time. :D Seriously though, when I think of anime...Disney is NOT what comes to mind. [I]Ever[/I]. They can think of latching on to the anime scene...but I can not picture them taking a serious holding of ground in the genre. This is all just speculation, but im just saying. If they ever were to broaden their horizons, best of luck to them! Besides, Disney...is well...Disney. A genre of its own basically.[/QUOTE] They've made their own anime-esque show called "Monkey.. monkey fighting hour... *googles it* Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go!". Yes. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go! I bet it's as bad as it sounds. The animation is -kind of- cool, but it's so retro Japanese looking, and this isn't necessarily a -bad- thing (just creative borrowing/theft), but the plot sounds utterly ridiculous. A preview can be seen [U][URL=http://psc.disney.go.com/abcnetworks/toondisney/jetix/index.html]here[/URL][/U]. I think I'd like to prefer Disney aire some real anime rather than try to make their own by tweaking the style. I just don't think Americans can pull a really good imitation off. I think this is why American animation studies hire Japanese people... it's like DDR; they're born to do such things and raised to do them well. Anyway, I'm just tired of seeing really bad anime imitations like Totally Spies and Teen Titans. It's so cheesy...
  9. [quote name='Dagger IX1']Really? I didn't know that. Which series are they airing?[/quote] I may have gotten a bit carried away... Disney shows stuff like Beyblade, Digimon, and Power Rangers on Toon Disney. I over heard of commercial for their new "Jetix" which is basically like a Toonami or Meguzi, and assumed it was an anime. Heh, oops. Well, they do show anime! Beyblade is SO cool, I mean, fighting with tops? [I]WHAT[/I]? >.> They show old Miyazaki stuff too, but everyone knows that.
  10. [quote name='Hayashi Hansuke']For Galaxy Girl here is another guilty gear character that I just finished drawing.[/quote] Looks great, but hate Potamkin even more than Baiken! Hehehe... it's just because he's SO cheap. I like the perspective and the pencil shading/shining techniques.
  11. I just recently bought some Prismacolor markers and I've been using and abusing them. I've been trying to avoid it until I absolutely needed them (for school), but I couldn't help it... they were on sale. ^_^ They're absolutely unparelled... they're like sharpies, but better. They don't dry up like paint pens. The first one is just a cyborgy girl... thing. It was posted on my other thread but I don't think anyone viewed it. :/ The second is... longboard. That's it. I'd also like everyone to see my friend's Naruto fan art; [U][URL=http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs4/i/2004/260/1/a/Sasuke_Final_by_monkywrangler.jpg]Sasuke w/ chidori[/URL][/U]. He's pretty darn good with that Photoshop, thar eh? [I](I removed my other images from my last thread, so I should be at 2/5 for my image allotment.)[/I]
  12. Why does everyone wear indie shirts and converse shoes? Anime is becoming trendy. I bet Hot Topic is going to start selling it. I went to a Walden's Books store recently and they had about 15 anime wall scrolls hung up. They had count 'em three full aisles dedicated to manga and related items like art books and drawing tutorials. A bunch of anime racks, plushies everywhere; it's madness. Now, I am a manga and anime fan and I'm not going to condemn the fact that it's becoming popular but all I'm hoping for is respect and increased quality... which is imminet, but perhaps not in the -near- future. I'm an art major and I was surprised by the amount of people who not only watch anime but are including elements into their compositions and desire to become japanese style animators and cartoonists. Orlando is basically the hot spot for everything anime related in Florida. There are anime stores here. Not just stores that sell anime, but stores dedicated to just anime. I think we host more than 3 anime conventions yearly. Other large cities like Atlanta are very similiar, but this is obvious due to large populations... and other stuff, I guess. I'm no sociologist. I think the rise in popularity is based on the growth of the internet and gaming. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but it seems gaming is becoming more and more popular too. My school's bar/arcade is chock full of gamer nerds playing Doom3 on their uber laptops, the DDR machine is swamped even though is sucks, and you have to wait in line to play Marvel vs. Street Fighter. Anyway, the best technology comes from Japan, I think we all know that... since the birth of bit torrent and the increase in people speeding up their internet connections to dsl/cable, people are downloading anime like there's no tomorrow. Plus, anime is all over tv like a fat women on KFC. I know not everyone has those expensive digital channels that exclusively show anime and what not, but with Cartoon Network and local channels (respective to everyone's location) showing -even the crappiest of dub jobs- we can expect more and more people to be showing interest in anime. Some people can't recognize a good anime from a bad one and just think they rock because THEY'RE DIFFERENT. **** people, I was obsessed with DBZ for the longest time. I quit life to watch that show. But anyway, my point is (>.>), people are going to watch tv and with the rise of anime being shown on it, popularity is going to increase. Disney Channel is showing 1 or 2 animes now... Did you know? :rolleyes: I guess that's my semi-indepth analysis of anime's increase in popularity in the states. I'm sure it doesn't apply to all areas, of course.
  13. [quote name='Baron Samedi][size=1']Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't being strapped for cash and working 5 different fast-food jobs all part of the magnificent world of college? You're missing half the fun by staying at home.[/size][/quote] Oh balls. Don't confuse the kid. If you're not the party type, it shouldn't matter where you're residing for college. I am most definitely not the part type, however living on campus my first year didn't seem to bother me because I politely excused myself from all of that. No one will hate you. Well, UCF isn't a huge party college in my opinion, but it may be because I am entirely out of the loop. However, living at home is best if you love your family and they don't get on your nerves. My first year I would have loved to move home and give up because I simply was so lonely and missed my house/mom/animals, etc. However, now that we have a second home here, when my mom comes to visit me for a couple days I'm ready to pull all of my hair out. It feels so strange thinking this way when just a year ago I'd love for her to stay with me for a long time or me to come home. It is a little hard to party and have people come over when you live at home, though. If you get a girlfriend or boyfriend it may be a little more convenient (privacy wise) to live alone or even in a dorm, where your roomie will dissapear for a bit. Anyway, in conclusion, living at home is cool because your 'rents will go easy on you when it comes to living expenses and you're comfortable in your own house.
  14. Kakashi sensei's "A Thousand Years of Pain" :faint: -but on a slightly more serious note, I think the Hyuuga clan's "Byakugan" blood-line limit is a really original weapon. It allows the person to see 360 degrees around his head and for miles into the distance. It makes attacks on this person extremely hard because he can see everything coming. Also, it allows you to see the chakra coils with in your opponent so you can directy attack them and imbolize/kill. The "soft fist" style of taijutsu (attacking chakra with in) paired with the Byakugan isn't your average fighting syle, and I like that. I just love ninja and their techniques! [i]A justu, as in a technique, can be implemented as a weapon. I will interprete as I see fit.[/i]
  15. Hehehehe.. Baiken... one of my least favorite GG characters, but that's okay! The drawing looks great. I like the detail of the hair and the sword. And she's touching her breast! That's awesome. A lot of people like to see drawings colored, but personally I've always preferred an old-fashioned look, or just a clean sketch or an inked version. I'd like to see more sketches if you have any. I
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