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RPG MY Comic Book story line!


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There is a group of 4 space fighters in outer space. There names are..... Genki, Mako, Kaiyu, and Slash.... They all have personalities like that of the Dragonball Z fighters. Their squad name is The Genki Squad.

I have already made the first comic and I will post it once my scanner is hooked up. There is a catch to the comic though. Throughout the comics, They visit strange worlds....for instance, on the first issue they crash land on a planet filled with the dbz world. they become friends with the z fighters, they learn from them, they help them defeat bad guys, and then they leave in search of other planets, my other comics will feature them landing on these following planets.

Sailor Moon

And I need help on others, can you give me ideas on other planets?

The first issue goes like this......

The Genki Ship looses furl so they have to land on the nearest planet. Vegeta ends up shooting the ship down and it crashes.
They get into a fight and realize that the z fighters are much stronger then they are becasue they cant launch ki energy attacks. so they become friends and goku teaches them all how to do the kamehameha and other techniques. Radditz shows up and says that he was wished back my a certain someone. radditz is then sliced in half by slash's beam saber. Then a saiyan named kackanaw shows up which is the guy who revived radditz and goku powers up to super saiyan. thats the end of the first one, i know it seems short but i compressed it all into that for a sneak peak. so what do you all think?

Oh crap....g2g, guitar lesson!
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no, i made it 3 years ago... here it is.

[color=darkblue][size=1] in the year A.R> 9999 a group of brave people stand... for honor... for justice... for a free lunch... they are... the Space Squad!

Alright everyone! This is our last training mission! Move out! Men! Return to base! the five cadets: yes sir! Cheif of war: we are fighting for our boss... for honor... for justice... for a free lunch! For we are... the space squad!

...to be continued

sound good? if so ill add to it later...[/size][/color]
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Wow, that's a really good idea. *laughs* figures DBZ is first. Other plantes/worlds, um... How about Card Captor Sakura or Slayers?

One lil thing.. um one of your characters name is Genki, and it's the Genki Squad right? That roughly translates to The How Are You Squad...

just thought you mihgt want to know that, good Idea though, if you need anyhelp, let me know
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