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RPG Blade Masters: Anarchy v. Ozy (M-VLS)


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[SIZE=1]Surrounded only by ramshackle wooden houses, the street was thick with mud as the rain fell in huge droplets, falling to the ground and smashing, bursting over a small area.

Anarchy sat in the branches of a tree, sheltered from the heavy rain, although he was already drenched from getting to the tree. His Wind-and-Fire wheels lay in his lap, glinting in the semi-light. The ornate blades were as lethal as they were beautiful, and he found himself entranced as he stared at them.

He heard the movement of someone approaching, and he took his weapons into his hands, and dropped down from the tree. His feet landed in the thick mud, and sank a few inches in. He groaned as the bottom of his cloak was drenched with mud.

His opponent drew nearer, holding a rapier and a naginata. She was also a Blade Master, it would seem. She swaggered in, looking rather too cocky for her own good, and he called out:

"Who do I have the pleasure of fighting today?"

(OOC: Sorry for the mix-up, Kairi, I didn't see that)[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][I]Ramshackle wooden houses. Mud. Lots and lots of mud. Oh, yes, it's a beautiful day...[/I] Ozymandius wandered through the tiny village, naginata slung across her back, her rapier at her side. [I]If it wasn't for the one artisan in the region who makes decent brushes living here...[/I] A flash in the middle of the square caught her eye. Sitting, drenched, under the tree that towered in the middle of the village was a young man about her age. He looked familiar - although anyone with that color hair should have been [i]instantly[/i] recognizable, she couldn't place a name...he scrambled to his feet, picking up his strange, claw-like blades.

"Who do I have the pleasure of fighting today?" Ozy smirked.

"Only Ozymandius Jones, artisan of the blade...and who said we were fighting?" She began to shrug off her traveling pack, unstrapping her naginata from its sheath across her back. The man shrugged.

"Come now...two Blade Masters in the middle of nowhere? And not fighting?" She half nodded.

"That would be highly abnormal..." Making sure her rapier was loose in its sheath, she grasped her naginata firmly. "Shall we dance, then?" No response...at least, not verbal. A single lunge, a clash of blades - and the fight began.[/COLOR]

OOC: There y'go.
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[SIZE=1]Anarchy's wheels clashed with Ozymandius' rapier, locking together to trap the weapon. He moved them away swiftly and spun under her weapons, aiming a slice at her stomach. She dodged expertly, and he still came, slashing with his weapons, at her face. Her naginata flashed up in front of her face and blocked the blow of the wheel. With a deft flick of the blade, Ozymandius sent the wheel flying through the air, landing with a soft *squelch* in the thick mud. Anarchy allowed himself a quick glance backwards to see his weapon, and flipped backwards, burying his hands in the mud and flipping over onto his feet, aiming a kick at Ozymandius' face as he flipped. His foot caught her on the chin, throwing her head back, but she recovered swiftly.

Anarchy landed next to his weapon, and, sweeping his foot under it, he flicked it into the air, catching it and blocking Ozymandius' new attack with a single swift movement. She scowled and sliced at his leg with her naginata, just catching it. Blood trickled steadily down his thigh, and he swore loudly. He clutched at his leg, and Ozymandius came at him stronger than before, attacking him with both weapons, stabbing with her rapier and slashing with her naginata. He only just managed to block the weapons before they cut him.

He threw her back with considerable force behind his wheels, and she flipped over and back onto her feet, as he had done earlier. He lunged at her, one of his wheels catching her across the cheek. Blood trickled out of the wound, and she wiped away the blood with a finger, looking at it before lunging at Anarchy, both blades drawn...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]The slice across her cheek stung, but she ignored the pain. She'd had much, much worse. And the foot to the chin seemed to have loosened a couple of teeth...[i]that[/i] was an annoyance.

Ozy whirled, aiming for his shins with the naginata and his shoulder with the rapier. A fast spreading of his hands - and he caught the blades far enough away from his body to keep them from doing any damage, although the impact pushed him backward. She growled in frustration, jumping back before his retaliatory swipe could hit her.

She quickly drove her rapier back into its sheath, planted the butt of the naginata deep in the mud, and used it to launch herself into the air. Her foot connected with Anarchy's chin in much the same why he'd got her earlier; at the same time he brought up his wind-and-fire wheel, drawing it across her ankle. She yelped.

The combantants broke apart both panting heavily. Ozy on one knee. [i]He's better than I thought....[/i] She grinned.

"Isn't this fun, Ana?" Anarchy glowered. She stuck her tongue out at him. "What, don't like your new name? Finally remembered your real one...but I like Ana better." She dodged the angry swipe, laughing.

"At least [i]mine's[/i] pronouncable!"

"Oh, now do not insult my name." She thumped the butt of her naginata down [i]hard[/i] on his foot, wincing as she ducked into his next swipe instead of away. The wheel's blade knicked her ear. "'ey, THAT hurt!" Now Anarchy laughed.

"It's a [i]blade[/i], of COURSE it hurt!" He slashed out again. Ozy caught one of the wheels on the naginata's staff, the sharp metal biting deep into the wood - and sticking. Both moaned at the same time, trying to get the weapons apart.

"Oh, great..." [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Anarchy tugged at his weapon, trying to separate it from the handle of Ozy's. It was wedged in pretty tight. So, instead of wasting both of their time with it, Anarchy simply jumped and kicked the weapon out of Ozy's hands. Both weapons went flying, and landed in the mud with a *squelch*. Now both combatants only had one weapon. Anarchy slid backwards from the landing, his robe dragging in the mud. His bright red hair was now plastered completely down his face, dripping onto the already sodden floor.

Ozy flipped her rapier from one hand to the other, working out which hand it was better suited to. Both of the fighters were breathing heavily, their breath coming out in clouds of steam. They seemed to both be waiting for the other to make a move.

Finally, Anarchy got bored of waiting, and rushed Ozy, his single wheel slicing through the air towards her. He swung the weapon at Ozy, who ducked the swing, and as Anarchy swung again and again, Ozy dodged repeatedly, leaving the wheel to whistle past her several times. But then, on the seventh swing, he caught her on the shoulder. One of the prongs on the weapon drove itself into the soft flesh between the two parts of her collarbone. Blood gushed out, and she cried out as he hit a nerve. Her arm spasmed, and blood began to run down her arm.

Her eyes flashed up at him, and he could see she was mad. He pulled his blade out with a little effort, and flipped backwards, trying to avoid her wrath. She rushed him, her rapier swinging through the air, flashing towards his stomach in a stabbing motion. He only just managed to dodge out of the way, and the tip of the blade pierced his robe and through to the muscle of his stomach. It just hit the skin, and nicked it, causing blood to trickle along the tip of the blade. He gasped as the cold steel was pulled out of his skin.

He touched his robe softly, feeling the blood stain his robe. He looked up at her, and simply said:


Then, he lunged at her with his blade flashing through the air towards her. She raised her blade quickly, but his weapon smashed into it, and he drove her down onto one knee, his breath clouding as he exhaled. She tried to force him away, but his strength was outmatching hers, forcing her further down...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange] Her shoulder throbbed as she fought to keep Anarchy's blade away from her, putting all her strength on just holding the rapier and the blade it was blocking away from her. It wasn't working - the young man was stronger, pushing her down...so she went down, sliding the blade of the rapier free of the wind-and-fire wheel, and twisting out of the way at the same time. The wheel missed her by mere centimeters...she scrambled further away, turning as soon as she judged she was out of Anarchy range.

"So what now, Master Anarchy? We just keep fighting until the other collapses of exhaustion?" Anarchy shook his head slightly; his flame red hair stuck to his head with rain and sweat.

"If that's the way you want to, yeah." Ozy winced as her arm gave another twinge, trying to keep a firm grip on her rapier. [i]Stupid men...[/i] She was braced for another attack when the shouting started in the village.

"As fun as that sounds? I'd rather not get arrested for fighting today, luv, so..." She shoved the rapier back into it's sheath, bent down and tugged the wind-and-fire wheel out of her naginata's staff, and broke into a run for the trees. "...Another time!"

Anarchy didn't follow, as far she could tell...she began the slow, limping hike towards the next village.[/COLOR]

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