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Request Something to reflect my mood: banner/ava, please?


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[size=1]Okay, I recently broke up with my boyfriend, for full review on that, read MyO. I need something to reflect how it has effected me, and that is hurt, depressed, and lonely. I have a rough idea, but if you come up with something better, PLEASE use it!

The banner: no real ideas on the picture, but have it look shattered, broken, and with jagged edges. I definately need it to reflect my mood. You can have broken glass, wilted roses, a ripped up picture, anything, I don't care. Use your imaginations. The only thing I am positive on, is the quote: "A heart broken, a heart mended, and a heart rebroken - shattered beyond repair." No name on this one, please. Any colors, so long as they aren't happy colors.

The avatar: just have it match the banner, no name.

Thanks you guys, for everything. (And I do like the roses, but after this, they don't seem right. I'll probably go back to using them once I'm over this.)

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[SIZE=1]*cries* I got the quote wrong and now I can't go back and edit it...*cries more*

I hope it's still okay, it isn't that much of a difference...*sighs*

I ph41l....

Gave you a choice anyway...if you really don't like the quote, I'll go back and redo the banner for you,

Banner 1)


Banner 2)



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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Sorry, to hear that, Skye-chan. Hopefully you'll stick around...



Hope that's what you were looking for. ::hugs::

And yes, it's entirely brushes. Just so you know.[/COLOR]
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