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Sign Up Accolyte:Rebirth (M-LV poss. S)

JT Darkfire

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Are you ready for an action-packed RP with intense story and severe plot twists? Well, my friend, youve come to the right place. You can find it all in...

[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]Accolyte: Rebirth[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

[I]Long ago, Colegria was a beautiful place. The world teemed with life. Powerful mages kept the peace, healed the sick, and brought life to the land. Everything was undeniably perfect.

That is, until the day the magic died.

Thousands of mages fled Colegria, never to return, and they took the magic with them, leaving the world to fend for itself. No one knows exactly why or when this happened, or even if it happened. The true story of the paradise that once was Colegria was lost in time, and had become nothing more than a mere children?s bedtime story.

Millennia later, Colegria separated into two factions: The Empire of Torcos and The Empire of Largos, two warring nations whose sole purpose seemed the destruction of their rival. The cause of the war was unknown, but that never stopped it.

The two nations continued their struggle, victorious at times, while failing others. The Torcan Empire managed to maintain their position via tactical prowess, but Largos was slowly gaining the upper hand, their technological advances an incredible asset to their arsenals. Torcos was barely managing to survive their deadly encounters, and their time was running out.

It was then that the tides of war turned. The Torcan army had a new weapon in their hands, a weapon that would prove to be the downfall of The Empire of Largos.

They had rediscovered the lost arts, brought back magic, and ensured their victory.

The Torcan army marched into battle with newfound confidence. Largos charged recklessly, expecting it to be a battle like any other.

They were wrong.

Wave after wave of Largan soldiers fell to the onslaught of Torcan sorcerers. Nearly the entire Largan army fell that fateful day. The surviving troops retreated, and Larcos surrendered. The war was finally over.

One would assume that the end of the war would have made Colegria a more peaceful place, but this was not so. The Emperor was a tyrant, and he ruled through fear. His cruel methods eventually led to the creation of The Rebellion, a group of ex-Largans dedicated to overthrowing the throne. This ragtag group of warriors would never be powerful enough to defeat the well-armed sorcerers of the regime, so a secret weapon was created.

A special task force was designed to combat the magic-wielders of the Torcan Empire. Through advanced cybernetics and genetic engineering, each operative of this force was enhanced to their optimal physical and mental capabilities. The soldiers were also gifted via inhibitor chip magic capabilities and mastery of an element.

These powerful soldiers are known as the Accolytes, and this is their story.[/I]

Okay, everyone, this is an intense SciFi/ Fantasy RP where you have near-absolute freedom when designing a character. There are just a few basic rules:
1) If you choose to be an accolyte, you may only use one of these elements:
a. Fire
b. Water
c. Earth
d. Wind
e. Light
f. Dark
2)Everyone has a weakness, and I'm not talking about obscure psychological weaknesses like being shy around girls. I'm talking about real"Oh no, if this happens I might die" type of weaknesses.
3) You don't need to be either a sorcerer or accolyte, we need regular people too.

When I next go online I will post a sign-up sheet. Once I feel that we are ready to begin, the registration process will end. Well, start your planning, registration will commence tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. Well, that's it for today.

Happy Planning!
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(I dunno if I'm supposed to sign up now but here it is.)

Name- Kaze Taijai
Bio- At a young age Kaze was orphened when his parents were killed in the resistance. When he heard about the resistance he signed up immediately. Upon choosing his element,Light, he was warned that any of the Dark legions he might face would have a great chance of killing him. He didn't care though, as long as he could help. After the procedures had been taken to make him into an Acolyte, he practiced non-stop for almost 3 weeks. Although he trained, it still didn't help him renew his skills. Attacking isn't one of his strengths but he is rather good at forming defensive light shields and healing people.

Description- [img]http://www.preteardvd.com/extras/mb/sasame01.gif[/img]
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All right, here is the criteria for the registration. Anything else you want, go ahead and enjoy yourself.



[B]Alignment:[/B] You don't need this in a separate section, you just have to make this clear


[B]Physical Description:[/B] Either be detailed or add a picture, you choose

[B]Weapon:[/B] Optional[/COLOR]

Please remember that this RP will be in chapter form for the convenience of everyone with limited internet access. I will PM you when it is your turn to post. You will have a maximum of one week to post when it is your turn
If you make the cut, I will post your name here. Don't worry if your name isn't up there automatically, though. It may take a while for me to get through this part.

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