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Request A Gundam Wing banner avi reqeust


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Eh, been so tired lately...okay lazy....to make my own. So I will reuest here.



Size:150 x 150
Design: I want a design on it....what do you call it some type of template?.....eh you know instead of borders....ummm...yea
Other: I want it to say Lady Une, I would like it to have an animated affect if you can. But don't sweat it if you cant do the name animated.


Size: 500 x 100

Pic: Same pic as avatar
Design: Like I said before
Quote: Eh, just Lady Une with same animation affect (If any).

I thank you ahead of time.
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Yea it's semi cool.I like the choice of color.

But i will wait for others to match my rquest....to see which one i would prefer to use. I do thank you for taking the time to forfill my request. Like I said i will wait for more people to do my request....then I will choose.
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