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Sign Up Hellsing: Reign of Darkness (M-L,V, Possible S)


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The sound of running footsteps reached the ears of the towns people. Everyone was inside the town barrier, a force field that protected them from the things of the night, except for one man. The darkness was fast approaching; it came earlier everyday.

The man sprinted with all of his might, he was closing in on the town, just 10 yards away now. He smiled and a look of relief came over his face. He was now only a foot away, half of his body was through the barrier, and then something jerked him back. His face became a mask of terror, he knew he was a goner. Demonic beings popped up out of the ground, one of them had the man by his leg.

?Dear God.? some of the towns people muttered as the monsters closed in on him. The one that held him by the leg lifted him up like a grown man would lift a baby, and stuck the man?s head in between his huge jaws, and closed on it. The scream was brief, followed by a sickening crunch and a grin of pure delight on the monster?s face. The rest of the monsters tore the unfortunate man?s body apart, feeding on it as they fought amongst each other.

One of the monsters, the smallest one, walked forward, looking for more meat. He stretched a hand out, reaching for the people just behind the town barrier. The people cringed back, wondering what the hell it was doing. The monster, obviously an inexperienced juvenile, being only the size of a full grown man, touched the barrier and disintegrated into small dust particles. The towns people cheered, at least one of the damn monsters was dead.

?Just look at those things,? said one man, ?they are so powerful and yet they are the weakest of those that we have to fight. How in the world are we supposed to win?? The townspeople looked at each other nervously, not knowing what to say. They just looked at the monsters, staring hungrily at them.

Welcome to present day Earth. For the past hundred years, the leaders of this world have lulled human kind to sleep. They seduce us with their promises of a better world, no poverty, no hunger. However, six years ago, every single political leader revealed their true selves on every television channel. They were demons, their body guards were nothing more than monsters in disguise. The pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, also turned out to be a demon. The Hellsing organization fell to pieces. Each agent was hunted down by the monsters and killed. These monsters only came out at night.

By the year 2000, every single city with a population over 400,000 people was destroyed, the inhabitants digesting in the stomachs of the millions of monsters or working as slaves. Every factory was shut down, severely depleting the development of bullets and guns that helped the humans fight the monsters. There seemed to be no hope for the people of Earth.

In 2002, however, some scientists developed a force field that would be able to shield whole cities from demons during the night, killing every single monster that touched it. They distributed these to every free city. These force fields were the only defense that the people had.

The monsters did not do a very thorough job of eliminating all of the Hellsing agents, a few of them escaped and were able to pass on their knowledge and skills to a select group of young people. These young people are humanity?s only hope.

Sign ups are as follows:

Sex: male/female
Description: (picture or detailed description)

I hope some of you will find this story interesting enough to sign up for it. I need at least 4 more people on this one. More than that would be great.

My character:

Name: Blade
Age: 18
Sex: male
Weapons: two custom handguns, a double blade sword, and his martial arts

Description: 6?2?, 200 lbs. He looks like a younger version of Dante from Devil May Cry. He has jet black hair and steel gray eyes. He has a lean but powerfully built body. He always seems to be on edge. He is extremely light on his feet, seeming to walk on air.

Personality: He is a cold killer; killing without remorse. He jokes around a lot but when it?s time for business, killing monsters, there is no one who could be more serious or deadly. He has a strong sense of honor, never allowing anyone to fall behind and get killed. He?s a born leader and yet he hates leading people. He is never afraid, losing that emotion when he was 5 years old. He likes to be alone, almost always preferring to stay outside of the barriers at night than with his fellow humans. He has a cool calculating brain. Nothing can faze him.


One of the Hellsing agents, found him on the side of a road as a 5 year old boy, his family slaughtered before him. The agent took him in and raised him, teaching him everything that he knew about monsters. He taught Blade how to fight by the age of 10. He made Blade hone his techniques until Blade never missed shooting his moving target dead center. He trained him in martial arts until they became a natural part of Blade?s body.

He physically toughened Blade with 12 mile runs everyday. After that, Blade was forced to lift weights until he became paralyzed with fatigue. He made him run while carrying 60 pounds of weight on his back. Blade became extremely strong, fast, and tough thanks to the agent?s efforts. This served to prepare him for the future.

When Blade turned 12 years old. The Hellsing organization was destroyed, Blade?s master and up bringer was killed along with it. Blade swore himself to a life of good. He killed every monster that ever came into his sight. He lived in the woods until he turned 16, when he was reunited with civilization and all of its problems.
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Guest Serenade
Wow, what a mega, cool idea!!

name: Solitude

age: ??? (around 19)

sex: Female

Weapons: Two sharp-edged katanas (Storm Blades) and a whip that containes two leather strips that intwine around each other (chaos whip)

Description: Solitude weighs 95 pounds and stands at 5 ft 6in. She has white hair and pale skin. Both her mouth and one eye are sewn up, the remaining open eye is the color of blood. She is covered with scars and bruises because of her past (mentioned in bio) She wears torn, white robes that are matted with blood and is covered with a whie cloak. She walks barefoot. She hides her sewn up eye with blood-stained bandages.

Personality: A mute and half blind girl, (because of her mouth and eye), Solitude
has stopped eating and drinking since she was young. She can smile faintly but nothing more than that. Though she is very frightening to look at, she is selfless deep in her soul which is covered with trauma. She would protect Balde no matter what. Alva favors darkness over light, her eye not used to it. She loves killing and often "sees" things. She is light on her feet and very quick to attack. She is also a strategic genius.

Bio: Alva was born 5 months early, thus suffering mental ilnesses. She often claimed to "see" things and people that weren't there. So, she was labled insane when one day, she was found with a knife covered with blood. She was sent to an insane Asylum (disgused as a mental hospital) where they experimented on her, dying her blond hair white with poisons and injecting her with so many toxins that one eye turned red and the other eye and mouth were spewing blood and other fluids. The doctors got ahold of her and sewed her eye and mouth up. She was cut, probed and disected many times and through these experiments, she developed an immunity to disease and learned not to eat or drink.

One day, the place was searched by police and she was discovered, lying in a pool of her own blood on one of the beds. Filled with fear (well duh, think of what happened to her!) She killed all the policemen and left the asylum, stealing a cloak and some clothes. She raided a nearby dojo and stole the Storm blades and her Chaos whip. She was found wandering the streets by Blade and joined him in his quest.
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Name: Nash

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Weapons: A single custom revolver, a katana inside the jacket from the inside, and one dagger in each boot tip.

Description: See below

Personality: He is very outspoken. He likes to make himself look like he isnt importand, then out of nowhere help with the taskat hand.

Bio: Nash was born in the backwoods of the tennessee river, acting like a farmboy. Born in a place that looked like sonething freom the civil wars time.

When Nash got older, he would go hunting, normally bringing home a turkey or a boar. One day the Agency happened to come across him carrying a boar down the street. They had to chase him for a short distence, inwhich he dropped his boar.

Now that he is 20, he has become one of the Agency's best assasin. Usually taking out the smaller bad guys, letting for more powerful members to take out the bigger ones.

Now he hangs out in the shaddows of Blade's shaddows, defending him from attacking enamies.
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