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RPG Blade Masters: Gabriel VS. Unborn Lord Xion [M-VL]


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[COLOR=#FF33B1][SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Well, here we go.

The short, sharp patter of rain on the corrugated iron roof was slowly and surely turning Gabriel insane. He twiddled some hair between his fingers, waiting semi-patiently for his 'guest' to arrive. The large building they had chosen to spar in was this; an old, abandoned slaughterhouse. The rain outside slicked the grimy windows and Gabriel's nose wrinkled in disgust. "No doubt Xion will love this place..." he grumbled. While he did not know the fighter personally, many stories had come Gabriel's way about the bloodthirsty man, not that it scared him off. Oh no.

The large door swung open and a large, leather clad man stepped in, his eyes sparkled menacingly as the moon slipped from behind the dark storm clouds.
[B]"Ah, Xion my friend, good for you to [I]finally[/I] join me."[/B]

A grunt was all Gabriel got in return and he wrinkled his nose yet again. [B]"Oh, and here I was thinking my opponent would have a small iota of intelligence."

"Shut your pretty mouth, Gabriel, I'm not interested in your taunting games."[/B]

[B]"Games?"[/B] Gabriel giggled, [B]"No games here...unless you'd like to join me after our little spar?"[/B]

Another grunt, this one more disgusted than the last. Gabriel stood and threw off his cream jacket before rolling up his white, crisp sleeves. [B]"Now, it takes a long time to get blood out of this suit, so if you'd be so kind as to--"[/B]

[B]"You won't have to worry about cleaning when I'm finished with you."

"Oh my..."[/B]

[B]OOC[/B] I know I haven't started the fight; I'll leave that to you, hon, 'cause I know you'll want a good (violent) introduction.

[B]A note:[/B] The slaughterhouse has three levels; feel free to move us up. Outside is just an overgrown garden with various rusty axes etc. been left behind. If you want to make up another arena for us to move to feel free, love.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]OOC[/B]: Here we go indeed...

The sick stench of dried blood and rotting flesh hung in the air, heavy and foul. It mingled with the crisp air, the scent of wet grass, and the tingle of the approaching storm. It was a cocofony of sensual data, writhing around in the deep recesses of the brain like snakes, vipers waiting to inject their poison into the neural passegeways.

Xion knew that pain was coming. And he embraced it.

The effeminate, dainty man mocked and teased him. He discarded his coat, muttering about cleaning. He was prissy and refined and elegant and all the things that you expect from aristocrats and debutantes, but never warriors.

Almost enough to make Xion want to retch. But of course, he didn't. When you spent your life surrounded by the sweet caress of Death's thin hands, you grow accostomed to disgust, until eventually...you don't even notice it at all. And Xion was close enough to Death to be invited to His wedding, if the occasion ever arose.

"[COLOR=#FF33B1]Oh my...[/COLOR]"

Xion smirked, mouth twisting in savage, deviant glee. It was time. It was always time, for Xion.

He legs tenses briefly, and then he was off. A quick push from the souls of his feet sent him flying towards Gabriel, and he slapped his feet back down, rushing at inhuman speeds. His hand strayed to the hilt of his katana, thumb pressing against the saya to draw it forth.

Glittering steel arced through the air as a flash of lightning lit up the sky. And the deafening roar of wind and thunder was second to the clash of metal as Gabriel blocked Xion's near deadly [I]iai[/I] cut.

"[COLOR=#FF33B1]I didn't peg you as a quick one[/COLOR]," Gabriel said, eyes narrowed in concentration.

"[COLOR=Black]Death flies on swift wings[/COLOR]," Xion shot back.

He brought up his other hand, placing it on the back of the blade and shoving his sword forward. Gabriel staggered back slightly, and Xion kept up the offensive with a high cut, nearly splitting Gabriel's pretty head in twain. The femenine man was lucky, however. His footing returned fast enough to dodge the cut, and spin around to drive the butt of his staff against Xion's back.

The leather-man fell forth, steadying his fall with one long-fingered hand. It looked like a great black spider in the gloom, he noted, before flipping himself over and back onto his feet, spine moving fluidly. He twisted in his crouching position, rising as he did so to face his opponent.

"[COLOR=Black]Not many have struck me so early in the fight[/COLOR]," Xion said, eyes narrowed and steely.

"[COLOR=#FF33B1]I am not most warriors[/COLOR]," Gabriel said, staring back at him.

"[COLOR=Black]This...I have noticed...[/COLOR]" Xion said, with a snort of disgust. "[COLOR=Black]You have done well so far, Gabriel...but can you keep the momentum?[/COLOR]"

A quick spring, wind whistling through gostly silver tendrils of hair, arm straightening, sword glittering, world slowing. Xion's eyes met Gabriel's a moment before the leather-man drove down his blade. They locked, a spark of furious primal hunger shared between them. The lust for battle, for adrenaline. Probably the only time an emotion would be shared between them, in this momentary eye in the storm.

Gabriel brough up his spear just as Xion's thrust began. The blade glanced off the pole, moving from it's initial target of Gabriel's heart. It cut through his shoulder, blood seeping immediately from the wound. Gabriel winced, turned, and brought up his weapon once more to bat Xion from the sky.

The dark man rolled, swung up, and sat in a crouch in front of Gabriel. His sword was held aloft, one droplet of blood quivering at the tip. Xion and Gabriel instinctively turned to it, and as soon as it splashed against the cold floor, Xion was up once more.

[B]OOC[/B]: Take it away, love.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#FF33B1][SIZE=1]That same smirk was fixed firmly in place on Xion's pale lips. Gabriel smiled weakly and raised a dainty hand to his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his blood seep through his fingers and drip to the floor. Xion's eyes darted to the small splashes and he licked his lips. That sparkle in his eyes is what Gabriel had heard of. This man, no, this monster, wanted blood and would stop at nothing until Gabriel was drained.

Again, Xion was on his feet and advancing toward Gabriel, slower this time. He drew back his katana in an arc, reading for a strike to Gabriel's abdomen. Holding his spear at his side, Gabriel began to walk backwards, slowly gaining speed before he was running. Xion stopped and watched in slight awe as Gabriel's feet carried him in a swift sprint into the shadows of the slaughterhouse.

"Fast little bastard, aren't you?" Xion spat, walking in that same slow and cautious pace in the direction Gabriel had gone. His senses were on fire, ready for anything. But Gabriel was fast, faster than a warrior?s keen senses and he lunged forward, his spear darting off Xion's leather clad hip, driving the larger man down.

Xion snarled as he hit the damp floor with a thud. Gabriel came down again, a short thrust towards Xion's gut. The katana was raised and swiftly the attack was blocked, the clash of metal ringing out loudly in the large empty place. Gabriel jumped back and swept some damp hair from his eyes, a playful smirk fixed firmly in place.

The silver haired man before him raised himself and put a hand to his side, noticing the dark blood that smeared across his fingertips. Looking up at Gabriel again, Xion's eyes darkened dangerously as the storm passed overhead.

The rain got louder and lighting lit up the slaughterhouse, Gabriel smiled coyly and stepped forward again with another thrust of his spear, this time Xion was ready and he jumped backwards, dodging the advance. He countered with his katana, swinging it at Gabriel's right side in a large arc. Gabriel clutched at his spear and twirled to the side, lifting him off the ground. Using the momentum of his spin, he kicked out one leg and his Xion squarely in the chest, knocking him back once again.

Xion exhaled sharply and brought his arms up to block another kick, this one harder. Gabriel, set off balance by the force of his own kick, stumbled backward and that was enough for Xion. He grabbed at his belt and drew out two kunai, flinging them at Gabriel's chest. The red head deflected one with his spear; the other hit him in his already wounded shoulder. A soft cry escaped his lips as he ripped the weapon out, tossing it back down at Xion's feet.

[B]"I see I'll have to be taking this shirt to the dry cleaner after all."[/B]

The smile was back and Xion's face faltered in slight disappointment. He lunged forward again, his sword aimed at Gabriel's throat. Thunder rolled around as the attack was blocked. Gabriel leaned in, his face only centimetres away from Xion's. [B]"I haven't even begun to fight."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Xion brought a hand up, pushing hard on the back of the katana to shove Gabriel back. The effeminate man staggered a little, and Xion used the opportunity to move in with another cut to the neck. Gabriel brought up his spear, deflecting the blow but crashing to the ground from the force. He rolled swifty to the side just as Xion stabbed down with his sword.

"Good reflexes," Xion said coolly.

Gabriel smirked wickedly before saying, "You should see me in bed..."

Xion grimaced and glared at his slowly rising opponent.

"Not on your life...not that you'll have one for very long."

Gabriel, obviously not impressed with threats, had risen to his feet and was now lunging at Xion, spear raised for the kill. The blow glanced by as Xion raised his katana, knocking the weapon aside and spinning around to kick Gabriel to the ground again.

"Hmm...clever," Xion said, smirking at his fallen foe.

Gabriel flipped onto his feet, raising the spear in a defensive stance. The two warriors locked eyes, Xion smirking, Gabriel glaring viciously.

"Did I wipe the smile off your pretty little face?" Xion sneered.

"I've simply grown tired of games!"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Never had Gabriel experienced a fight such as this. Yes, he drew them out purposefully, but this man was something else. Gabriel was losing and he could feel it. But then that spark, that glorious spark of adrenaline was lit and Gabriel fell into it gratefully. He didn't even see the sword slash at his neck before he twirled away, spear making a downwards swing at Xion's legs. He managed to make the larger man unbalanced and quickly lunged forward, knocking the wind from Xion with a hard hit to his chest.

Xion stumbled and landed against some old drums, metal splintered and rust littered the floor as he tried to regain his footing before a swift punch to the side of his face knocked him sprawling across the dusty floor. Gabriel jumped back, a manic grin now marring his once beautiful features. He had unlocked it, that warrior?s fire within. It was like a drug, like something he could not deny. He needed it. He relished the rush of power through his veins and accepted that he was changing for the worst.

Again, he fell deeper into the spark, fires now coursing through his body. His spear lay forgotten on the ground, Xion's katana not far away from the fallen warrior?s right hand. Xion rolled to the side and stood up, a small trickle of blood seeping from the corner of his bruised mouth. Gabriel cracked his neck and went swiftly into another assault of kick and punches, purposefully aiming for Xion's strong arms.

The now tiring Xion kept up his defence, not letting a single punch through, but he could see what Gabriel was doing. Before long his arms would be bruised and numbed from the swift, hard punches. He needed a break, his katana, and his kunai.


Xion brought his hand up and narrowly dodged a punch to his stomach, slashing his clawed glove over Gabriel's chest. Gabriel yelped and staggered back slightly, blood seeping across his once white shirt like a great flood. His eyes sparked dangerously and his mouth twisted into a snarl. Xion merely smirked and settled back into a defensive stance.

[B]"I won't let you win."[/B] Gabriel growled. [B]"You will not defeat me!"[/B]

[B]OOC I think we should bring this to a close soon, say, two more posts each?[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]"I won't let you win."[/B] Gabriel growled. [B]"You will not defeat me!"[/B]

Xion smirked wickedly, licking the blood off his claws with his long tongue.

[B]"Let me win?"[/B] Xion laughed. [B]"I'd like to see you try and stop me!"[/B]

Xion lunged forward, slashing out with his claws. Gabriel ducked the blow, but Xion knew he would. The lean assassin swung up with a kick, his leg hitting Gabriel in the face. The pretty man's head snapped back, blood trailing from his nose. Xion felt the blood-lust rush through him more, and charged in.

Gabriel reacted quickly, but not quickly enough. Xion's almost fatal strike to the face became a simple scratch, with three shallow cuts making their way across Gabriel's delicate features. Gabriel jumped back, avoiding a second strike to his gut. The red-head saw Xion's balance was broken, and made his move.

But Xion was not one to make such a simple mistake. He rapidly spun on his heel, letting the follow-through from his cut carry him around. His other leg swung up high, his heel crashing into Gabriel's face. The effeminate man twisted through the air and landed outside the door. Rain quickly pounded down on him, making his white shirt cling to his chest. Xion followed him outside, leather garments made slick and shiny by the falling water.

[B]"Still think you have a chance, Gabriel?"[/B] Xion sneered.

Gabriel lifted his head slowly, glaring harshly at the assassin. His face, bruised and bloodied, was still painfully beautiful. But the fierce snarl that twisted it warped the beauty into a gargoyle's leer.

[B]"I told you, Xion..."[/B] Gabriel began. His hand stretched out, and closed around a large, discarded axe. With a feral cry, he rose to his feet, swinging the weapon at Xion's skull. The assassin rolled to the side, crouching to the ground. [B]"I won't let you win!"[/B]

Xion growled and dug his nails into the wet, loose dirt. The slick grass beneath him made traction difficult, but he pushed off all the same. His claws shone briefly with a flash of lightning the etched into his features, twisting and distorting them to that of a demon. The sudden illusion caught Gabriel off-guard for a second - one second too long.

Xion's claws nearly pierced Gabriel's heart. Luckily for the redhead, he managed to raise the axe and deflect Xion's blow. Still, the claws dug deep into Gabriel's now thrice-wounded shoulder. He let out a high cry of pain and dropped the rusted weapon to the ground.

[B]"Your blood is hot and filled with adrenaline..."[/B] Xion cackled. [B]"And I shall drink deep!"[/B]


Gabriel grabbed Xion's arm hard, pulling the assassin to the ground. The redhead swung over, jamming his knee into Xion's chest, wrapping his slender fingers around Xion's throat.

[B]"I'll kill you, you fiend!"[/B]

[B]OOC: Tag...you're it, babe.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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