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RPG Blade Masters: Star vs. Skye [M-VL]


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OOC: Forgot to mention that there is a abandoned city in this desert area. You may use it as you like. And sorry it took so long... :animeswea


[COLOR=DarkRed]Star leaned against the wall of the abandoned city, watching the dust devils swirl in miniature whirlwinds. She was getting bored and it showed. Star walked into the city and up the flight of stairs to the top of the wall she had just been leaning on.

She sat down in the middle of the walkway and repeatedly threw her three stilletos at the door of one of the watchtowers, when she got up to retrieve them she noticed a fire just visible all the way across the city. She quickly put her knives back in her coat. [B][I]Could be a caravan... or just some lone wanderer... either way hopefully they have money...[/I][/B]

Star jumped down from the wall, wove her way through the city streets and left the city through the small wooden door just to the left of the campfire. She stayed in the shadows leaning against the wall, even though most if they looked would notice her, and observed the lone wanderer.

Seated at the campfire was a girl several years younger than herself, the girl was armed well with a long spear. [B][I]Probably has concealed weapons too...better be careful...[/I] [/B]

Star pushed herself off the wall.

[B]"Are you prepared to fight to keep your money? Or will you just give it to me? As a... gift..."[/B] She grinned at the other girl. [B]"I like presents." [/B][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Skye sat tossing small pieces of wood into her fire, staring into the dancing flames. Her midnight blue eyes were glazed over, and obvious sign she wasn't paying attention. Occasionally she would stick the tip of her spear in the fire, and then stick it in the ground.

Then the theif showed up. Her threat was simple, and playful. Still, Skye had no intention of giving her money away.

The girl didn?t look up from the fire. She shifted her grip on her spear as an answer. Brushing her ebony hair back over one shoulder, Skye kicked a small rock at the fire. Then she spoke, with a smile. ?[b]Fight? I don?t like hurting people, but if you?re trying to take my money?[/b]?

With the, the girl stood, and her opponent saw she was a good three inches taller.

Skye began lazily twirling her spear. ?[b]I?ll fight you, but don?t expect me to be aggressive. That?s not my style.[/b]? With that, Skye disappeared into the shadows, and the only warning her opponent got was the single flash of firelight glinting off metal before the side of the spear-head slammed into the side of Star?s head.

Skye reappeared on the other side of the fire, leaving Star shaking her ringing head. ?[b]Now, do you still want my money, or are you going to leave me alone?[/b]?[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Star rubbed the lump that was forming where Skye's spear-thing had hit her, and shook her head.

[B]"No, I don't think I'll stop now... you see I just saw this beatifully crafted silver bracelet at a bazaar last month... only problem? No money..."[/B] Star jumped over the fire landing right in front of Skye. [B]"You can fix that problem." [/B] She slid one of her switchblades out of her coat, flicking the blade open in one smooth motion.

Skye brought her spear around, catching it behind Star's ankles. Star fell, but twisted halfway down to land on her hands, flipping back to her feet. [B]"I can see you're not willing to give it up just yet..."[/B] a second switchblade joined the first.

Star stepped back as Skye swung the spear at her head again, ducking under the staff to draw one of her blades accross one of Skye's knees before leaping back out of spear-range.

[B]"Hee. Your turn..."[/B][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]The teen hissed as the blade slide across her knees. She growled low, and her own wrist flicked back and then forwards in a dangerously familiar move. A glint of firelight off steel and a small knife flew through the air at Star. The older girl noticed in at the last moment, and dodged to the right ? only to have her forearm sliced longwise by the sharp edge of Skye?s spear.

?[b]And if you?re a thief-[/b]?

Skye nimbly dodged another swipe of the knife at her side, and swung her spear around to hit the handle against Star?s wrist as the thief made to slice her leg.

?[b]Then why don?t you just [I]steal[/I] the bracelet?[/b]?

With that she dodged backwards, moving to the other side of the fire again, watching as Star examined her injured arm. Skye took the brief moment to check her knee; it wasn?t bad, just a small slice. And Skye knew she had only made a minor flesh wound on the thief, and picked up her knife from the ground, sliding it back in her wrist sheathe.

?[b]Uh.. because this is fun?[/b]?

The thief was coming at her again, and Skye attempted to dodge, the edge of one of the blades slicing across her cheek. The girl laughed. ?[b]You didn?t think of that, did you?[/b]?[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"This [i]is[/i] fun for me."[/B] Star tried to back up quickly as Skye retaliated to the cut on her cheek by swinging her spear at her shoulder, but wasn't fast enough and the blade made another cut. Star winced, but turned back to Skye.

[B]"This is begining to bore me. I think it's time to liven things up a little."[/B] She pointed towards the city she had so recently come out of.

[B]"What do you say to some city fighting?"[/B] Skye arched her eyebrow.

[B]"You really do find this fun, don't you."[/B] Star nodded as she jumped forward, knife out, creating another cut on Skye's other cheek.

[B]"And might I suggest not listening to me talk?"[/B] She flipped backwards, landing 10 feet away from Skye. [B]"I only do it to distract anyway."[/B] She watched as the girl came running towards her. [/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Skye smirked, and began whirling the spear as she ran Star flipped up, or Skye?s head, attempting to get away from the swinging stave. Abruptly the spinning stopped, and Skye planted the spear tip in the ground. She flipped backwards, over Star?s head, and with a downward swipe at Star?s head, landed on her feet running.

?[b]Catch me if you can?[/b]?

Star whirled, taking it as an insult. She ignored the burning line Skye had cut across her scalp, and Skye sent a fleeting glance over her shoulder to see Star following her. Star realized the girl was singing. ?[b]Come on try to catch me, catch me if you can?[/b]?

Skye ducked as a switchblade went whizzing past her head. She suddenly braced her feet, and skidded to a stop, and was suddenly running back at Star. She lunged before Star had a chance to stop, and the butt of her spear rammed into the older girl?s stomachs.

Star fell back, landing with a whoosh of sand on her back. She lay there, gasping for air, and Skye whipped her spear around, putting the blade to the girl?s throat. ?[b]All right, do you want to live? If so, leave me the hell alone![/b]? The night was silent, except for Star?s gasps, and the only movement was the settling sand.

Suddenly, the thief kicked out, tripping Skye and rolling out of the way of the blade. The teen quickly caught herself, and lunged forward, slicing down across Star?s spine before she had a chance to get up. With a small scream of pain, she launched another dagger at Skye ? and the switchblade sliced neatly across Skye?s bicep.

Skye dropped the spear, cursing, as her fingers went limp. With her other hand she took out a knife, and flung it desperately at Star.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Star rolled quickly out of the way of the blade, wincing as her back burned. Jumping up quickly she tackled Skye making the younger girl's head slam against the ground then rolled back onto her knees as Skye got to her feet trying to focus. Star pulled another switchblade out of her coat.

[B]"Well we could have skipped this if you had just given the money in the first place!" [/B] Star grabbed a handful of sand trying to throw it into Skye's eyes. The wind was going the opposite direction though, and it backfired, hitting herself instead.

Star blinked furiousley, trying to clear her eyes as Skye's foot slammed into her ribs causing her breathe once more to take leave, she also felt a burning sensation, telling her that one of her ribs was probably cracked.

She could hear Skyes voice, coming from her left.

[B]"But I already told you!"[/B] She sounded as if she was gritting her teeth. [B]"I'm not going to give it to you!"[/B] Star pinpointed about where she figured Skye was, and aimed her foot at where she thought Skye was, landing a solid kick to what she supposed was Skye's back and heard a exhalation of breath.

Star took the small break as an oppurtunity to clear her eyes of the sand, blinking in relief as she could see again. She lunged at Skye again, a switch blade in each hand. [/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Skye grunted as the sharp pain went down her spine, and whirled as Star came at her again. She was knocked backwards onto her back, and was gripping both of Star?s wrists as the girl tried to force the switchblades down. Jerking Star down by her wrists, she brought her knee up sharply into the girls stomach, and twisted her wrists.

The switchblades fell from Star?s grasp as she doubled over in pain, clutching her wrists and stomach. Skye picked up the blades, and closed them. She slammed one of the hilts into the side of Star?s head, and sat back as the older girl crumpled.

Clutching her bleeding arm, she attempted to bind it, taking the band out of her hair and stanching the bloodflow. She dropped the knife, and quickly realized her mistake as Star?s hand inched towards it. Her hands were full, so she scrambled to her feet, and began running, back the direction they had come. When she reached her fallen spear, she kicked it up, letting go of her wound and catch it.

Behind her, Star was struggling to keep up. Skye cursed, and picked up her pace. Her foot caught on a rock, and she went sprawling in the sand. She cried out in pain as sand got in the gash on her arm, and she scrambled to her feet again. Stopping short, she whirled, and sliced out with her blade.

Star, having been close behind her, gaped in shock as the blade slide across her stomach. Though the wound was not deep, it hurt, and it was bleeding. Skye growled, ?[b]Fine. You asked for it.[/b]? Untying a small bag from her waist, she flung it at Star, and it dropped short, coins spilling from the opening.

?[b]Let?s see how many you can pick up before I knock you out.[/b]?

Star lunged forward, ignoring the wound on her stomach. She dodged to the left as Skye lunged again, attempting to hit Star?s head with the butt of the spear. She noticed Star had two coins in her hand. Star said back, ?[b]You?ve gotta be faster than that.[/b]?[/color]

OOC: Hey, Star, how do you want the match to end? I think they?re judging our writing skills, as well as who wins the actual fighting. Tell me if I?m wrong about that, though. ^_^
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Star grabbed Skye's spear by the staff, wrenching it out of her hand. She inspected it carefully.

[B]"This is a beatiful piece of craftsmanship."[/B] She smiled at Skye. [B]"Would fetch a good price at the bazaar." [/B] Star dodged as Skye came at her with her knife.

[B]"I already gave you the money, do NOT take my spear."[/B] Star rolled her eyes.

[B]"Ok, well since you have so kindly lent me your money, I shall leave it for you." [/B] She threw the spear over beside Skye's fire were it landed tip first and stayed upright and picked up the rest of the coins.

[B]"If you're ever in Romania at a Bazaar, tell them you know Star and no one will bother you, it was nice meeting you! Ta."[/B] With that Star bowed, picked up her three switchblades from the various places that they lay and ran of towards the otherside of the city where her horse was tethered.

She was soon mounted and headed towards the next city and more people to fleece.

[B][I]Gotta take care of these infernal cuts... ouch...[/I][/B][/COLOR]

OOC: Thus endeth Star vs. Skye.
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