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    RPG Gifts and Curses II

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Teal"]He?d gotten Charles?s foot back. Or, rather, he?d gotten Charles to share his [i]heat[/i] ? which was better. Charles had taken Ana?s laptop from his room, claiming it worked better than his own, ancient dinosaur of a computer, and moved back into his bedroom with it, and Ana had followed. Just recently out of the shower and cleaned of all the sand and saltwater, not to mention clad in dry clothes, he?d slid into the room just as Charles shut the door. When the blond had settled himself on the bed, Ana had sat down close by?then moved himself closer and closer, until eventually he had curled around Charles?s back, belly against the broad, flat warmth. His roommate had looked down at him with one raised brow and Ana had only smiled beatifically up at him and curled closer. Now he was watching short, strong fingers tapping away at the keyboard, lulled into a calm feeling by the repetitive sound and the heat that was seeping through his bones. This was nice, he mused, resting his head back against the bedspread and blinking up at the ceiling slowly. It was nice to be warm, and nice to have an excuse for his actions; his desperate pressing up against Charles?s back. He [i]was[/i] cold and he [i]was[/i] still distressed over his trip into the ocean despite his findings. Maybe [i]because[/i] of his findings. Ana could still feel the waves slapping against him and then retreating, could feel the inky-black of Dani, but neither feeling ever grew to be too much. He never felt like the water was going to fill up his mouth and slide down ? [i]creep down[/i]?[b][i]claw down[/i][/b]? ? his throat and cut off his air. Never felt like the inky black would spread like a poisonous gas and cloud the air of the room. It was like the man he was curled around was keeping those feelings at bay. If that was so, he didn?t want to move ever and loose the feeling of security. Technically that was already the case, but for another reason ? the warmth was too nice. It was like sitting by a fire close enough to feel the true heat of it, but without getting burned ? that was it, yeah. It was [i]nice.[/i]? The ceiling disappeared then reappeared slower than before as he blinked his eyes back open. He was so tired? -- [COLOR="black"][b]?Ana!?[/b][/COLOR] Ana woke up with a start, his hair flattened on one side as he blinked wide, sleep muzzy eyes at the figure standing beside the bed, body registering that the heat had disappeared. He shook his head, trying to clear it of the cobwebs and sand of sleep as he pressed his hand down against the blankets and pushed himself up to sit against the headboard behind him. [b]??yeh??[/b] He asked, even as he leaned forward, head spinning as he sneezed. [COLOR="black"][b]?Found where we?re going. Get up, come on??[/b][/COLOR] A warm hand slid under his arm and helped him up until he was standing, the backs of his legs against the edge of the bed. He reached out, grabbing Charles?s other arm, both to keep himself from stumbling and to feel that warmth and strength under his hand again. [b]?Where??[/b] His eyes blinked shut, but he forced them open again. [b]?Where?s that??[/b] He couldn?t stop the small, happy noise he made as Charles slid an arm ? a really [i]warm[/i] arm ? around his waist, guiding him towards the bedroom door. [COLOR="Black"][b]?City on England?s coast??[/b][/COLOR] The arm around his waist disappeared and he had a hard time keeping a pouting look from creeping over his face as he was pushed towards his bedroom. [COLOR="black"][b]?Go on, get dressed in warmer clothes. I?ll be packing.?[/b][/COLOR] Ana nodded at Charles once to show he understood before he wandered into the cold house, avoiding as always that one bathroom. ?warm clothing, check.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    Discuss Gifts and Curses II: The Catacombs

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]Iiiii shall be posting tonight, hopefully, and if tonight, then tomorrow! But! I shaaaall be posting. ...if anyone was wondering... [Monty Python Voice] I'm not dead! [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Gifts and Curses II

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Teal"]Anakoni pulled the front door closed behind himself as he quietly patted down his pockets for his keys. A memory glared in the back of his mind – keys flying into the bushes – and he jumped off the porch. The dirt was soft and wet and smelled of the earlier rain. Ana’s shoes left heel prints in it as he searched for his keys under he nearest bush. It would seem that he was having better luck than he had during the rain shower – it only took him five minutes to find the keys, half hidden under windblown leaves. Triumphant he locked the front door and dropped the keys into his pocket. He glanced only briefly over his shoulder at the house before he headed down the dirt path that branched off the road. Gravel crunching underneath his feet he debated the safety of what he was going to do. Typically he ignored the beach; the sea; the water. Now…now he was headed right towards it. He was on a mission. Soon the gravel of the path gave way to soft sand. Anakoni stopped and dropped down to sit in the sand, tugging off his boots, then his socks. Standing once more he left them behind in the sand where the beach met trees and sand and headed for the waves barefoot. The nearer Anakoni moved to the se, the more instinct told him to turn back; to go back to the house and find a way to find Dani for Charles; a different way. A way that wasn’t like… …wasn’t like this… Ana stepped into the water, shivering as the first waved lapped at and broke on his shins. Closing his eyes he turned back, stepping up onto the beach again. Even as all instinct told him to run, he just shrugged out of his jacket, leaving it in the damp sand as he stepped into an oncoming wave once more. Eyes closed Anakoni found his way further into the water, bare feet inching across the seafloor, careful of rocks. The water rose to his knees; his hips; his ribs. When the salty water was lapping at his collarbones and waves were hitting his face at regular intervals, Anakoni opened his eyes. At first there was nothing; then… A familiar feeling grew in his belly, almost akin to the dull throbbing pain that sets in after being punched in the gut. Anakoni fought himself, forcing his feet to stay firmly in the watery, shifting sand. Soon images were playing out like video on the big screen at a cinema. Ana concentrated, thinking only of the man who felt like ink: Dani. Daniel Anderson… The water seemed – to him anyhow – to roil; the waves to hiss; the temperature dropping. Twenty minutes later, teeth chattering and lips blue, Anakoni staggered for shore, eyes closed again. The sea returned to its normal state – to the way it always felt to him if his eyes were closed. Anakoni stumbled a couple times, feet numb, and he went down and under a few times; more times than he liked; finally, though, he hit sand that bordered on dry and he flopped their, forehead resting against the sand. When the chill in his bones became too much he staggered to his feet, fingers snagging his jacket and pulling it close, draping it over his arm. His shoes and socks were retrieved as well on the edge of the beach, and sand turned back to gravel as he retraced his earlier steps. Cold, tired, sand covered and distressed Anakoni leaned against the door and dropped the clothing he had removed at the beach and fumbled for his keys. Charles…he needed to tell Charles what he had seen. Well, at least some of what he had seen. He fitted the key into the lock and let himself in. He left the keys hanging in the door as he padded down the hallway leaving sandy footprints behind him. The footprints went all the way to Charles’s door. At Charles’s door, Anakoni was stopped. He reached out a cold fingered hand and tried the door only to find that it was locked. Sighing he raised his hand and knocked loudly; firmly. “Charles. I found Dani.” His teeth began to knock together again and he cursed softly under his breath, almost whining. “An’ I’m cold. Lemme in.” Quieter and to himself he repeated what he had said as he waited for the door to be pulled open for him. “I found Dani…”[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Gifts and Curses II

    [COLOR="Teal"][SIZE="1"]Dark eyes blinked as a grip like iron grasped his arm, but he didn?t pull back. He in fact nearly breathed a sigh of relief as the door was kicked shut, the rain covered ground becoming hidden from view as wood hit wood with a thud. Anakoni briefly considered smiling, but didn?t, letting Charles continue to pull him through the house as he talked. He was asking him to listen ? so he tried to. [COLOR="Black"][b]"Ana, listen; you, you, your dad, y'never mentioned him to me."[/b][/COLOR] Oh. He had to ask about his dad; Brilliant. Of course he hadn?t mentioned him to him. He hadn?t really had a reason to. If Charles had recognized him as some sort of relation to Moses earlier, of course he would have mentioned his dad to him. But he hadn?t, so Anakoni didn?t; simple really ? in his mind. Besides that, he thought as Charles pushed him at the couch and he sat down obediently, he didn?t really think about his father that often. Or hadn?t. In this house, though, it was hard. He turned his eyes to where Charles was sitting on the floor now, jewel-cases scattered on the floor around him. The first time Ana had found them and slung one across the room to see if it glided Charles had sulked ? yes sulked ? for days. Muttering how Anakoni should respect his property ? The Ramones were [i]not[/i] Frisbee material. Now, though, he didn?t seem to be paying much attention to their safety as he rooted around through them, searching for a specific one apparently as he continue talking to Ana, not looking up at him. [COLOR="Black"][b]"He, ah, dark hair, dark eyes, did crazy things 'round water?"[/b][/COLOR] Anakoni flinched at that last word, if possible his dark eyes ? an inheritance from his mother [i]and[/i] father ? grew darker. Water was a curse. You could barely do anything without seeing water somewhere; lakes, seas, oceans, puddles in the road, puddles on the porch? And yet?he was strangely drawn to it. He was always living by it even though he never dared go near the larger bodies of water now. He turned to look out the window at the remains of the sunset, in the direction he knew the Irish Sea was in. [COLOR="Black"][b]"Moses."[/b][/COLOR] Yes. That had been his dad?s name. Though Anakoni had only ever called him Papa, even into his twenties. It was something his mother had taught him to call his dad, and it had always?stuck. And now here Charles was, sorting through CDs and asking him questions. He wondered if the sudden questions had to do with the weird feeling in the air. The visions in the water that were growing more freakish. The man and woman he?d seen not twenty minutes ago. [COLOR="Black"][b]"Moses....some name I can't even begin t'pronounce...."[/b][/COLOR] He could pronounce their last name fine. He did so, under his breath, quietly. Ole?me?hua. He?d gone to visit people of that name the first time he went to Hawaii ? he?d been curious to see if they?d been related to his father. New his fathers parents?? They hadn?t. Said they hadn?t, anyhow. Didn?t mean they were telling the truth. Anakoni pushed the thoughts from his head, quietly watched as Charles turned the volume up on some song or another. He?d listened to a few ? he?d liked the style. Charles had said it was punk; Anakoni didn?t listen to much punk. He leaned forward, towards Charles and the music, expecting the loud, life-filled music. What came out of speakers wasn?t what he?d heard the couple of times Charles had played the music loud enough that Anakoni could hear it from his room. It sounded more like something his dad would listen to every now and then when his mom and dad were having dinner. Horns ands base and drums ? like something out of ?Singing In the Rain,? his mom?s favorite movie. Swing! It seemed to distress Charles. Now something else was going into the CD player, the first disc discarded like something hot. Which didn?t make sense ? Charles didn?t need to worry about hot things. But?whatever. He turned his attention to what was now playing and covered his ears quickly, frowning. Okay, that was unpleasant. No more of that, thank you very much. He [i]would[/i] go to the moon if the noise didn?t stop. He kept his ears covered until the noise had stopped. It stopped quicker than the first CD had. Now another CD was being pushed into the player. Anakoni watched the CD player with dark eyes, waiting for another un-Charles? like genre of music to blare out. He wasn?t disappointed. He heard reggae, country and jazz before the last disc produced nothing but sullen, spitting static. Poor Charles? CDs. Poor [i]Charles[/i]. He was sitting staring at his discs with calculating gaze. Ana got to his feet and headed for the hall, but stopped as Charles asked him one last question without looking up. [COLOR="Black"][b]"He was your da', yea? What...what happened to him?"[/b][/COLOR] [i]Verdomme et. Not that question. No. No no no. Not fair.[/i] [B]?Offed himself, didn?t he??[/B] Anakoni rested his hand on the doorframe, narrow shoulders tensed and knuckles white as he gripped the wood. [B]?Right in this house. Down the hall, even. Imagine!?[/B] ?he needed to stop before he wound up with missing chunks of memory again thanks to a fit. He could feel one growing in his stomach. The back of his head. Somehow he couldn?t though. He continued, not looking back at the blonde sitting on the floor amongst the jewel cases. [B]?S?why I don?t let you use that bathroom. I don?t either. Too much.?[/B] He looked over his shoulder at last, features tight and drawn. [B]?Think he has a ghost, like? Wouldn?t look too bad,?[/B] The irrational part of his mind locked the rational part away and hid the key with a malicious chuckle. [B]?Just?lifelike, almost. He let himself drown, right? Found him. Went in there the mornin? after my screw up a ? ?[/B] he shook his head, he wasn?t going to talk about the almost engagement. [B]?Went in there ?cause I needed t? shave an??there he was!?[/B] There he had been? Anakoni hadn?t wanted to reach into the tub but he had anyhow, fingers finding the spot on his father?s throat where his pulse should have been in the frigid water even as he avoided focusing on the water itself. There was no tha-thump of a heart beneath his fingers, so he had looked down again long enough to find his wrist and tried there. Again to no avail. No tha-thump. [B]?Dead. And me gettin? to see things since the night before when he must have done it. Has me wondering, now. It does, it does? Like??[/B] He frowned at Charles, head tipping to the side as he moved back across the floor, resting his own frigid hand against the fever-hot skin of Charles? forearm. He was always this hot, and he didn?t figure the other man had a fever in all honestly. [B]?Does me seein? things and m? Papa?s death have anything to do with why you?re so hot no matter the temperature, and this?woman I?ve been seeing with snakes, and a man who feels like ink??[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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    Discuss Gifts and Curses II: The Catacombs

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"][quote name='Revelation'][size=1][color=#8B008B]Now where did Ozy go anyways? [I]And Numbers too! Where'd [B]he[/B] run off to?[/I][/size][/color][/QUOTE] Just for future reference, and I guess the mistake is forgivable this [I]once[/I]...Numbers is a girl, thank yeh very much. ;P Don't go trying to call me a guy again, aye aye? :evileye: Anyhow. I'm working on my second post, so I would definitely say I am present and accounted for! :3[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Gifts and Curses II

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Teal"]Anakoni didn?t like the pub in Aberystwyth that Charles seemed to favor for his evening meal. It was too dank; too dim; smoke filled, and hazy from it. He swore that when he exited the place his lungs had gained an inch of ash just from breathing in the air and he couldn?t breath right for the next couple of hours. [i]And[/i] his eyes felt all itchy and swollen. When Charles veered off towards the pub right on schedule as the two walked into town in the afternoon Anakoni veered off as well, but he didn?t head towards the pub. He was going somewhere else. Somewhere that wasn?t filled with filthy smoke ? Charles could find him later. Quietly for once he wandered the streets, his light humming the only sound he made as he followed the familiar streets. Charles had asked ?why Wales?? when they had left Hawaii, but Anakoni had only shrugged as if he didn?t know. Though, in a moment of lucidity, he?d figured that Charles knew why Wales when they?d arrived and not had to go in search of a place to live, an old house on the outskirts of town ready for occupants already. And Anakoni had the key, imagine that! His hands were chilly when he finally looked up to see where he had wound up ? where his feet had taken him. Another shiver ran up his spine and he backed up from the ticket gate for the cliff railway, memories flooding him. He could feel remembrances like waves, lapping at the edge of his mind then receding, only to return stronger. They battered at him, trying to force him to remember what he couldn?t have again. [i]Of course; lovely; delightful... I wind up here. I haven?t been here in years.[/i] They were good, but sad, memories ? painful and sweet at the same time; melancholic. [i]?not thinking on it anymore, right. Too much for now.[/i] Anakoni turned his back, ignoring the warm golden light that spilled from the window of the ticket booth and took off through the streets until he came to the pub. He stood in the doorway as Debbie Harry?s voice slid out like silk from the pub and considered going in as he scanned the room for Charles. As he found him he discarded that idea, intimidated by the contemplative face that at the same time seemed angered. Quickly he backed back out into the damp that was crawling up from the beach, feeling the first few drops of rain dropping down onto his upturned face. Flashes and spikes of others? lives passed in front of his eyes as he changed his direction, heading back to the house, pulling his light jacket tight around himself even though the gesture was futile. Before he reached the house, Anakoni was soaked and his hair was plastered in dark strands against his chilled forehead and cheeks. Water dripped from his nose; his lips; his chin. As he fumbled with pushing his key into the lock he saw flashes of Charles; a large house; another man with a dark air about him. A woman who for reasons unknown reminded him terribly of snakes; fangs, poison and the terrible cloyingly sweet, decaying stink of death. That was terrible enough for him, but Murphy seemed to be hating on him and the next thing he saw was this house and his father. The keys fell to the concrete of the porch as Anakoni stomped down savagely on the puddle that covered the porch with blatant disregard to the keys. Light flashed briefly as the keys slid into the bushes, but Anakoni paid little attention, focused solely on his goal. Eliminate the puddle; shatter it. Stop the images. As the young man continued to spread the water from the puddle in every direction, the rain stopped as quickly as it had started. Freak showers.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    Sign Up Gifts and Curses II

    [SIZE="1"][B][COLOR="teal"]Cancer:[/COLOR][/B] Imaginative, protective, intuitive, fearless, eccentric, over-dramatic, quick-tempered, violent. [B][COLOR="teal"]Gift:[/COLOR][/B] He sees the past, present and future in water, whatever form it happens to be in. In little puddles, or sheets of ice, Anakoni can see a scene playing out like a film at the local cinema show. Well, with bad sound ? these films aren?t talkies, and they sound vaguely as if you?re listening in with your head in a pool of water. Anakoni can also keep his body one constant, unchanging, cool temperature. Kinda like an air-conditioned person. [B][COLOR="Teal"]Curse:[/COLOR][/B] Like he?s said ?Your days are predicted in the puddle down the road, your mama's youth I can see in that fountain on the square. Flash, flash, flash; it doesn?t stop.? That?s not too fun if you ask me, because it doesn?t stop; where there?s water and he?s looking, he sees and sees. Talk about headaches? [B]Name:[/B] [U][URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v650/DeSotoDiceFreak/Anakoni.jpg"]Anakoni Haydn Ole?me?hua[/URL][/U] [b]Age:[/b] 24 ---- [B]Age During Snippet:[/B] 21 Anakoni curled his hand loosely around the small velvet box that rested at the bottom of his pocket as he reached with his other for the smaller, more delicate hand of the woman who sat smiling across from him. Paralleling the hand curled in his pocket, he took her hand gently in his, brushing a calloused thumb over the knuckles. Outwardly the only thing that betrayed the young man?s nervousness was the coolness of his skin, but inwardly he was trying to calm himself down. It wasn?t working so well, but he was attempting anyhow, counting slowly backwards from one0hundred to quiet the rampant worries and doubts. Anakoni was counting down a second time (this time in Welsh) when Helena tugged on his hand, startling him. ?Anakoni, you said you had something to give me!? Her voice had a vaguely petulant tone to it, but Anakoni dismissed it as he nodded. His throat tightened as he swallowed and grinned. ?Yes, I?? He swallowed again, mouth dry, words failing to come to his lips. Helena raised an eyebrow at him as he let go of her hand and reached for his glass of water. ?So??? The upturn of her lips and her tone of voice turned coy and teasing as she watched him take a sip of water, then return the glass to the table as he began to answer. An ?I love ?? made it past his lips this time before he started, nearly knocking over the glass of water he?d been staring into. A shudder rand down Anakoni?s spine at Helena?s questioning gaze and he turned, fixing his gaze out the window at the rain as he tried to speak again. This time nothing came out at all, period. Faint tremors began to shake him and finally Helena tossed the napkin that sat on her lap onto the table in an aggravated huff. She barely stifled a sigh as she stood and cross to Anakoni?s side of the table, grabbing him by his shoulders. ??one more time, baby. What. Is. It?? The last three words were punctuated each with a shake, as Anakoni finally focused on her with disturbingly [i]un[/i]focused eyes. ?We?re through.? Somehow the fact that Anakoni had apparently regained the use of his tongue didn?t make Helena feel all that good as he continued. ?Finite. The us is no more and is now me and you, and me is leaving.? He got to his feet as Helena sank into a chair at the table behind them. ?Have this ring as my apology.? The small velvet box he?d been holding the entire night was shoved into Helena?s hand and as the door to the small restaurant shut behind Anakoni, Helena was left staring at the engagement ring that lay upon a bed of velvet. The restaurant at large ? startled as it was by the sudden departure ? took several minutes to return to the level of volume it had exhibited previously. Helena heard none of the conversations going on around her and down the road from the restaurant Anakoni cursed softly beneath his breath as he walked with hands over his eyes. [center]*-*-*-*-*[/center] [i]Who sees the future in a glass of water? No, seriously, who?! Is there a name for seeing things in one?s beverage of choice?[/i] Anakoni was still walking, hands [i]still[/i] over his eyes. He hadn?t liked the view the water-glass had offered. [i]As if it wasn?t already bad?I had to see [b]that[/b].[/i] It hadn?t been very long ? he?d looked only a short time before pulling back ? but it had been enough! The man with Helena in the vision hadn?t been scrawny-old-him, he could tell that, though Helena still wore his ring and he?d been able to recognize that his own belongings filled the room. [i]Didn?t need to see that?[/i] So he?d looked out the window, unable to meet Helena?s gaze. The view out the window? [i]That was worse. The rain. So many shattered pictures.[/i] The puddle on the windowsill had shaken Anakoni the worst. He shuddered again as it flashed unbidden through his mind. [i]The blond man?or women?? No one deserved that. And the changes?the fiery, bloody changes.[/i] Another shudder wracked his frame and at last he uncovered his eyes to see the rain. Anything to block out the blond; even more visions were preferable to that. [b][Finished][/b][/SIZE]
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    Discuss Gifts and Curses: The Underground [M-LVS]

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]Moses is present and ready to finish. : D[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Masked Agenda

    [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][CENTER]Thanks, Ozy, for the banner. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v650/DeSotoDiceFreak/MA.png[/IMG][/CENTER] Every country has its celebration of independence; of the day they won a battle; of the suppression of an uprising. It is usually celebrated by parades and speeches; picnics; dances, and general good-natured gatherings. Cenive was no different from any nation or region ? Cenive, too, had it?s celebration of conquest. But they didn?t say what their celebration was for; the Judiciary merely announced ? shortly before the fifth anniversary of their coup ? that there was to be a city wide festival. A festival based on treachery, murder and the blood of the rightful rulers. And everyone was to wear the costumes. It was to be a masque. ---- Ilyse lifted her mask carefully from the metal frame where it sat beside her dressing table. Silently she studied it, calloused fingers tracing the gentle curves of the lips and eyebrows, eyes taking in the colors of the paint that covered the porcelain. With a half smile, she set the mask to the side, and leaned towards the mirror. Her face was painted in a perfect replica of the porcelain before her ? when she placed the mask over her face it would be as if she had a mask behind another. But she was not ready just yet, first her attire needed fixed. Ilyse slid out of her linen shift, then pulled open the deep red wooded wardrobe, reaching inside for the dark, pitch black garb that was her public ?uniform? as she called it. She robed herself silently, and shod her feet in well worn leather boots with supple soles; She pulled on her gloves, then gently lifted her mask to her face and fitted it on; finally, she lifted her hat with the toile and flowers up and settled it upon her head. Ilyse was unrecognizable as her private self as she studied herself in the mirror, eyes blinking out from behind her mask as the only thing that was her own. She sighed and ran her hand over the mirror before stepping back away from and turning her back on it. The time to be Judiciary had come once more. Time to act like the bane of Cenive. ---- OOC: Okay, you have every right to cane me for my abominable work at getting this up. But I do hope that everyone is still at least a bit interested in it. Here is what we?re looking for, for first posts. Have your character going to the festival. Whether you want to be there already, or write them getting ready and heading out, or even getting ready, heading out and getting there is fine by me. Feel free to interact with other characters, as long as you make sure the other author?s character is in, well, character. And that the author doesn?t mind. This RPG will be using the chapter system, and everyone will most likely get two posts per chapter. There will be the beginning of plot in the end of this chapter. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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    Sign Up Masked Agenda - [PG - LV]

    [COLOR=Orange][SIZE=1]Andre has been added to the cast list, and the RP thread will be up in the Square tomorrow sometime (Meaning later today, really, when I think about it...). I apologize for the wait, and look forward to playing with you all. So does Maestro. :) ~Numbers[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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    Sign Up Masked Agenda - [PG - LV]

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Orange]Yes. The old positions still hold. *nods* Since I loved them all.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    Sign Up Masked Agenda - [PG - LV]

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange][b]Signups are now reopened.[/b] Check the [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=770757&posted=1#post770757]Underground[/URL] for the semi-final cast list. Signups are reopened for [b]One Week[/b] 'cause I fail at actually [i]starting[/i] this thing, and need time to regather my thoughts to get this thing rolling. So yeah...new signups are welcome! So sorry, everyone.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    RPG Of Humans and Dragons [PG-VL]

    [SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo]Dionne spun, elbow raised at an angle which she could easily slam the joint into a painful nerve, but luckily she froze as she caught sight of who it was. She lowered her arm, a grin spreading easily over her face as she slapped Lethon?s arm. ?Ah, Lethon.? Dionne drew her hand back, crossing her arms over her chest as she tilted her head. ?Don?t be sneaking up on me.? She turned, scanning the caverns until her eyes caught the two dragons behind them. ?But I should have heard you.? Her hearing must be going or something, ?Congratulate your dragon, it appears he has an exceptional skill at remaining quiet?? [i]And I don?t?[/i] The dragon rider chuckled as Meshi spoke, his voice laced with a pouting tone. [i]I can be quiet?![/i] Dionne turned back to Lethon, slinging an arm around his waist. ?Meshi says to congratulate Eranikus as well. He is in awe.? She kept the smirk well off her face as Meshuggener made a disgusted chirrup behind them. ?Shall we head to dinner?? Her question was well founded, for it was indeed dinnertime. Never-mind the fact that she wanted to beat Sam to dinner, as she had earlier beaten him back to the base. Meshi?s chimes jangled as he settled down in a niche in the wall, speaking for once to the other dragon rider ? something he rarely did. [b][i]She just wants to beat Sam again. She isn?t honestly being nice. Hmph![/i][/b] --- OOC: ?soooo sorry. Been sick and busy. D: But! Here is my short (and crappy!) post.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    Discuss Behind The Mask [Masked Agenda Underground]- [PG - LV]

    [COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][quote name='Allamorph][FONT=Arial']As far as the magic angle is concerned, what were you thinking of when you created the Judiciary? I understand the more limited nature of the generaly populace/good guys, and I like it, but I am uncertain of how and if I should incorporate magic into my character. Basically, I'm looking for a definite boundary, a point not to cross. (Aside from the obvious one of "within good measure", naturally.)[/FONT][/quote] With the Judiciary, I am thinking their magic can apply to things such as their appearances, their intelligence, fitness and to what they say. They can use it, in essence, to hide who they are, increase their knowledge in ways they shouldn't, increase their strength (Within reason) and aid them in lying (For example: making their lies seem truths.). The last thing I can think to add besides the above mentioned is this: [b]Records[/b] has magic that sort of slips into people's lifes and pulls information for the files. [b]Holding[/b] has a sort of mental control of his workers at his cells. [b]The Hound[/b] can call the Pharoah Hound from wherever without a sound [b]Judgement[/b] can make the scales tip without physically touching them. Hope that helped a bit! ------- We finally have closed signups, and the following are the accepted cast. Expect the RP thread in the Square sometime in the next four days. =D [u][b]The Judiciary:[/b][/u] [b]BlueMoon[/b] ? [i]Celio Vasari - Holding[/i] [b]Allamorph[/b] ? [i]Unknown - Judegement's Hound[/i] [b]Madness of the Cat[/b] ? [i]Lise Mercy Beavelle - Noose[/i] [b]4815162342[/b] ? [i]Ilsye Blasa Kappel- Gallows[/i] [u][b]The Opposed:[/b][/u] [b]Ozymandius Jones[/b] ? [i]Isak Renetti[/i] [b]Lenari[/b] ? [i]Jeanne-Marie Laroux[/i] [b]Zytka[/b] ? [i]Ubac Ngozi[/i] [b]Silent_sword909[/b] - [i]André Fougeres[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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    Sign Up Beatlemania Redux [PG]

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] William ?Walrus? Rigsby [B]Age:[/B] Twenty [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v650/DeSotoDiceFreak/William.jpg]William[/URL] is about six foot tall even, and has a slight build. He has very aristocratic features, delicate features, and a thin aquiline nose set between narrow, chestnut brown eyes. His hair is a dark walnut brown, with red highlights, and kept cropped fairly short. It naturally waves, though he tries every morning to tame it with gel. The mode of dress William prefers is layers. Normally you?ll find him wearing corduroys and a t-shirt with some vintage sneakers and a mechanic?s jacket. He doesn?t wear any jewelry aside from a thin black leather thong tied around his right wrist, and his thick watch which he wears on his left. William walks with a bounce in his step, and most of his movements are hurried and ? for the most part ? uncoordinated. He smells of grease and electronics parts, and his voice is lower than you would think. [B]Biography:[/B] One of the Holiday Children, William doesn?t tell anyone much about his life as to date. He always says that it was nice, he was treated well and that Mr. Holiday treated them as if they were his own children, but nothing really beyond that. William, it would seem, was well taught in all areas of academia, but the profession he excels in concerns mechanical functions, electrical occurrences and anomalies, and engineering. Through his training at the TCD, he has always shown a single-minded interest in only one position. Never were there any fluctuations from his planned course of action, and so when he became an acting member of the TCD he took on the job of Technician. [B]Personality:[/B] William?s personality can be classified as flamboyant, extravagant, easily flustered and spastic. He?ll bounce from One subject To Another? ?and he does it without fully realizing that he may be confusing others. He doesn?t have a good grasp on the concept of what is considered polite, always speaking his mind but not because he?s blunt but just because he does. When William is really excited about something, or quite flustered, he tends to speak in what ? if written ? would be run on sentences. He has a decided sense of right and wrong, and is very protective of his machines and electronics, almost as if they were his children. [B]Team Position:[/B] Technician[/SIZE][/COLOR]