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Sign Up The Multiverse- Last Stand (M-L,V, possible S)


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Dreams are not just images stirred up by the human brain, they aren?t ?dreams? at all. They are actually glimpses into other universes besides our own. Some of these other universes are akin to our own, others are extremely different, filled with those creatures that we call demons from our worst nightmares. The humans in each of these universes are even more advanced than our own societies, living among the stars and inhabiting other worlds, things we can only dream of . . .

One day these other humans found a way to travel between universes. This created a huge problem; now the evil beings have also picked up on this technology and are mass producing it, preparing for invasions of the universes, especially the ones where men live.

We, the humans of Earth have no idea that this is happening. A huge multi-verse war has broken out. It?s humans against everyone else. Until now, the people of the other universes have been able to hold off the alien and monster hoards. However, they are beginning to run short of people to help them fight. Not only that, some among the human ranks have turned against their own kind, they fight for greed. The Monsters and other things have bribed countless people to join their side and live. These people are unaware that the monsters and aliens mean to wipe humans off the face of every galaxy.

The humans of the other galaxies have come to the us, people of Earth, for help. Our mission is to help human kind to win the multi-verse war and to provide a refuge for those who have lost their homes and planets. We must drop all discriminations and unite in one final effort, for the sake of mankind. This is our story, we must face the perils of the unknown, there is no choice in the matter. If we lose, then another species will replace us. It?s win or die.

Here?s the story, we are drafted to fight in the greatest of all wars. With our consent, the more technologically advanced humans will perform new DNA modifications on us, making us stronger, faster, live longer, and even giving us unknown powers. These powers will prove to be necessary. The other humans are sure that we still haven?t met the worst of our enemies yet.

Hope that this got you interested. Sign ups are as follows:

Sex: male/female
Appearance: (good paragraph or picture)
Powers: (If you accepted the genetic modifications. Anything except being able to kill god with one hit. Use your imagination)
Bio: (If you want, it?s not necessary.)

I?ll be posting my character up later.
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Name: Chroma >given name<
Age: appears to be about 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: stands at 5'7, pale skin, long silver hair, white eyes, wears a standard fem-unit uniform
Personality: quiet, antisocial
Powers: able to generate heavy machinery weapons of destruction from her body
Bio: After complications with the DNA modification, her body went through heavy trauma leaving her bleached and lost for memory. Because of her amnesia, she was given a new name and reinformed on the multiverse war.
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Name: Jin Long

Age: 19

Apperance: see below

Personality: Jin is a technical person. in any given situation, he gives what is known and all the facts, not trying to be conciderate on the odds of living. He is also very proper and charming.

Powers: Lycantrope(tiger that controls its spiritual energy)

Bio: Long was drug into the war when his brother was killed trying to defend his family. He swore to everybody that he would do anything in his power to help, and when someone brought up that it was possibly to moddify his DNA, he jumped on board as soon as he could finish the sign ups.
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[COLOR=Red]Name: Freya

Age: 17

Description: Tall, light brown hair and black eyes. Always wears dark colors, and a red emblem on her right arm. Dark complexion.

Atittude: Tough and hard to get along with, she fits the 'bad-***' type. But she truely does care for other people, of course she would die before admitting it.

Powers: Illusion and hand-to-hand combat skills. Also she has a slight ability over the elements. She carries with her a hand gun which she keeps hidden.

Bio: She dosn't talk much about her past. She was abandoned as a young child and adopted by constantly drunk parents. One night, the man killed his wife and left the young girl for dead.
The authorities found her and discovered she was a brilliant child. So she was presented with the DNA modifications and obviously, she accepted.
She was enhanced with nature DNA as a test subject. It succeeded. But other humans were killed when the scientists tried giving the same DNA.

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This is the character I will be playing:

Name: Kron

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Appearance: See attatchment without the guns and weapons. Black hair.

Personality: He is a stubborn and proud person. He doesn't listen to any orders. He likes fighting. He is slow to anger, almost always managing to keep a calm head. He likes the company of others but can stand being without other people. He always acts like nothing scares him. He has a kind heart and is funny when he wants to be. He won't stand by doing nothing if another person is getting unjustly punished. He likes girls but is always nervous around them.

Powers: The scientists decided to modify him according to his personality and gave him super speed and strength along with the abilities to fly and create energy orbs. They modeled his DNA after his dream, to be a super saiyan.

Bio: N/A

I need one or two more people before I'll start. Anyone after that can join until I say. :animeswea :animesmil
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