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Guest BeskoLesko
[FONT=Tahoma]I just need to write these two ideas down right now, so I guess this place would be good.

Alright, I have two ideas, I don't know if they would turn out looking manga-ish, but they would have a slight manga influence in them. It would mainly look cartoon-ish, since that is my favorite style to draw in.

But, my first idea, which I will summarize for those of you with small attention spans, is about a young boy. ..............Ho ho! You thought that was it? Well it isn't!

This is not an average kid at all though, his imagination is soo strong that he can make his few imaginary friends (the ones willing) come over to the real world. But bringing them over requires a very, very clear mind. So most of the ones he tries to bring over are horribly mutilated or killed in the process. The boy only successfully brings over one friend, but that friend is still not really...'right'. The boy swears that he will never make his friends go through that pain again, so he 'permanently' stops toying with his imagination.

A few years later, the boy starts toying with his mind again, and eventually goes too far. The line between reality and fantasy is blurred, and he doesn't know what to do. Could it be insanity? Could it be real? Could he have 'opened pandora's box'? All he knows is that everything isn't all right.

Alright, now that I'm done with my screwy story idea, here's a rather funny one. It's called God Dog, I don't know if the name is really original, but it fit the idea. (A friend made up some of this too..)

There is an average guy, living in a city. He ends up losing his job and so he gets a hot dog cart from a mysterious man in a white coat. As the man is wheeling the cart to storage one night, he is attacked by demonic creatures. 'Holy Guns!' pop out of the cart and he disposes of the demons quickly.

He ends up finding out that he has a 'holy' hot dog cart, and there are several demons fighting on earth, the cart just let him see it. The demons sometimes entered the world, but they could only possess people or 'haunt' a house. Also, a quick note, when he disposes of demons, they turn into hot dogs for him to sell later on. :D

But he has to take down two main demons having war with one another, both named (cornily :P) after condiments.

Well, those are my crappy ideas. The two ideas I had that actually stuck in my head so far....bleh, they're decent.. :animesigh[/FONT]
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