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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R1 M3: Caska(Berserk) vs. Katsumi(Silent Mobius)


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Alright, match 3!

I only have one rule. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs to be more than a one or two word answer.

I'm not sure who will win. I used to think that Katsumi didn't have a fanbase (Silent Mobius fans were more about Kiddy and Yuki), but I've seen hints of one since then.

Caska (Berserk)



Katsumi Liquer (Silent Mobius)


I've got to give this vote to Caska. I like Katsumi too, but Caska is more of a character. Her past was more troubled, and her romantic story with Griffith and Guts was an interesting one. I like Katsumi more with looks, though.

Edit: I said this elsewhere, but I'm going to copy and paste it here:

[b]Listen up! If these things don't start getting some posts soon, I'm going to have to shut this down.(And the mods would if I didn't.) Like I keep saying at the beginning of each thread, it doesn't have to be long or complicated! You don't need to go into plot twists or examples or anything like that. I won't get irritated with you if you just say "I happen to like Katsumi's character more. She's more charismatic than Caska, and cuter." Just so long as it has more substance than "Katsumi" or "Katsumi's better", its fine.

In other words, if you want this show to continue, pipe up and say something when you go to vote![/b]
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[quote name='Jahjahwarrior17']I voted for the Silent Mobius girl, because I don't really like short hair on a girl :animesmil[/quote]
*gasp* But you mustn't!
Caska is too great a character to be destroyed by [b]hair![/b]

She had a deep, conflicting past, and her relationship between Gutts and Griffith just grows on you. I loved the episode where she was weak. Those who've seen it know what I'm talking about. ;)

Deep character or hair. *sigh* Hair is winning.

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If he hasn't seen either series, how is he supposed to know what Caska's character is like? Going off of looks, I'd vote for Katsumi too.

Caska's awesome though. That romance was the most interesting that I've seen in anime. Much like everything in Berserk, it was cool to watch the evolution of that relationship. She slowly gave up on Griffith (who she viewed as almost an angelic figure) for the man that she used to loathe.
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;) don't worry, I was only joking.

I agree with what you say in every way. Before I saw the series, I didn't like her much either.
It's a shame ;_; it doesn't seem like she's going to go on.
I was hoping she might win the contest. XDD

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There's a tie. I won't be back until Monday, so I'll check again then.

I'll also be starting the next two matches then.


This match hasn't gone anywhere since I left! In that case, I think that its time that I lay down a new rule. I'll be putting it in the thread in my sig.

Since two posters voted for Caska and one voted for Katsumi, Caska goes on.

Caska: 4 votes
Katsumi: 4 votes

[b]Here is your winner by posted favorite, Caska![/b]

And the Band of the Hawk commander marches on!
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[quote name='Jahjahwarrior17']Once again, I don't think either of the girls are very appealing, and I've never heard of these animes...so I voted for the Silent Mobius girl, because I don't really like short hair on a girl :animesmil[/quote]

[COLOR=Indigo]What's wrong with srout hair on a girl? I happen to like it. I also find both attractive. Caska wins out. She's hotter than the other in my opinion, and she (I'm not yet accustomed with the tags yet.) That gives her extra points. I also just like her more as a character.[/COLOR]
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