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Sign Up The Adventures of Indigo Jones: The Jewels of Kewltopia! [PG-13, violence, language]


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[I](A scene of a giant room with a desk in the middle and many, MANY posters of different anime on the walls. A girl in red is sitting on the desk, filing papers and such.)[/I]

Girl: Welcome, all who will join. I am Kalamari Kashu, the co-creator of the Indigo Jones series. My boss isn't here right now, but you may sign up using this form:

Character's name:
Type: (Hero/Heroine/Sidekick/Villain/Villainess/Lackey)
Clothes: (you may use a pic if you have to...)
Personality (40 words or less):
Profile: (100 words or less):
Color: (if chosen as Hero or Heroine; i.e. Red Ned)
Would you like a diamond?: (it's a YES or NO question, but choose if you wish... :animeknow )

Now that you have recieved your form, fill it out and hand it to me. I will accept up to 20 people, so please take this chance now.

Lash: [comes in out of nowhere] You heard Kashu. Also, you get a special present if you say YES to the diamond question! :animesmil

Kashu: Also, your character may be an anime character from an actual anime or from one you made up; either one suits me.

Lash: No one likes a smartass, Kashu.

Kashu: So that means on one likes [I]you?[/I]

Lash: :animestun Ah, touche.
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