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Art Ever been at an Anton Corbijn exhibit?


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(throws in a look at the subforum topic - discuss existing art)
We have on in our town - he's godlike (*drools*). I'm a bit of a photographer (actually learning for cam operator), and - yes - I've heard of him, he's kind of pretty famous out there - but it was for the first time I've seen his works (*drools* *drools*) There were shots of Kurt Cobain, and Trent Reznor, and Slash, and Axl Rose, and Anthony Kiddies, and Dave Gahan, and more & more & more & more - mmmmmhhhh - genious (walks away with a freaky look and clicking with the camera all around)
Speaking of which, [url]http://www.corbijn.co.uk/[/url]. (sighs) Not that much shots actually there. Still some. Whew, that was a weird of a topic. /me still impressed.
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