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Sign Up Guardians of Giniva-(M-L, V, S if you want)


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[I]The wind moaned as it swept across the open ground. Water trickled down a small stream, swirling into a pool. Birds twittered as they darted through the forest and undergrowth. Life was abundant. Nothing wanted to stay still, even the trees moved once in a while.

The wind continued on its way, over a hill and around a mountain. Somehow, on the other side of the mountain, it was cold and overcast with rain-loaded clouds. The rain fell in torrents, lightning flashed across the sky. There wasn?t any peace here.

The sounds of battle flowed with the wind. Keeping all of natures creatures at bay. The wind flowed to the source of the sounds. It was one man, surrounded by 1,000 warriors. The ground was soaked in blood, bodies were everywhere. The single man stood heaving, nearly at his limits. His grim opponents watched him warily, even though they outnumbered him 1,000 to one. A hulking figure pushed out from among the mass of men and confronted the lone warrior.

?So,? the hulking man said with a sneer, ?here ends the last of the noble Guardians, Dragon. No more of your blood flows within the veins of human kind. No more of you are left to protect those puny weaklings. What happened to your legendary powers? Where are the legendary Guardians who swore to protect mankind until they died? That?s right, there are no more besides yourself. I?ll fix that.?

The huge man gave a signal to his troops and they all fell upon the lone warrior. Dragon fought back bravely, managing to kill half of them while receiving one hundred wounds himself. He stuck his sword into the ground, leaning on it, taking in his last breathes of sweet mountain air. His opponents backed off, waiting for him to die.

The storm became even more furious. Lightning flashed out of the clouds, increasing their fury. Trees nearby were struck down. The people surrounding Dragon became increasingly nervous. The hulking figure was no longer so confident of his victory.

Dragon?s body straightened, he stood tall and imposing. His eyes were a strange white color. The men surrounding him backed away in fear.

?If I?m going to die,? Dragon shouted over the storm, ?then I might as well take you all down with me!?

His body began to glow, emitting a strange white light. A roar escaped from Dragon?s mouth, drowning out the thunder, as he summoned up the last of his powers. The people surrounding him stood foolishly nearby, not sure of what to do.

The leader was afraid. He ordered his men to charge and try to stop Dragon. Their blades plunged into Dragon?s unprotected body. He stopped glowing. The warriors were relieved.

Suddenly, beams of pure energy exploded forth from Dragon?s erect body, burning all of the people who surrounded him to death. No one escaped.

The light disappeared, only Dragon was left standing. He slumped to his knees, near death. His last thoughts were:

?I am not the last. My son still lives and I am sure that the other Guardians still have living descendants. They may still be young, but they are humanity?s only hope.? Dragon, thought to be the last of the ancient Guardians, died.

The sky cleared, the sun returned to shine on the black meadow, littered with burnt bodies and one great warrior. The peace on Giniba was shattered with the death of the Guardians. Chaos would soon rule the land.[/I]

Here?s the story. The Guardians were ancient families who swore to protect the people of Giniva from destruction and the forces of chaos. These ancient Guardian families possessed mysterious powers which enabled them to defeat anything. The only way a guardian could ever die was from physical wounds, they were resistant to age.

The Guardians were hunted down by powerful men who wanted their powers. But they couldn?t obtain the powers of the Guardians so they decided to kill the Guardians. They hired demon warriors to do their dirty work. Every Guardian was killed off 15years ago, only their unknown descendants were left alive.

They are the only ones who stand between the forces of Chaos and the destruction of mankind. These new Guardians will have to face things that are worse than anything that the Guardians have had to face before. Hell was coming to Giniva and only the new inexperienced Guardians could stop it. You are one of these descendants of the Guardians.

Hope this got you interested. Sign-ups are as follows:

Age: (14-25)
Sex: male/female
Powers: (Immunity from aging and poisons are automatic. Can?t be too powerful. Can?t be strong enough to kill god. Start off fairly weak because you will increase powers along the way.)
Appearance: (paragraph or picture)

That?s about it. No bio needed but you can post one if you want to.

My character:

Name: Kinto Typhoon (Dragon?s son)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Weapons: Double edge sword

Powers: He can create small orbs of pure energy and blast things to smithereens. He has super speed and strength. His powers have not yet even neared their full potential.

Appearance: 5?10?, 145lbs
He has short black hair and steel gray eyes that seem to look into a person?s soul. His mouth always seems to have the hint of a smile on it. He always carries his sword with him. He wears a black suit, silver gloves, and silver cape. He appears to be a rich kid. He has a lean, well built body which always appears to be tense and ready for anything. He carries himself tall and proud, appearing to be oblivious to everything that surrounds him.

Kinto is usually joy full and nice. However, when trouble pops its ugly head up, he becomes a completely different person, serious about everything. He kills without remorse because he only kills when it is necessary. He is usually calm and calculating during times of strife, always on the lookout for trouble even when he is having a joke with some people. People try to avoid him most of the times because his eyes makes them feel naked, like he could read their thoughts. He likes having a good sparing match. He never backs away from a challenge or anything threatening.
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[B]Wow...another RPG made from you. You sure do make a lot. Well here's mine.[/B]

[COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Name:[/B] Micky Lee

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Weapons:[/B] A sword.

[B]Powers: [/B] Ability to control fire. Use telekinesis.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Short dark brown hair with green eyes. Wears beige pants, forest green t-shirt, and brown vest jacket over it. Keeps a pair of glasses with him in his pocket for reading. [B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys39.jpg]Picture[/URL] [/B]

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet and shy. Strong hearted and fun friend. Doesn't talk much at first but once he gets to know you, he'll talk a bit more. He's not much of an exciting person. He likes to read a good book and rest under a shady tree. Doesn't make much friends but likes to be alone.[/COLOR]
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Cool intersting story!! :D

[COLOR=Blue][B]Name:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] Shiori Aeneas Laconi[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] 16[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Sex:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] Female[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Weapons:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] Two small hand swords[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Powers:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] She has the ability to freeze objects(for only a limited amount of time because her powers haven't reached their full potential), blow up small objects (well small ones for now), and she can control water.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Appearance:[/B][/COLOR] [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=54114[/url]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Personality:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] Shiori is a nice outgoing type of girl. Her typical day would be playing pranks on her friends, who thinks she needs to grow up, and having a good laugh. Though she loves to have fun and joke around she also knows when it's time to take things seriously. Shiori is always up for a good challenge and likes pushing herself past her limits. She's a pretty nice girls to get to know, but if you tick her off she can show her bad side.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Who Am I?][B']Wow...another RPG made from you. You sure do make a lot.[/quote]

Yeah. I figured that I might as well post them since all of my rp's haven't been able to get started due to little or no sign-ups. I just figured that I might as well post my ideas before they go away. :animeswea Thanks for signing up you two.
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