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Request Tale of Sinners Banner and Avi


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[COLOR=Olive][SIZE=1]Halloa. Lately I've been working on an RPG for the Arena, and it should be up pretty soon. Sooo...I would like to request a banner and avi following the theme of this story.
[B][CENTER]+++[/CENTER][/B][B]Banner:[/B] Please use a picture of Chrono or Aion from Chrono Crusade in their demon form. I'd like the banner to say, "Call me...A Sinner." I would like it to be vibrant in a sense, but have a dark mood.

[B]Avi:[/B] I'd like the avatar to say my name on it, in the same style as the banner, though the picture may be different.

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[color=blue][size=1]Well.. Here's my crap-tastic shot at it. xD Just got some new fonts, so it should be okay. ^_^;; I'll post the code below the image, in case you decide to use them. Oh, and take the asteric out of the code. >>





If the url for the banner is really long and eats up a lot of your signature, you can always go to tinyurl.com to fix it. ^_^; But yeah.. I doubt you'll be using my set. >_<;[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Olive][SIZE=1]They're not that bad, Kitty. I think they're pretty good. ^__^;; But hey, that's just my thoughts :p

I'm not going to use yours, however, because I hope that other's will attempt a shot at my request. ^__^ Noooootttt beause they're [B]"crap-tastic"[/B] as you so bluntly put it. ^__~[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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