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RPG Inuyasha: Shatered Future! (PG-13 L,V)


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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Koal suddenly opened his eyes and was struck with pain. A sharp and acute pain ran through his ribs and legs. The pain was almost unbareable.

"My goodness," Crystal said as she walked into the room, "you're awake! How are you feeling?" Koal's eyes widened, then narrowed. He then let out a sigh of relieve.

"I'm in pain," Koal said as he tried to lift himself with his forearms, "but besides that, I'm just peachy." Crystaly slightly giigled and sat down by Koal's side. She had a damp cloth and some herbs. She had apparently been taking care of him.

"You remind me of myself," Crystal said as she started to rub the herbs on the cloth, "I'm always saying something like that and making my brother mad." Koal wearly smiled. He seemed to be enjoying his conversation with Crystal.

"Sooo....," Koal said as he started to look around the room, "how did I get here?" Crystal looked at Koal and shook her head. She then put the herb covered cloth on one of his wounds. Koal quickly bit his lip as the stinging pain rushed through his body. It was almost as bad as the pain he was already in.

"Me and my son found you injured by the side of a road," Crystal said as she held the cloth in position, "I told [/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]Koal[/COLOR][COLOR=Teal] to stay with you while I went back to the hut to get help. So, more or less, me and my brother carried you back here." Koal's face was struck with horror. He had messed up. He didn't come back far enough. He was already born in this era, as well. He couldn't go back though. he would just have to exsplain himself.

"Thank you," Koal said as he closed his eyes, "but I'm not who I seem to be." Crystal ears slightly twitched as she looked up at Koal. She didn't seem to like what she heard. Could this young wolf demon be evil?

"Really," Crystal said as she countinued to look at Koal, "Could you tell me why?" Koal slightly nodded and let out a sigh. He couldn't believe Crystal didn't figure it out already though.

"My name is Koal," Koal said as his tail started to twitch, "and I'm your son from the future. I came back in time to stop the total destruction of both the world and my family." Crystal looked highly shocked. She almost gasped out of sheer amazement. She suddenly grabbed Koal's hands.

"That's terrible," Crystal said as he blue eyes flickered, "As an honorble wariorr and as your mother, I'll help you no matter what you say. Inuyasha and the others might not be as understanding though. Just don't say anything to them yet, ok?" Koal nodded as Crystal dropped his hands. He couldn't believe she was that understanding. He was actually shocked.

"Thanks," Koal said with a fang showing smile, "Thanks alot! I'll probbly need all the help I can get. Now, can you help me sit up, please!" Crystal shook her head, stood up, and grabbed Koal's arm. As she helped Koal sit, he hoped he would have enough time to heal and enough help.

OOC: All you have to do for your first post is tell what you were doing and how you seem to foind yourself near the hut. Everyone is in the present even if they're from the future. So, everyone winds up near the hut somehow, ok.[/B] [/I] [/COLOR]
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Corru gripped the branches with his talons tightly. No need to fall out of the tree yet. He took in the world around him, almost entirely forest. There was a hut nearby, and a road a little further along.

"There he is." Corru muttered to himself. He could definitely sense Koal's presence within the hut. "I'm sorry, Koal. But Inuyasha must die, if what you said is true. Thank you for leading me to him."

The half dragon stood calmly, almost transfixed, watching the hut from the safety of the trees, waiting for the young wolf to pop out his head. He could remember almost everything that had happened. He had followed Koal for almost a week, and then today, or yesterday, they had ended up here.

Now he only had to let Koal lead him right to Inuyasha the accursed dog. Then Ryukotsusei would have his revenge. Suddenly, he heard a noise below him and turned to see who was approaching.
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[COLOR=Blue]Setsouke was leaned up against a rough tree with her eyes closed as she inhaled the air around her. She slowly slid down so that she was now sitting on the cold earth as her right hand reached up to her neck. She closed her hand upon some small round, hard object as a tear trickled down her face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]No matter how hard she tried to hold back what she was feeling, only more tears fell. Her tears glided down her cheeks to her hand that held the small object. After a few more minutes she finally opened her eyes and let it all out. How much she missed her little girl..how much she missed Shiori.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]"It's not fair that she died," Setsouke thought as she let her eyes rest upon the stream in front of her and she thought about how she blamed herself for Shiori's death and how she blamed herself for how her and Shiori's father had broken up. "It's all my fault...if I had been a better mother...if only I had made sure she had stayed home that day...she wouldn't have gotten hit with that blow..she would still be alive," Setsouke thought angrily.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Setsouke unclipped what she was holding from her neck so that it now layed freely in the palm of her hand. She then looked down at the small golden locket that used to hang from Shiori's neck. Setsouke then opened it and inside layed a picture of her, Shiori, and on the other side Shiori's father. "And if only your father had been there that day, he could have protected you..if only I hadn't been so stubborn and chased him away of all days...if only...," Setsouke's remembrances were cut short as she sensed other near by.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]She then clipped the locket back around her neck and stood up. She took a drink from the stream then jumped up into the trees so that she could get a better look. High up she could still sense others around, whether they saw or sensed her she didn't know, and in the distance she saw a small hut. "I wonder," Setsouke thought as she jumped from limb to limb and made her way closer to the hut...[/COLOR]
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Thorn looked up at the ruslting leaves and saw a new figure. A half dragon."Hey. Dragon, what are you doing here? Isn't your land up north? Its a little south for you isn't it?" Thorn made a few leaps up to where the half dragon was and looked in the general direction the half dragon was faceing."Crystal's? Whats your purpose there? You here to start something?" The half dragon looked at thorn and smiled,"With you? No, but i do with Inuyasha." Thorn sighed,"Good for a second I thought it was either with me or Crystal. Anywho, later dragon." thorn hoppes down and continues his way to Crystal's,"Wonder why he wants to fight Inuyasha? I dont think he is good enough but he may just be."

He arrives at Crystal's door and knocks,"Hello? Crystal? its me Thorn. Are you here?" He hears scuffleing inside and opens the door ans sees an injured demon laying on the floor,"Heh..hello. And just who might you be?"
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Koal looked toward Thorn and got a pained look. Crystal was dapping more herbs on his wounds. He wanted to answer Thorn, but the pain was to unbearable.

"His name is Koal," Crystal said as her ears twitched, "and he's injured. I know he looks and sounds fimiliar, but it's actually an odd coincidence." Thorn raised an eyebrow as Crystal looked at him. He actually blushed and put his head down. Koal raised an eyebrow this time. This guy seemed oddly fimiliar.

"Yeah," Koal said with a pained voice, "I'm from a far away island. The Wolf Demon clans there are almost all white. Also, I'm quiet sure you've met people from other places who've had you name." Thorn looked like he was thinking as he looked at Koal.

"That sounds a little fishy to me," Thorn as he walked over next to Crystal. Koal got a sweat drop on the side of his head. He couldn't believe this guy.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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The man lept nimbly from the tree and stepped inside the hut. "Wish I could do that." Corru said quietly. He turned his attention back to the river. Someone knew that he knew they were there.
Unfortunately, he couldn't get his mind off of what the guy had said. " 'Shouldn't you be up north?' I'll eat my tail if he ever meets a real dragon that he can talk to like that. No matter."
He switched his spear back to his right hand and jumped down, landing on his three free limbs, looking like a wounded lizard. His red eyes sparkled in the faint sunlight, and he crept slowly along on his two feet again, ready to ambush the elusive river-goer.
Then he stopped. He tried with all of his might to move, be he couldn't. This wasn't a demon, it was a woman. As usual, he held back his instinct to attack to listen to what she was saying.
Suddenly, she leaped to her feet, and made for the hut that the other person had wondered into. He stepped back, hoping to stay hidden. She ran past him, but she caught sight of him. She almost stopped, but a look of terror had spread across her face and she ran faster.
Corru sighed and slumped to the ground. "Why do people have to be afraid of me?"
Of course, he thought, it was because he was a hideous dragon hiding the shadows with red eyes and a spear. Who wouldn't be afraid?
"Oh well." he sighed and stood up. "I shouldn't wait here too long unless Inuyasha's coming. But, if that's really Crystal's hut, then Miroku should be coming, but that doesn't mean Inuyasha. Damn it. Where's Naraku when you need him?"
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Thorn raised an ear to the door as he heard running through the brushes,"Crystal. Do you hear that? Someone is out there." He slowly walked to the door then stopped as he felt a familar presence,"Its that dragn agian. Why is he still here? I thought he would leave after i said something to him." Crystal stool up and tried to look past Thorn out the door,"What are you talking about? And why did you say there wasa dragon out there?" Thorn turned around and looked at Crystal,"There is a half dragon out there trying to pick a fight with your brother, Inuyasha. I know you feel his aura, but I also know that he feels mine." He gave Crystal a small smile as he walked out the door,"Stay here and tent to Koal."

When he got outside he looked around and saw a woman running twards him,"who is that?" Thorn jumped into the trees and watched as the woman ran straight into the hut,"Crystal shood be ok." He looked down in the direction the woman had run from and saw the red eyes of the dragon,"Dammit. Why the hell wont anyone take me seriously around here? In any case I should prolly go talk to him agian." He let his aura flair out in blue as he jumped and landed right in front of the bushes that he was standing in,"Ok..ok. I got the whole Inuyasha thing. But seriously dude, why are you still here? Inuyasha went off with his human friends to look for the shards. He isnt here and well, who knows when he is comming back." The dragon just looked at him and he mooved his spear from one hand to the other."I dont care. I dont care where he is but his sister's son is here, and thats who I want now." Thorn raised an eyebrow at this,"What? You would kill a three year old? Thats kinda sick ya know? In anycase, If you hurt anyone from that family then you would not only answer to me, but everyone associated to it. its not worth is half-dragon. Just remember that." Thorn started to walk away when he got feeling of another demon's aura."Hey. Half-dragon. Do you have any friends out here to help you?" Thorn turned around but Corru was already gone."Well nevermind big guy." Keeps walking back to Crystal's and starts to humm,"I hope that woman wasn't there to hurt anyone."
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[B][I][COLOR=Red]OOC: Sorry, I'm a little late!

"Ow....," Coje said as he picked himself up off the ground, "That's a perrty hard landing." As Coje stood up and dusted himself off, he looked around. he was surrounded by forest. That was nothing unusal, but he couldn't see Koal anywhere. A slight sigh escaped his lips. He was going to have to look for him.

After a few mintutes of walking, Coje stummbled into a clearing. The clearing had a small hut in the middle of it. Coje suddenly picked up on Koal's aura, but also on about four other auras as well.

"Dammit," Coje mummbled as he started to run up to the hut, "What have you gotten yoursel into Koal?" Coje was consealing his aura as he ran. He couldn't afford getting caught yet.

As Coje approched the window, he slowly looked in it. He spotted Koal laying on the floor and Crystal attending to his wounds. they were both looking at a girl who had just entered the hut though. Coje's eyes suddenly got big.

"Setsouke," Coje said under his breath, "What the hell are you doing here?" The sound of braking stickes was suddenly heard behind Coje. Coje quickly turned around to discover Miroku heading back to the hut. Coje hoped he didn't spot him as he went back to looking in the window.

OOC: Here's a pic of Coje just in case you didn't see it!
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[B][I][COLOR=Magenta]Mika sat quickly in a tree near a small hut. She knew who the hut belonged to and she could easily see her brother spying on the people inside. None of this mattered to her though.

"I can't see my parents," Mika said as she turned her head, "I'll want to stay if I do and I know I can't stay." As Mika talked to herself, Coje looked up at her. He seemed like he wanted to say something, but decided not to. He could sense Mika's pain and he completely understood.

"What's wrong little girl," Kronos' voice said from Mika's right, "Did you lose your dolly or got seprated from your mommy?" Mika quickly looked toward Kronos' voice to discover the angel of death herself, if you can say that.

"No," Mika said with no fear in her voice what-so-ever, "I'm in deep thought. What are you doing here? Aren't you a little far from home?" Kronos looked disgusted by Mika's words, yet she didn't strike her. She may have been a cold blooded killer, but she couldn't find it in her heart to harm a child.

"Maybe I am child," Kronos said as he wings beated slowly, "but I'm on a demon hunt. Maybe you could help me." Mika's ears twitched as she looked at Kronos. Her evil aura was giving Mika the creeps. Maybe it would be in her best intrest to help her out.

"Maybe," Mika said as her claws buried themselves into the tree branch, "Who are you looking for." Kronos smiled evily and swung her sickle over her other shoulder.

"Inuyasha," Kronos said smugly, "Ring a bell in any way?" Mika's face went pale. This angel of death was looking for her uncle. Luckily. she didn't know where he was and didn't have to lie.

"I'm sorry," Mika said with a truthful voice, "But I don't know where he's at. I have heard the name though. I heard he searches for Sacred Jewel Shards. Maybe that'll help you though." Kronos nodded and a matterly way and seemed to fly away. Mika decieded to jump down from the tree and join her brother anyways.

"I believe you little girl," Kronos said from behind the tree, "but your aura is oddly fimilar to both Inuyasha's sister's and that pesky monk's. I think I'll keep a close eye on you for the momment." As Mika walked over to Coje, Kronos watched from a far. She might had something planned.

OOC: Here are pics of Mika and Kronos!
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[COLOR=Blue][I][B]Crystal and Koal continued to look up at Setsouke silently until Crystal broke the ice. "And who might you be?" she asked as she continued to tend to Kaol's wounds. Setsouke looked down at Kaol...smiled..then said, "My name is Setsouke and you can say I'm not from around here..right Kaol."

Crystal looked down at Kaol who was still looking up at Sesouke and he said, "Guess you can say that..but what are you doing here anyway?" Setsouke flashed him another smile then said, "As if you don't know..everyone knows what happened to Shiori..I made that quite clear back home and I'm here to set things straight..it shouldn't have happened to her, and I won't let it," Setsouke said.

Koal continued to look at Setsouke questioningly and asked her a question. "Shiori's not the only reason your here Setsouke..why else have you come? he asked. Crystal was listening to the conversation trying to put things together and Setsouke was about to speak when someone else walked into the hut.

All three turned their heads to see that Miroku had walked in. "Well," Setsouke said as she headed toward the exit. "I guess we can continue this conversation another time...as for the answer to your question, well let's just say there's some questions better left unanswered..for now," then with a slight wave goodbye Setsouke stepped past Miroku and out the door. She wasn't more than three feet away from the hut when she stopped dead in her tracks

"Someone else is here," Setsouke thought. "But who?" she asked herself as she rounded the other side of the hut....[/B][/I][/COLOR]
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Thorn sighed as he saw Miroku enter the hut,"DAmn. The stupid monk is here now.Ah and what is that over at the window?" Thorn watched as he saw the woman that ran into the hut eirlyer, walk out and peak aound the corner."I think that I should go say hello." He walked up to the woman, without her noticing and tapped her on the shoulder,"You know its bad to stare." The woman quickly turned around and took a step back,"Who are you and why did you sneak up on me like that?" Thorn smiled as he looked past her at the demon still looking in the window,"Is he a friend of yours?" She turned her head at thim then back to Thorn,"And what if I do? Are you going to kill us?" Thorn turned around and headded twards the door,"No but do realize that he wont be unknown for long." Thorn waved as he walked back into the hut.Miroku turned and looked at him,"Don'tg say it monk. Just leave me alone." Thorn went and sat in the corner and watched Crystal.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I hope I can be part of this. Here we go.

Raenoko sat staring up at the sky. 'Hell, at this rate I'm never gonna get to where I need to be.' She thought to herself, getting up and turning around. "Maybe now I'll be able to escape those damn humans." She mused, picking up her weapons and preparing to continue down the road.
After she had traveled a distance she saw a small, isolated hut with people moving around inside. "Perhaps I'll just 'borrow' some food," she said to herself advancing toward her target.[/COLOR]
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[B][I][COLOR=Red]Coje mummbled something as Thorn went back into the hut. Setsouke gave him away. A sigh sigh crept from his lips as he slid down the wall of the hut. Setsouke and Mika both approched him.

"What are you two doing here," Setsouke asked as she stared at the brother and sister. Mika looked at Setsouke and then at Coje. Coje shook his head and tapped his staff on the ground.

"I would like to know that too," Coje said as he looked over at Mika. Mika just crossed her arms and turned from Coje. Coje knew why she was here, he just know Setsouke's reason.

"Does that really matter to you Coje," Setsouke questioned as Coje shook his head. Coje let out another sigh as he looked at his right hand. He remembered his father wasn't really murdered. He was forced to commit suicide. It was almost like murder, because the demon kept makeing him use his wind tunnel. he used it too much in one fight and, well, we know what happened. Coje quickly gripped his hand shut.

"Not really." Coje said as his blue eyes flickered, "but it would be nice to know." Mika and Setsouke both looked shocked. Coje usually was never that nice. Something had struck a nerve, but what?[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]OOC: Sorry, for getting you off track Maxi, but this is where I get to be interesting. Here's a little interesting story for ya'll.

Koal quickly shook off Setsouke's visit and looked at Miroku. Miroku had just sat down next to Crystal. He seemed to have more herbs with him.

"You've finally woken up 'eh," Miroku said as he handed the herbs to Crystal, "So, what happened to you anyways?" Koal slightly put his head down. He wasn't sure if he should tell or not. It could help out though.

"Go ahead Koal," Crystal said as she tied a bandage around Koal's leg, "Miroku's not going to hurt you. He knows you're not an evil demon by now." Koal slightly looked up at Crystal and Miroku. Miroku looked slightly confused, but also like he was listening. A soft sigh escaped Koal's lips.

"Miroku," Koal said as he looked at Miroku, "I'm from the future and I'm the same Koal you know. I'm here to stop the total destruction of both my family and the world." Miroku looked over at Crystal and then back at Koal. Koal thought Miroku didn't believe him. He put his head down and his tail stopped moving.

"I can believe that," Miroku said as he placed his hand on Koal's shoulder, "I thought you looked too familiar for comfort. But, that answer didn't answer my question. Now, Koal, what happened to you?" Koal looked a little more happier now. At least two people believed him now.

"I was terrible injured by one of Naru's henchmen right before I made it here," Koal said as his tail started to slightly wag again, "Luckily, I was found by you guys or I don't think I would have made it." Crystal and Miroku looked at each other and back at Koal. Something was crossing their minds.

"Who's Naru, honey," Crystal asked as she picked up some more bandages. Koal shook his head. He forgot that no one here knew who Naru was.

"Sorry," Koal said with a slightly red face, "Naru is the son of Naraku and Kronos, the Angel of Death. He's very powerful and very evil. He almost killed his parents, but they came back and thought him a lesson. They didn't kill him, but I can seriously say that he'll never attack them." Crystal suddenly dropped the bandages she was holding and Miroku just looked dumbfounded. Koal didn't understand the dead reactions.

"You mean we have to deal with not just Naraku," Crystal said as she hugged Miroku's arm, "but we also have to deal with an angel of death and an extremely powerful psycho kid! Well, that just made my day!" A sweat drop appeared on the side of Koal's head as Miroku still looked dumbfounded. Even Thorn's interest was peaked by that.

"Yes," Koal said as his face turned serious, "and Naru and Kronos are the most dangerous. They both have the ability to control beings' minds. The more powerful the being, the less time they can control them. They're still dangerous though." Crystal and Miroku looked at each other in horror. This all didn't sound good.

OOC: How's that for good bad guy story. I knew my cousin's character would come in handy! :Thanks Joeys Girl: :catgirl: [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Corru leaped back to the trees and got away from Thorn as quickly as he could, hiding his demon aura. The forest was thick with trees, almost all of them strong enough to support the miniature dragon. He judged badly, and ended up with a mouthful of dirt and leaves on the way down.

"Now I know why my father DID live in the mountains. Less trees." He brushed off his shirt off and continued on foot. "Now, where's a tasty demon? Here demons! Come get some nice warm flesh!" he yelled into the forest. It wasn't long before a small horde of demons was rushing toward their free meal.

Corru gripped his spear tightly, and impaled the closest demon. He let the end fall into the ground and kicked the next one with his talons. In a short flurry of spear thrusts mixed with some kicks and punches, the forest floor was covered in defiled carcasses.

He dragged some of his spoils to the edge of the clearing to watch how the events around the hut turned out. There was an angel-like person floating above, doing the same as him. She was beautiful too. "I bet people would compare me to the monk." he said quietly.

Corru watched Kronos hover for a while, then she disappeared from view. He returned his attention to the hut, watching people come and go. Picking up the first body, he chewed contently on the dead demon. There were quite a few visitors.

Corru chuckled, a hoarse sound. "Crystal must be popular, unlike what she told me before. Too bad, she was so nice in Koal's time period. Now, well, HA!" He saw Thorn walking away, and spotted him, again. He was at Corru's side in a flash.

"Yo dragon! What did I just finish telling you? Leave that little kid alone! And if you even think about touching his mother, I swear I'll," he stopped when he saw what the dragon was eating. "Oh God! How can you eat that?"

Corru swallowed the demon in his mouth. "First off, I won't harm whatever little kid you're talking about, I just want Koal or Inuyasha. Second, I have high esteem for Crystal, and wouldn't maim her. Third, don't swear, it's not polite. Fourth, because it's tasty and I have more demon blood than human in me." He stood to his full hieght, a good deal more than Thorn's. "And don't step in the way of a dragon. I don't like hurting humans or half demons or even most intelligent demons. But I will rend you into my next meal."

Thorn grabbed his weapon but Corru leapt out of reach back into the safety of the forest.
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"Thats stupid dragon. Seriously, how could he eat that? That was gross." Thorn stuck out his toung in disgust as he walked back into the hut,"Gross, gross gross." He looked up and saw the confused look on Koals face,"Uhh...what?" Koal looked from him to the corner he was in,"How did you do that? I thought you were over there?" Thorn smiled,"Ha..nope. That friggin dragon was sayin stuff so I though I would go say hi for the third friggin time." He walked back to his crner and sat down as Miroku looked at him with intense eyes,"What dragon are you talking about?" Crystal looked from Miroku to Thorn,"Is it the same one that you went after before?" Thorn nodded as he looked at Koal,"I got some good news for you big guy.It seems as though the dragon is after you and your uncle, Inuyasha." He watched their expressions and sighed,"Oh yeah, I'm sure you saw them Miroku, well at least two of them. Well now there is three of em outside your window, Crystal." He watched her look at it then stand up,"Dont worry about them. They arent gonna do anything."Koal said as he sat up. "Hey Koal. I got a question,"Miroku set his staff down and sighed,"Wheatever happened to Inuyasha and the others?" Koals eues went to the ground,"Naru and Kronos went after them first."
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[COLOR=DarkRed]As Raenoko approached the hut she caught the distinct scent of more demons and half-breeds. "I hate groups," she whispered preparing for the worst. 'At least now I can see something other than mortals." While she was standing outside the hut she heard footsteps behind her and tree branches moving forcefully. She began to wonder how outmatched she was. "Perhaps I won't fight," Raenoko said relaxing a little. After that small battle with herself she advanced to the door of the hut.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][I]Setsouke and Mika continued to look at Coje dumbfounded. "Well what the hell's gotten into you?" Setsouke finally said. "We both know your never that nice," she said as she crossed her arms.

Her gaze turned from Coje to the sky above as she sighed and said, "Well if you must know...you can say that I'm here to save someone..from dying that should never have died, and well for other reasons as well," Setsouke said as she smiled knowingly.

"What are you up to Setsouke?" Coje asked. "Everytime you smile like that we both know it means trouble," he said as Setsouke laughed...I think almost everyone from the future has scars to prove it." "Yeah almost," Setsouke said. "But Shiori couldn't just have gotten scarred...she had to lose her life," Setsouke said sadly.

Coje and Mike both looked at her and her frown then disappeared as quickly as it had come. "Well I told you the reason for me coming here," Setsouke said. "Vaguely," Coje said sarcastically. "So it's your turn," Setsouke said. Just as Coje was about to say something Setsouke felt a strong pain in her side. Her arms quickly went to her stomach and she fell to her knees as her face showed how much pain she was in. "What the hell...." Setsouke thought as everything around her seemed to disappear and old memories flooded her mind...[/I][/B][/COLOR]


Setsouke jumped back as the demon threw a strong blow and she nearly escaped it. "Oh so you want to play rough," Setsouke said as she pulled out her small hand blade boomerang and threw it at the demon. She had just gotten in a fight with Sesshomaru and was taking out her anger on this demon..like she usually did when they got into fights.

They had been arguing over something that she couldn't even remember right now, but she knew that Shiori had heard it. It always made Shiori cry when her parents fought and it took a couple of days for her to get over it. At that moment Setsouke wasn't paying attention and the demon managed a blow in her abdomen. "Damn it!" Setsouke yelled as blood started to run down. Just then some odd feeling made Setsouke turn her head and there she was..Shiori..."No get out of here Shiori," Setsouke yelled to her daughter...but it was already too late.......

The memory faded and Setsouke finally began to come to as she heard her name being called.[/B][/I][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]As Raenoko approached the hut she heard voices around the corner. "More excitement." She said to herself. "Then again I suppose being ignored is getting old." She contined, changing her direction towards the unknown voices.
Raenoko turned the corner and there she saw a woman laying on the ground with other demons standing around her.
"What happened?!?" She inquired a little concerned. [/COLOR]
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Corru ripped another strip off the demon and began where he had left off. There was somebody else going over to the hut now. Looked like a human, but even with the skin in his mouth, he could practically taste the demonic aura. She was powerful.

He resided to watching this newcomer, seeing if he was the only one distrusted around here. That fox demon would really have ended up as his next meal. Ever since Corru began travelling with his father, Ryukai, he had learned to survive by any means, usually eating whatever crossed his path. So he sat in secluded in the tree branches, ready to help if she needed it. And if she didn't, he had run out of demon to eat and was still hungry.

Then he felt another powerful aura behind him. As he turned he saw Kronos, the same dark angel he had seen before. She was even more menacing in person.
"Need something?" she asked, twirling her scythe.

Corru stood and bowed to her, the Mistress to Naraku. "I have only the need for blood, Lady Kronos." he replied as he stood. "Inuyasha did me a great wrong, and now only his demise will quench my thirst, although his nephews might do enough to keep me ready for the final prize."

She seemed to consider what he said. Her eyes looked like they could read his very soul. Unfortunately, they probably could, for the next thing she said told him that she knew his true weakness. "You're not strong at all, are you? You are quite a sight to behold, something that would chill even a demon-slayer to the bone. But that's your only edge, isn't it.?" He almost fell out of the tree, but still he nodded. He wasn't nearly as powerful as his heritage would proclaim, but the mere sight of him had sent entire villages fleeing before 'the returned beast.'

He kneeled before Kronos, very tough to do in a tree, and said, "It is true. But you can help me with my mission. My claw is yours to command."

* * *
OOC: Well, this should help Joeys Girl with her own personal lackey. Use him well :animeswea
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]?You know what,? Crystal said as she placed her hands over one of Koal?s wounds, ?I think I should be able to heal you now.? Koal looked at Crystal a little weird and then remembered she had the ability to heal people. It was slight power, but it worked really well if she thought hard about it.

?Thanks a lot,? Koal said as he started to move his leg, ?I?m really appreciating this.? Crystal slightly smiled and moved to Koal?s other leg. Koal would be healed in no time.

?No problem,? Crystal said as she healed Koal?s other leg, ?I need to practice my healing powers anyways.? Koal nodded and looked over at Miroku. Miroku looked like he was in deep thought. Maybe something was bothering him.

?Is something wrong Miroku,? Koal asked as Crystal moved up to his arms. Miroku quickly looked at Koal and shook his head. Something was obviously going through his mind.

?I was just wandering,? Miroku said as he put a hand to his chin, ?if I have any kids in the future. You know, since you?re from the future, maybe you would know.? A sweat drop appeared on the side of Koal?s face :animeswea as Crystal moved to his other arm. He couldn?t tell Miroku that. He would be risking Coje's and Mika's futures.

"Maybe," Koal said as he quickly thought of something to say, "but why don't you wait to find out. It's always fun that way." Miroku looked at Koal and smiled. He was mad that Koal didn't tell him. In fact, he seemed perrty happy.

"I think you're right," Miroku said as he looked at Crystal, "I think it would be fun to find out first hand." Crystal rolled her eyes and closed her hands. She was done healing Koal and boy could he tell.

"Thanks again," Koal said with a bright smile, "I feel like myself again." Koal made a fist and opened his hand up. He actually had all his strength back. All of a sudden, little [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]Koal[/COLOR][COLOR=Teal] ran into the house. he looked excited about something.

"Mommy, mommy," little [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]Koal[/COLOR][COLOR=Teal] said as he ran up to Crystal, "I just heard from Myouga that uncle Inuyasha and Kagome are coming by. They have some news for you." Crystal and Miroku looked at each other and then at Koal. Koal looked a little worried. He wasn't exspecting Inuyasha to show up now. Something like this could mess everything up.

OOC: Ok, the first fight is coming up, but I would like it if everyone held off on starting until I set everything up. You can have Inuyasha and Kagome show up at the hut though. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Hears a noise outside as Thorn raises an ear,"If that is that stupid dragon agian, I'm gonna knock that--" He opens the door and sees Inuyasha and Kagome looking at him,"Ohh....hi." He gave a little wave as he got broad sidded on the head by Shippo,"Your supposed to be faster than that Uncle Thorn!" Thorn turned to his side and saw Shippo holding another rock,"If you throw that at me..." He gave Shippo an evil look as Inuyasha pushed him out of the way and walked into the hut,"Hey now. What was that for?" The halfbreed turned around,"You wouldnt move."Well you could have asked." He turned back to Shippo,"So tell me runt. How much stronger are you?" Shippo let a small ball of fire form in his hand,"See. Fox fire!" He let the fireball fly right at Thorn as Thorn raised a hand and caught it,"Wow. Its actually making my hand tingle. I'd say you got stronger." He threw the ball into the air as id fadded then he bent down and picked Shippo up,"Lets go inside so we can see what they are all talking about." He put Shippo on his shoulders and walked into the hut.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The girl started to stir, so before an explination could be given Raenoko turned and disappeard behind the corner of the hut where she saw InuYasha and Kigome enter. "Well, what a suprise." At that moment Kigome turned and looked at her. "You seem oddly familiar," she said looking Raenoko up and down. "Have we met before?" She inquired. "You could say that." Was the only explination Raenoko would offer. "You going in the hut?"
"You know, there was a demon here willing to tear InuYasha up. Although, he didn't seem very powerful."
"Oh... Now I remember, we battled a tribe leader that looked like you. Are you a..."
Kigome said, her voice trailing off. "Yeah sure, I'm a reincarnation." Raenoko replied, getting irritated. "Listen, if your going inside hurry up. I may be a stranger to those people but I'm not a shy person." She continued, taking a step towards the door. " I know you, I met you by the river like a year ago." Kigome said, making no move. "Kigome!" InuYasha yelled from inside the hut. "I'll be right there!" She shouted back. "Come with me, InuYasha will probably recognize you too."
" By the way, you never told me your name." Kigome said. "I'm Raenoko, and if you don't move I'll move you myself."
"Pushy, pushy."
[U]And so they entered the hut.[/U][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]I would just like to add, I can't think today! [/COLOR] :animeangr
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]OOC: I'm so sorry about this! I've had a lot of trouble in my family and every thing has been havoc! I'm going to try and start this fight! Sorry again!

Koal looked a little nervous as he looked over at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was giving him a hard look. Something was making them both uneasy.

"Who are you," Inuyasha asked as he sat down next to Crystal. Koal started to sweat as he stumbled to his feet. Crystal went to say something, but Miroku grabbed her arm and shook his head.

"I'm an honorable Wolf Demon," Koal said as he walked toward the door, "and I don't want to cause any harm. My name's Koal, by the way." Inuyasha got a shocked look on as Kagome gasped. Koal quickly and swiftly walked by Raenoko and out the doorway.

Coje, Mika, and Setsouke quickly ran over to Koal as he continued to walk toward the forest. Coje didn't look to happy.

"What do you think you're doing," Coje snapped at Koal, "Why are you leaving now? I thought we had to talk to Uncle Inuyasha." Koal suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and turned toward Coje. The look on his face wasn't exactly pleasant.

"Listen Coje," Koal said with a growl, "you don't bossy me around. If anything, I tell you what to do. Besides, I don't even know what the hell you're doing here!" Coje slightly took a step backward. He never saw Koal this upset.

"I'm sorry," Coje said with a second guessing sound. Koal mumbled something under his voice and turned back around. As he turned back around, Kronos appeared directly in front of him. She was twirling her scythe around like it was nothing and looking Koal up and down.

?Aren?t you frisky,? Kronos said with a flirty voice, ?It?s a shame I have to eliminate you. Such a shame indeed.? Koal took a step backward as a look of horror crossed his face. Coje and Setsouke step to each side of him as Mika stayed slightly back.

?Kronos,? Koal said as he placed his hand on one of his swords. Kronos looked a little shocked. She didn?t think this little Wolf Demon knew her name.

?I guess I?m more popular then I thought,? Kronos said as she looked at her nails, ?I?m sorry I won?t be your Grim Reaper for today though. Oh Corru, would you please come out here my scaly friend.? As Kronos said that, Corru came out of the darkness of the forest. All three siblings looked a little on the scared side, but Setsouke seemed emotionless.

?Yes Mistress Kronos,? Corru said as he walked next to Kronos. Kronos grinned evilly as she disappeared. Koal, Coje, Mika, and Setsouke were going to have to fight Corru all by themselves. Not that they minded though.

Ok, Sir Gawain you can take over from here. You can have the small group of four losing at first if you want too, but you're gonna have to retreat. You'll retreat when Inuyasha, Kagome, Crystal, and Miroku come to the fight. OK!! :D :animesmil :catgirl: [/COLOR][/I][/b]
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:devil: This'll be fun!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Corru snapped his tail threatingly. If there was one advantage he had here, it was his tail. The group raised their staves, swords, and blades. Corru only twirled his spear and threw it straight between Coje and Mika, all four of them turning to watch the weapon's path.

Bad move. Corru was on them immdeiately. "Fell Claw!" he cried, raising his left arm. Koal moved to block the overhead strike, but the dragon switched in mid air to a kick, thrusting the wolf demon into the ground. Coje and Mika ran up behind him and gave Corru several swift hits with their staffs.

Crying out in pain, he ran quickly and retrieved his spear. Blocking the two's attacks wasn't easy, and they were able to land even more punishing blows, leaving small bruises on their enemy. Kronos was floating above the battle, waiting for her servant to use his ultimate attack.

"What the hell's going on?" Inuyasha cried as the others ran out of the hut.

"DRAGON!! Don't worry, Inuyasha! This guy's got on my last nerve!" Thorn said, revealing his claws. Corru's eyes widened in panic, but he couldn't do anything except block Coje's and Mika's attacks. Thorn rushed him the same instance Setsouke threw her boomerang blades. Together, the combo had cut a deep gash in Corru's right arm, forcing him to drop his spear.

"Curse you." he said quietly. He waited for Thorn to rush again, which he did eagerly. "Now you die, dragon!"

"We'll see. Ryukotsusei's Revenge!" As Corru cried the attack, a blue flame began forming in his mouth. He fired the energy blast directly at the charging Thorn, and then three things happened. First, Corru jumped back into the forest, then the energy blast exploded, finally, Inuyasha appeared in front of Thorn and blocked the attack with the power of his sheath.

"Damn. That was powerful." Inuyasha said. Thorn was wide eyed, and only nodded. That dragon had actually almost killed him.

"What did he say again? Ryukotsusei, wasn't it? But you killed Ryukotsusei, didn't you Inuyasha?" Crystal asked.

Back in the forest, Corru was trying to nurse his wound, but there weren't the right kind of herbs here that he needed, or knew. Kronos lowered herself into sight from above the treetops. "You didn't plan on killing any of them, did you? That attack would have taken out any one of them if they were off their guard. Why didn't you use it earlier?" she asked crossly, obviously displeased with the show.

Corru grunted and closed his eyes in a pleading manner. "Because I would have killed those two girls, as well. I can't do that. Not yet."

She frowned, and raised her scythe. "You have too much pity for the humans. But don't worry. I'll help break that little trait in you." Corru glanced up fearfully. Kronos laughed, a terrible sound that echoed through the forest. Whatever she planned on doing, it wasn't going to be anywhere as nice as the pit of Hell.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC: Okay, I lost :animeangr but now someone has to deal with Inuyasha and Kagome finding the other three. Joey's Girl could also put a drastic change on Corru now, because that's what's she's doing, torturing the hell out of him so that he'll kill humans. Sorry if I'm giving instructions, I just don't want people losing track of what just happened.
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