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Discuss Get Backers RPG; experimental sign-up system; feedback?


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[color=Navy][size=1]I've recently had the pleasure of seeing the first two volumes (ten episodes) of Get Backers, and thought I'd do an RPG.

[b]The Concept[/b]

The idea would be to have sign-ups for a recovery service like Ban and Ginji's Get Backers, a transport service like Himiko and Dr Jackal's, and possibly a disposal service as well to stir things up a little. I don't have the full story worked out yet (which is why this is here and not in the Inn) but the RPG would start out with the first clash between the transport and recovery services over a fairly trivial item, before moving on to the main event, a more significant recovery, possibly of several items in order to allow the various members of each team to operate individually.

The point of interest is the sign-up system I have in mind. I'd like to know a couple of things: has anyone used this before? and can anyone foresee problems with it?

[b]The System

[/b]Anyone that's seen any of Get Backers will know that most of the main characters have a 'Trump Card' move that they use in dire situations. Examples include [/size][/color][color=Navy][size=1][SPOILER]Ban's Jagon, Shidoh's beastmaster transformation and the lightning rod technique that [/size][/color][color=Navy][size=1]Ginji [/size][/color][color=Navy][size=1]uses against the Undead protection service agent[/SPOILER]. I thought that while I wanted sign-ups to include the character's 'Trump Card', the RPG would be more enjoyable if these attacks came as a surprise to the other RPers.

So the idea is that at least the 'Trump Card', and possibly other aspects of the sign-up too (like the character's real name if it's a secret), would be submitted to me via PM instead of in the forum. I'd then let certain people know these details (characters that would know them, like the other members of that person's team) and, once the RPG started, inform each player when the appropriate time came to reveal their secrets.

Any feedback? Anyone? Let me know if you need more detail. If this works, I'll probably apply it to the Full Metal Alchemist RPG I have in the pipeline...
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