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Request Old School SFII Banner and Avatar


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I would like to request a banner/avatar set featuring screen shots from either the original "Street Fighter II Turbo" on the SNES. I have a link to a pic that you can use

[URL=http://www.emumania.pl/arcademachine/cps2/shots/ssf2_2.gif]Ken vs. Bison[/URL]

It can be cut and shrunk down for the banner, all I need is the part of the pic showing Ken hitting Bison, really.

For the avatar, have a close up on Ken's head, and his lower shoulder. All I really want is the pictures, nothing really needs to be added, maybe, if possible, put in the lower right corner of the banner, put the words small (in an old computer code font) "Old School".

Thats it. I'd really love it, thanks in advance to all who try.[/color][/size]
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