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Sign Up Apocalypse: Save the Souls [R for extreme violence and gore]

Sir Gawain

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A break down of events leading to what is now referred to worldwide as the end of the world:

June 8, 2022
Comet is detected by NASA telescope Hubble II. Comet is determined to be on a direct course for Earth. The United Nations bring together their space programs to create a powerful laser to destroy the comet.

November 5, 2022
The anti-comet laser is finished, codenamed Hades. The UN celebrates when the first test fire is able to destroy a passing asteroid five times the comet's size. World Peace is decreed, temporarily, and the Hades's crew is compromised of more than twenty professionals in every UN nation.

December30, 2022
Hades scientists determine that the comet will land in exactly two days, on the United States New Year at 12:00 midnight.

December 31, 2022
Exremely large solar flare erupts from the surface of the sun, effectively disabling all satellites and large ground-to-space weaponry, including the Hades. Panic erupts worldwide as comet draws closer.

January 1, 2023
Beyond all hope, the comet breaks before it reaches Earth's atmosphere. A stray meteor had crossed its path and split the comet into ten, controlable pieces that land in various countries. January 1 declard a worldwide holiday.

January 2, 2023
Priests, bishops, cardinals, alim, and other religious figures claim that their dreams were haunted by the threat of the oncoming Apocalypse within the pieces of the comet. The Pope himself claims to have contacted by God who has warned him to prepare the world for Judgement Day, which he says will last for one-hundred days.
Many Muslim and Catholic nations, among them Spain and Iraq, rally to the call of their Holy Men, preparing to defend the world while they are Judged. A majority of the US citizens protest against their government's reaction to the statement, and the House of Representatives prepare to impeach the President so that they may appease the people.

January 31, 2023
The pieces of the comet explode, and a human-like beings step forth, speaking words to the faithful around them who die when touched. Each takes a name of the country they are located in an say they are setting out to save to world from invasion by Hell.
* * * *
This RP is about playing as angels who have been sent from Heaven to save the souls of the human race by killing them so that they won't have to spend an enternity in Hell. Yes, the goal is to kill off every human, but only so that they may live forever in Heaven. The angels will also have to battle demons that issue from Hell to save the Human souls.

Here's the sign up sheet:

Name: (Has to be something similar to what country you landed in)

Country: (What country you landed in. Only 1 angel per country)

Appearance: Pic or description is fine.

Personality: Basically, the angels don't have real personalities, but this is where you describe how you interact with mortals to let them know what's going on. Like, say, pitying.

Weapon: Each angel has at least one basic bastard-style sword. No limits on other weapons. Make yourself like Dante if you want, which means guns.

Holy Powers: Something unique that harms demons but cannot hurt a mortal.

Demonic Powers: What powers you acquire from your Hellspawn victims.

Faith Origin: What religion is your angel based on? Yes, I know that angels are Christian, but this is just a generalization, like Islamic angels would be EXTREMELY different from an Orthodox angel.

So, here's my sign up:

Name: Antonio
Country: Spain
Appearance: A typical Spainish man. Dark tanned skin, curly black hair, and brown eyes. Sligtly muscular, and 6 foot 8 inches tall. Wears a silver chesplate (like a knight) with no helm, grieves, or pauldrons. Has tanned pants and sleeveless shirt, with simple tanned shoes.
Personality: Speaks kindly to the faithful, but harshly to the nonbelievers. In other words, very pious. Will lead believers forward against the demonic horde and garuantee the fighters a place in Heaven.
Weapons: The Angelic Sword, a magnum pistol, and spiked shield.
Holy Powers: Faith of the Cross- Returns a lost soul back to its body, effectively reviving a dead human.
The Son's Voice- Calls forth the words of His son, a sound unbearable by the demons and drives them mad. Also calms storms or summons storms.
Demonic Powers:
Satanist Circle- Creates a ring of fire that burns especially well on holy ground such as graveyards.
Faith Origin: Roman Catholic

This thread only needs nine other angels. You can play as a powerful demon general. Just put that instead of Faith Origin. This is the first RP I've started in a while, and I hope it doesn't bomb. Come all ye faithful! :angel:
(The creators of this thread are not responsible for your religious beliefs.)
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