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Request Banner And Avi Please...


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Hi. If you guys don't mind. Well I was wondering if you guys could make a banner and avi for me. You can use the link I have down there or make one on your own but it has to have a couple in it.

For the banner I would like for it to say, "I Want To Hold You Close To Me...Because I'm Afraid Of Losing You" I wouldn't mind if you put the sentences separate. Well also for the avi could you put me sn on it.

Thanks!! ^ ^

[B][URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/couples/fmws01.jpg]Click Here[/URL] [/B]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I remade the avatar..it was hard to see the font on the other one.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DarkRed]Remember just right click and go to properties, copy and paste the url and put it in the avatar thing.[/COLOR]
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