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Art Hatake Back- No Way! [Really Image Heavy]


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[SIZE=1][color=darkred]Yep. I'm back. I've gone for a while. I'm not to sure any of you remeber me. o_O; Unless you've talked to me somewhere else. Everyone has reasons for not doing things right? Well my reasons are personal so therefore no one should even bother to know. While being gone for the last couple of months I've still been dooing some graphic work. I also started up on photography and art (Got Tablet) also animations. Like, hand drawn animations... So you might see some of that stuff, but it'll be rare for you to see it. Enough chitchat I'll start posting up some works. If you have a DA or Gaia account you might have seen some of these.

[b]Chris[/b] from [u]The Last Client[/u]
A really, really simple banner. The Last Client by Kazusa Takashima. If your a yaoi/shounen-ai fan and love to read doujin. I'd recommend this one. I swear it doesn't have too many... "bad" scenes. So it's not too bad. Also I love Kazusa Takashima's artwork.

Those who are J-Rock fans are most likely going to know who Miyavi is. I was just playing with brushes I got from [URL=http://glitter-tramp.com/juuichi/]Juuichi[/URL].

The flag of Cambodia down in south in Asia. Near Thailand and Vietnam. And again with the brushes. I actually found a picture of the flag and just edited it up a bit.


So I don't waste people's time I'll post up links. Next up are photos I took around my area or somewhere else. Take in mind I just kinda picked it up. I'm still a newb. I want to get a headstart on photography before I get into Highschool ( Yeah, I'm not THAT old yet )and join the photography club. Photography has gotten me hooked. xD

Taken around somwhere around my neighborhood.
[URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/yumyumfood/photos/bc3275c3.jpg]Go Out[/URL]
Taken in parking lot of the Minnesota Science Museum during the night.
[URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/yumyumfood/photos/Clouds.jpg]Red Clouds- What does it mean?[/URL]
I woke up after a "nap" and looked to the sky, I saw these beautiful colors in the sky. Looked in awe then grabbed my camera, ran outside and took a picture.
[URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/yumyumfood/photos/8899f7fa.jpg]Rock it![/URL]
Just my guitar. I'm going to get a new one sooner or later. xD;

I spoke way much this post. Peace out. More to come so stick around.

- Hatake [/SIZE][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]It is very good to see that you have returned to the OtakuBoards, Hatake.

[b]Banner: [i]Chris from The Last Client.[/i][/b]

- I like your' choice of image and white space. You had a good to of positioning of the image and text. You've really used it to your' advantage, especially with the emphasis you have used on the border. It brings out the different depths of the gray scale image.

However, the text's stroke looks bit off in comparison to the banner's sharp lines .

[b]Banner: [i]Miyavi.[/i][/b]

- Personally, this is my favorite of the banners posted thus far.

The use of the grey and white brushes show contrast to the lighting upon the upon the face. It gives off a grudge like look, but very soft. Unlike most of the banners I've seen, you know the limitations of brushes. The over lapping of the brushes beyond the person brings out the front ground in the banner. In relation to the text character and person, you've done a wonderful job.

I also really like what you've done with the border. The more fades or gone parts of the border give it a more personal touch. It really falls in place with the rest of the banner, and levels out some of the lighter shades of grey.

[b]Banner: [i]Flag of Cambodia.[/i][/b]

- I find no flaw within the banner either. Both personally and from standard view point.

You've made the most out of text, color, size, and position. The white brushes over lapping all of the banner with a straight one pixel black border is very simple, but has a strong effect. Your' choice of text and how strong it should be in contrast to the over lapping white is very well done.

I know very little about the ideals of photography other then the technical details. So I will not comment on the photography, but it seems as though you are doing wonderful.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Thanks Eikou it's been a while. Hope everythings fine with you. For the next couple of posts I won't be posting as many things. So sorry everyone.

Euphoria is my new favorite word. :]

Here I go with stereotyping. Yeah, ya heard me. xD "Too Emo for You..."

Expirementing with the visual effects on my media player and ImageReady. xD;

That's all. Enjoy. I guess.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][b]Euphoria[/b] is good, but it looks like blended distortion. It doesn't flow too gracefully. There's no unified element to it either. There's no focal point, but the font is pretty good. What is it?

[b]Too Emo for you[/b] is alright. The black and white are pretty good for emo (yuck @ the music!), but I fail to see the connection to "Fairway Heights." It's kinda random ... but once again, the font is good. ^_^

[b]Teh Visual![/b] Pretty good, actually. But the transition is a little choppy, and the image isn't that clean, but good for experimental.[/SIZE]
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