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RPG Blade Masters: Sakura vs. Retribution [M - VL]


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[color=Navy]Sakura sat perched on a rooftop. In her right hand was an apple with a chunk missing from it, her two blade weapons were in their sheaths that rested on her hips and her pointy shuriken were in a pouch on her left hip beside her knife. She squinted around the busy market place, the load shouts of people trying to sell their wares bounced around.

She was looking for someone in particular, she had challenged someone to a battle, leaving a note stuck to a shuriken that she had thrown at his work place. Sakura had done that two days ago, and was waiting, if the man had decided to accept, he would be here in several minutes. If not Sakura planned on doing a bit of thieving before going home.

Sakura saw a bright glint of light and turned her head quickly, there was a man walking around, she focussed on him and saw that in his hand was one of her shurikens with a piece of paper stuck to it. He also had a katana and kodachi. This was the man she had been waiting for, Miyamoto Musashi.

Sakura smirked, he had accepted her challenge, she was glad. She reached into her shuriken pouch and drew one pointed object out. She stood and took a bite of the apple. Jumping up she threw the shuriken, not intending to hit him. The projectile imbedded itself near his feet as she expected and he looked up, seeing Sakura. He looked at the shuriken in his hand and the one that was currently in the ground, they were the same. When he looked back up at Sakura, she was grinning evilly and had several shurikens being held between her fingers, she threw them all at the same time, this time she hoped to hit him.

((Sorry, I can't really think of anything and I'll leave the rest to you, Retri.))
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[SIZE=1]The swirl and blend of sound and color of the market place overwhelmed him, as he quickly realized that he enjoyed a peaceful nook much more than a bustling city. He longed deeply for a moment of solitude, to escape the claustrophobic city.

Stirring his thoughts like a rock hitting stagnant water, was a gray metal blur flashing into his view. With a hollow thud, it impacted into the ground in front of him. He should have been more alert -- but he hadn't expected his opponent to be in a thriving, busy market place. The thought alone was slightly alarming. [I]Would she risk hurting these other people?[/I] He decided to call out, to test the waters a bit.

"Excuse me, but are you my opponent?" Perhaps she would think him soft for being so polite, but it was only second nature. She gave him a toothy grin, deftly flipping backwards as she let another shuriken fly in his direction. It wasn't a serious throw, as it was sluggish as it approached him. But still, he unsheathed his kodachi with his left hand, and knocked the spiky object away from him.

[i]It's her.[/i]

He knew it, he thought as his right hand moving on its own to the katana, unsheathing it. He gave her a soft gaze, trying to see what she thought of him. [I]Does she consider me a worthy opponent?[/I] He hoped not. It would pay for her to be unaware of his skill. Deflecting a shuriken as slow as the last one thrown did not take too much skill. He took a step backwards, and bumped into a man in his thirties, who immediately yelled at him. Quickly realizing a circle of people surrounded him, he knew someone would die from a stray shuriken. The thief seemed not to care. [i]I won't let them weight me down. If they die, it is because they didn't run.[/i]

"If you don't want to get hurt, leave now." He said it above the murmur of the crowd, which was gasping at the ensuing fight. They shrugged him off, but slowly the tide of people began to receed back into the recesses of the city -- back home, to work, to the park. It was good. With the market relatively empty, the fight would be much easier.

All the while, the thief had blended into the crowd, taking the moment to steal away from his line of sight. Inside his mind, he was frantic, knowing he needed to find her, or he would die from a shuriken in the back of his head. His eyes darted, searching the rather vacant marketplace.

With both kodachi and katana at the ready, he slowly approached a small shelf made of wooden boxes, coincidentally happening to be the box where Sakura hid behind.
OOC: Hope that was good enough to get this started. And I'd like to see your fighting style before you see mine, so ha. ^_^[/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]((Man! I wanted to see yours first! Oh well, sorry it took so long. Also, remember this is open, anything can happen in this busy little street ^_~))

Sakura could tell that this person would be a challenge and not to underestimate him. She never underestimated her opponents, there was always at least one thing they excelled at.

She relaxed herself as she listened to the busy sounds, this was her life, her home. She noticed that her opponent was very aware and was walking over to where she was hidden. Sakura flattened herself to the ground and crawled a little further down the street and slipped into a manhole that she knew was there. Her feet splashed into the sewer water as she landed as softly as she could. Sakura scampered quickly and up another hole.

Sakura climbed the closest roof and scanned the crowd quickly, it was easy to spot her opponent because he wore clothes that were different to the rest of her city. He was still walking toward her previous location, doing so carefully in case she were to jump out.

She grinned and pulled at her bandanna, she started to run across the roof tiles, she was going to sneak up on him. Sakura pulled out some shuriken and held them between her fingers of her left hand, with her right hand, she pulled out her dagger and gripped it by the metal hilt in her teeth. Now with her right hand free, she got out more shuriken and halted as she was a short distance behind him from the roofs. Sakura flung her left hand, the sharp projectiles flew from her fingers as she released. Miyamoto heard the quiet whistling as it sliced through the air and spun, knocking away the shuriken quickly with his kodachi. He looked to find her but was too late.

Sakura had put the dagger into her left hand and was headed for him after leaping off the roof. Miyamoto lifted his weapon but Sakura flung the shuriken from her other hand. He wasn't aware enough and blocked the shuriken, but not the stab from the dagger which caught him in the abdomen. Miyamoto cried out as the sharp weapon pierced the skin. Sakura winked at him and back-handspringed away on her right hand, pulling the dagger out with her left.

Sakura loved playing hit and run, it was her favourite game.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Yay! Here we go...

He had lost track of the thief, wondering exactly where she had gone. She had to have been hiding amidst one of the crates in the vicinity, but searching them all would take too long -- precious time that needed to be used in more productive manners. His hunt was cut short by several flying projectiles speeding towards his body. He rolled to the side, blocking the remaining few with his kodachi in his left hand.

He tried to trace the projectile's source judging from it's flight path, but she had been shrewed in moving from her position. Feeling exposed, he twirled around desparetly searching for his foe. He was in the open, and she knew where he was. As luck would have it, he was facing a Sakura who had thrown several shuriken in his general direction, while preparing a stab. He did not have enough time to move out of the way of the stab, however he blocked the shuriken away from him in a flight path high into the air. With a sickening slash, he was pierced into his abdomen. Wincing his pain as she wrenched the dagger from his body, she backflipped, and landed -- winking wickedly as she went.

[i]Who's laughing now?[/i] he thought, as the deflected shuriken came down upon her. It was quite lucky that she had seen them, or her skull would have been crushed from their gained momentum. That is not to say, however, that her shuriken pouch went untouched. As she had dodged the oncoming shuriken from above, her holding-pouch was slit open by them, spilling her weaponry onto the ground in front of her. She gave Miyamoto a death glare, staring at him very angrily as she thought about her next course of action.

While she ruminated over what exactly had happened, and how lucky Miyamoto had been, her opponent rushed at her. Being a thief, she performed a coordinated back-handspring as Miyamoto had entered attack range and slashed out with his katana, but Miyamoto's dogged determination would not let her elude his grasp so easily. Even with his throbbing wound, his left arm shot out at her neck just as she was landing her first flip. In response, she deftly back-hangsprung again, this time knocking Miyamoto's blade upward and away from her neck.

Quickly improvising, he took another step towards her, each second getting closer to her. Within another instant, he was bringing his katana down over her head, just as she was rising her dagger up to parry it. The steel collided, brilliantly emitting red and gold sparks in a dazzling display. Both combatants fought with determination to push the other's blade down on their adversary. Sakura was quickly winning out, as Miyamoto had only one arm's strength, but he [B]did[/B] have two swords.

He waited until her lean into the blade was committed before he shot out his kodachi to hack at her ribs.
OOC: Tag. ^_^[/SIZE]
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[color=Navy][b]((I'm sorry, I think we should try to end it soon because work's too hard for me to keep with the RPs I'm in and this battle. You can end it if you want.))[/b]

Sakura pulled out her kinfe and blocked it, but the blade of the kodachi still contacted with her skin from his strength as she was putting the most power in her right hand with the dagger. She cried out as the hot pain hit her across the top of her abdomen.

Sakura pulled away from the blade lock and backflipped away. She examined the damage, there was a lot of bloodflow. She looked to see Miyamoto coming toward her quickly. She cursed and looked around quickly, she ran a bit down the street and climbed up a stack of crates, retreating to the rooftops. She used her left hand to grip her knife tightly while her right held the dagger.

Sakura was upset that she had lost her shurikens, she had salvaged some from the ground, but not enough because he had charged her quickly, not giving her a chance to retrieve the projectiles. The small number of shuriken she had wouldn't be good enough for a good barrage. There was a rattling and she knew that Miyamoto would soon be on the roofs too.

As she had predicted, Miyamoto pulled himself onto the roof too and they were both bleeding. Sakura charged toward him, she held her blades in front of her. Miyamoto used his katana and kodachi to block them both, the sparks returned as they tried to out power one another. Sakura was slightly shorter than her opponent so it made it hard for her as she was pushing upwards as well.

Sakura bared her teeth and pulled her dagger away quickly, jabbing at his solar plexus. Miyamoto moved so the blade only imbedded itself in his abdomen, near the other wound she had caused him. Sakura left the dagger there shortly and pulled out the shuriken she had saved, throwing them at the area where the dagger was.
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