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RPG Blade Masters: x kakashi x vs Albel the Wicked [M-VL]


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[IMG]http://tinypic.com/4rdwro[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]Kakashi stood still, his feet pleased to finally be back on solid ground. He'd spent days aboard a rough wooden boat traveling to this very destination. It was rather early in the morning, just a hint of the sun peaked over the ocean showing his tilted shadow on the ground. He breathed comfortably, he always felt safe while wearing his mask. His hands in his pockets as his coat flapped in the wind. His eyes scanned over the hundreds of boats tied together in the water. He felt awkward in the silence of the moment.

He heard a sound and turned around quickly, his eyes roaming over the cobblestone street. [I]Hmm, nothing[/I] he thought to himself as he turned back around slowly. And standing there before him was a tall lanky man with a smile on his face. Kakashi jumped back quickly "Albel I presume?" Albel nodded and spoke "Kakashi? I thought you'd be, well, bigger." Kakashi stood up straight "Never judge a book by its cover my friend." Albel gave a quick laugh and jumped high into the air backflipping onto the boat nearest to land. Water splashed as mist from the ocean brushed over his face. "Shall we begin?" he spoke loudly. Kakashi gave a nod and took a stance. Albel laughed "No weapon? This will be even easier then I thought it would."

He began to jump back and forth from boat to boat. Kakashi kept his eyes on his target and burst into a run towards the water. He lept towards Albel dropping quickly in front of him. There the two stood face to face, staring each other down. Albel quickly drew his sword and began slashing franticly. Kakashi stepped back swiftly moving his body in an attempt to dodge the blows. [I]Hes quick[/I] he thought to himself as he nearly avoided the sword drawing his own in a fluent movement. Albel got a glare from the blade and quickly jumped back to the other end of the boat. The cloth of sword flapped in the wind as Kakashi stared down his opponent. Each fighter took a stance and stared down the other as the boat rocked on the quiet water.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]

OOC: Your turn Albel.
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(Hmmm, this seems a little bit too easy) though Albel to himself. (What kind of fighter doesn't have a weapon? I'll have to be careful.) Albel let the sea breaze run through his hair as he waited for his opponent's next move. It was a while since he was at sea. The scent was something that he had missed. It filled him with a relaxed feeling. The two fighters just stood there, waiting for the other one to make a move. The only sound that was heard, was the sound of the ocean waves crashing against each other and the boats. Finally, Albel fell backwards off the boat and entered the water. He thought that if he took a surprise attack from the water, he would get an advantage. He swam deep to make him coverd in shadow. He circled around the boats and after going through a string of boats and came up for air. Albel had seen that his opponent and he had quite a bit of distance between them. Albel waited for Kakashi to come right after him.
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]Waves erupted as Albel burst through the water and into the air. Kakashi turned quickly catching a glimpse of Albel's figure in the sunlight. The glare blinded him and he fell to the ground as Albel slide past him quickly striking his stomach. Kakashi grabbed the area checking for a wound and found only a small one, luckily he'd moved just a bit, in the knick of time. He stood up and saw Albel staring at him. "Is that all you've got? C'mon." Kakashi drew his sword ready for battle. "Thats a nice weapon you have there" shouted Albel from across the boat. The blade was small but shined in the sun showing Kakashi's reflection. He began to spin the blade slowly, then faster as he felt the wind increase the speed. Albel watched closely wondering what he was doing. Colors began to flow over the spinning blade catching Albel's attention. As soon as his attention drew from his Kakashi to the spinning blade he struck slicing quickly at Albel's side.

Swords clashed and scraped as the two pushed against each other. Albel was surprised at the small mans teachnique, it was quite fast. Kakashi began striking in every direction, trying to find an open spot to insert his sword. Albel moved back and forth fluently almost falling off balance dodging the blade. He jumped back and began to leap from boat to boat once again. However this time, Kakashi followed. They leapt back and forth as swords struck. Waves clashed and flooded the boats as their feet pounded the rotting wood. When they reached the last boat farthest from land they each stopped huffing and puffing wildly. [I]Hes good, but not good enough[/I] Kakashi spoke to himself. He'd trained months for this fight and didn't intend on losing.

Albel noted his opponents mind had drifted from the fight and struck quickly. His sword scraped the ridges of Kakashi's small claw. "Huh? Another weapon" spoke Albel surprised. Kakashi began to slash back and forth with both weapons striking Albel's chest. Albel yelled in pain as blood shot from his chest turning his shirt a dark crimson red. Kakashi jumped back still holding his weapons in their striking position. "Give up yet?" he asked as Albel regained his balance.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Albel could stand the pain of the cut that he had just recieved, but what made him go through so much pain, was the salt water that was still on him and his robes. Salt always made wounds feel worse than they were. He tried to figure a way so the pain wouldn't be too much for him. Albel thought that if he were losing this quick, he might have to resort to the Kishuma technique that had gotten him out of many tight spots before. The pain was just stinging through all through his body. He tried to have his wound drained of the sea salt by using his robes in different spots, which helped a little bit. It was obvious that Kakashi was tired of waiting for Albel to attack, so Kakashi charged at him. Albel had to get Kakashi off of him so he could treat his wound to last through the fight. As Kakashi came, Albel tried to dodge as many of the attacks as he could.
Albel almost had another dire as Kakashi sliced with the claw at Albel's side, but the only sound that was heard was a hollow thud. Both fighters looked to see that Albel's sheath to his sword had protected him. Albel reacted as fast as he could. He slid his foot across the groud and tripped Kakashi. Albel had put his sheath under Kakashi, so that something would be done to him. When Kakashi fell, his stomach fell right on the sheath, knocking the wind completley out of him. Albel went back onto the boats, putting distance between the two as Kakashi tried to recover. Albel ripped some of his robes and wrapped himself with the robes to help his wound.
He saw that Kakashi was still trying to catch his breath, but Albel was preoccupied with something else. The boats were starting to rock. When Albel looked out to sea, he saw that a storm was coming in. It would only be a matter of minutes before its full fury was at the fight. The clouds were pitch black, meaning that it was going to contain lightning. All one of the fighter would have to do, was keep the other in the water long enough and the other would have electricity surging through them and kill them. Kakashi had finally caught his breath and looked at Albel confused.
"You had the chance to finish me off. Why didn't you?"
"To me, it is dishonorable to strike a man when he can't defend himself. I needed to do that so the wound wouldn't distract me. I must say, you are proving to be quite the thorn in my side." Albel just smirked as well as Kakashi and the fight went on.
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]Kakashi gasped for air as he stumbled to his feet. He wasn't expecting the use of the sheath and was caught off guard when the wooden case pummeled his stomach. [I]I hate when they're tricky[/I] thought Kakashi as he regained his once lost air. Albel had moved a great distance away from him and knelt on a boat trying to tend to his wounds. Kakashi felt a stirring in his stomach from the last blow [I]I'll be fine, just a bruise[/I] he reassured himself. He watched Albel, thinking to attack, but gave him the same respect he was given. He would not attack until Albel rose to his feet and was ready to continue.

Kakashi quickly looked to the sky as he heard a large clap of thunder. [I]A storm[/I] he thought to himself. The beautiful morning sky had turned black as clouds almost seemed to hover over them, an omen. Rain began to fall and splashed against the water as the boats rocked. Kakashi felt his hair turn wet and drape over his face. His attention returned to Albel as he regained his footing and drew his weapon once again. Kakashi gripped the claw tight in his hand as water dripped from the ends. The cloth at the end of his sword became wet and and flapped violently in the wind.

Kakashi quickly burst into a run towards Albel, jumping and hopping from boat to boat. Water splashed viciously as he dove down towards Albel. Swords struck as thunder clapped once again, lightning shining bright in the background. "You'll die..." whispered Kakashi. Albel looked down at him "We'll see..." At that moment they both began slashing hastily. Metal sliced through the air in every direction as they both fought with all their might. Kakashi used both his claw and sword in defense not even noticing the sheath once again. He was struck in the shoulder and knocked to the side by the might of Albel's attack. He screamed in anger as he charged once again. Albel slashed quickly striking the mask of Kakashi in the process.

There Kakashi stood, his broken mask in hand, dampened hair covering his face. He dropped the mask to the ground and turned to Albel. "You'll pay for that..." he spoke calm and quiet. Albel was struck scared as he saw the eyes of his opponent for the first time. They were full of fire as he glared at Albel through the strands of wet hair.

He charged again, both men striking quickly. [I]C'mon you wuss, fight, fight![/I] he heard the voice of his father echoing in his head. [I]Your a disgrace[/I] the voice spoke again. Kakashi was infuriated, as his sword struck the sheath of Albel it broke and wooden peices fell to the ground. Albel jumped back, nervous from the loss of his greatest weapon so far. Kakashi breathed heavily, his face pointed towards the ground, a killer instinct taking control, as lightning struck loudly in background.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Albel noticed that Kakashi had a urge of total rage in him. Albel thought that this might help, for when you are enrage, you let all your thinking go and just want to focus on killing your opponent. Although, on the other hand, it would be bad, for that meant that Kakashi was focusing on killing Albel with all his strength, which Albel couldn't handle. Albel was a little freaked out, as he saw Kakashi's eyes that were so full of hate and anger. He knew that Kakashi was intent on killing Albel. Albel's thoughts were interuppted as the boat he was standing on rocked back and forth from the rough waves that they had recieved. Albel decided that he didn't want to die from the storm and he didn't want Kakashi dying from it either, for Albel would not have the pleasure of the kill to himself. He decided to walk to the dock and up on the boardwalk.
"You bore me. I thought that this fight might be a little fun, but it is just too dull." Albel said, pretending to yawn.
This seemed to enrage Kakashi even more and he jumped onto the boardwalk and started to slice at Albel with both weapons furiously. Albel was starting to wish that he hadn't provoked Kakashi, for it was getting hard to block both weapons. Soon, he saw the claw coming at him and he tried to dodge, but he wasn't fast enough, for it cut into his left arm a little bit. Although it was pretty much a scratch to him, it still stung for Albel and reduced the power that he could have used in his left arm. Kakashi started to charge Albel again and this time, Albel was ready. He blocked each and every attack that Kakashi gave. Kakashi was being even more angered by this and went in with the claw, for its previous slices. Albel had seen this coming and stuck his sword in one of the holes that the claw had, kicked Kakshi into the chest and sent him flying. The claw's hole was still stuck on Albel's sword as well as the rest of it. Albel took it off and threw it behind him.
"I must say, you have done quite well, for a man with two weapons. But if you hadn't noticed, I've been holding up quite well and with only one weapon. Now, let us see how you fair against me with only our swords clashing their wrath and malice against each other. If you want your claw back for the fight, then you'll have a hard time, for I'm not letting you get past me."
Albel was ready if Kakashi was to make ANY attempt to get the claw back. If the warrior would indeed go for the claw, then without hesitation, Albel would unleash the Kishuma technique.

OOC: I didn't see any rule for the weapons being taken. I thought that if you could destroy my sheath, that I could get rid of your claw. If you want to know what the Kishuma technique is, it's in the profile at the inn.
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OOC: Considering its an attack that never misses, I guess I'll have to give a little on this one.

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]Kakashi stood, sword in hand, staring down Albel. His claw had been taken from him but he felt it might happen. He watched as Albel's aura began to grow larger. He could sense the power and he felt the ground almost shake as Albel screamed in fury, the power overtaking him. Albel trembled as he raised the sword above his head both hands on the grip. In an instant he was gone, and Kakashi struggled to see the figure flash before him, slices came from every direction and in a second the attack was over. Both men stood back to back Albel now behind Kakashi, sword in hand. Kakashi fell to the ground, feeling pain throughout his entire body. He screamed.

Rain still fell before them. Albel dropped his head and looked towards the ground. He felt almost guilty, knowing the pain Kakashi was going through after such an immense attack. Kakashi fell to the ground his cheek upon the stone. Albel walked away slowly "It seems as though you've lost, it was a valiant effort, but that technique is unbeatable, so don't feel bad." Kakashi's eyes closed his past and his father's voice echoing throughout his head.

[I]Get up[/I] he told himself, [I]this isn't over yet.[/I] His eyes opened as he attempted to push himself from the ground. He rose slowly to his feet "We're not finished here..." he mumbled quietly. Albel stopped abruptly. He turned around sharply, surprised Kakashi was even alive, let alone able to speak or stand. "Why aren't you dead?!" screamed Albel. "No one survives that technique, no one!" he screamed as he ran towards Kakashi. His legs felt almost limp after executing the technique, he planned to win instantly, and wasn't prepared to continue the fight.

Kakashi spun his sword, water splashing from the blade, the cloth spinning rapidly. He could barely feel his arms but used all the power he had left to spin the blade. It went faster and faster gaining momentum. Albel swung his sword, but found only air, and not his opponent. He looked around franticly "Where are you?! Don't hide from me! Coward!" he shouted. Kakashi appeared behind him, whispering in his ear "This isn't over yet Albel." With that he disappeared again, Albel turning quickly again but finding nothing.

Kakashi sliced from the back cutting through skin like it wasn't even there and then vanishing again. Albel shouted in pain as slashes came from every direction minor cuts, but they added up, covering his body with blood and scars as he stood, helpless to the attacks endured. Both men were almost completely drained of energy. Kakashi's leg caused him great pain as he attempted to attack over and over again. He wouldn't kill Albel, he couldn't, he wasn't strong enough, but he'd injure him, as he was injured himself. Albel fell to his knees gasping for air, feeling pain course through him. Kakashi appeared for the last time, slouching before him. "Our battle is done here, but we will meet again." And with that he disappeared instantly, leaving Albel draped across the ground wet with blood and the rain that fell on that horrid of days.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]

OOC: Thats the end, no one died and no one really won. Blade Gods can read it and critique it as they see fit.
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