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RPG Blade Masters: dMage vs. Anarchy [M-LV]


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OOC:my apologies for taking so long to post this up, my computer has been on the fritz, but I will post every chance that I get. Hope you like the setup, and PM if you find any discrepancies, or just anything at all thats bad.

[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]Mage walked with a deliberate tread, his movements smooth and fluid, but to those who were near him, a sense of tension seem to emanate from his persona. The Basque fighter had not too long ago recieved an "invitation" from an old "acquaintance" asking him to meet him on the outskirts of the trading city of Pudar. It had taken him a weeks travel to get to the city, and he had awoken early today, feeling restless for the days beginning. This was why he reached the gates of Pudar hours before it was to open, and why there was still a bit of twilight gloom left. He saw the closed gates, and fell silent for a few minutes, wondering what to do. As he contemplated his surroundings, his warriors mind slowly recorded the landscape: A massive wall blocked the city from entrance, but the bridge which allowed access was lowered, making the opening of the town much more convenient. The city used a portcullis,crosshatched, and which would allow some to easily climb up it. A moat ran around the town, with its western side mostly plains, and its eastern side (which was where he currently was) a dense forest. He was about to leave the gates and move towards the woods when he heard rustling from the trees, and saw a figure decsend from an evergreen. A huge smile lit Mage's face, as he slowly walked toward the newcomer.

[B]"I take your presence here means you recieved my letter."[/B] The other said in a slow and even tone.

Mage removed a letter he carried in his pouch and showed it to the man. [B]"I indeed recieved it, but what I did not understand was why you thought I needed a white glove."[/B] saying this, he extracted the piece of garment from his pouch as well.

The other smirked at the sarcasm evident in Mage's voice [B]"I figured it might bring back fond memories from your homeland." [/B] he replied in a cool voice, as his hands slowly moved down the length of his coat to his hips, where two odd gleaming disks seem to hang.

[B]"Ahh...I see. Well that explains some things...but you see dear Anarchy, this glove thing is mostly a [I]french gentlemanly[/I] thing to do, and both of us both know you're no gentleman.[/B]

Anarchy scoffed as Mage flapped the glove around. [B]"Well then, I guess that was my bad. Of course, the question is, what are you going to do with it now."[/B]
Mage smiled broadly as he walked closer to Anrachy. "[B]Well, the only thing I really can do, give it back to you." [/B] he replied as he stopped right in front of his foe and slapped him lightly on the cheek.

A small smile lit Anarchy's features for a moment before he let out a growl and drew both his wheels, bringing them up in a slash meant to rent deep gashes in a Mage's front. But as he brought the wheels up, a quick black blur came up and the beautiful ringing sound of blade on blade was heard as Mage brought his blade out in the quick draw that made his one of the most lethal warriors around. Anarchy hadn't expected the blades to make contact with his opponent, but the others speed draw had always been something he had been impressed with. Shaking the thought out of his mind, the battle between them began...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Anarchy moved out of the way of one of Mage's strikes, causing Mage to lose his balance and almost topple over. Anarchy took this opportunity to bring his foot up and kick his opponent in the rear. He laughed, and Mage turned to him, furious for this lack of honour.

"Come on, Mage, have a sense of humour!" said Anarchy, his speech slightly muffled through his laughter. However, his opponent swung his sowrd upwards, slicing the left sleeve off Anarchy's cloak with his sword.

"That was my best cloak, dammit!" he shouted, slightly angry but still trying to have a little fun. He swung his wheels, catching Mage on the arm, making a tiny slice across the muscular flesh of the upper arm. His second wheel caught Mage down his side, scoring a thin red line down his body.

Mage attacked, and blades clashed, singing with every strike, as both warriors fought furiously. Anarchy combined the swipes with his wheels with kicks, catching Mage in the stomach once, sending him stumbling backwards slightly, before regaining his balance and slashing Anarchy across the chest. His cloak was sliced open across the chest, baring his muscles to the cold air. Mage brought his sword up for another slice across Anarchy's chest, but Anarchy ducked out of the way and swiped Mage's feet out from under him. He crashed to the floor, and Anarchy stabbed one of his wheels at the prone warrior, who rolled out of the way, causing Anarchy's blade to become embedded in the ground.

"Two fights in a row? For God's sake!" he cried, exasperated from only being able to use one of his weapons in both of his fights so far. He let go of the second wheel, and used his first to swipe at Mage's head. The warrior ducked, and brought his sword up across Anarchy's leg, this time ripping the cloak and drawing blood. The crimson liquid dribbled down his leg.

"That kinda tickles," joked Anarchy, secretly hooking his foot into the handle of the wheel which was stuck in the ground. Mage stood, at ease, and saw his opponent bleeding.

"It seems we have both drawn blood, Anarchy. Will you end the fight now?" he asked.

"No chance," replied Anarchy with a mischevious grin. He thrust his knee into the air, throwing the wheel up from the ground and into the air. With one quick movement, as the wheel fell, he grabbed it from mid-air and threw it at his opponent. It spun through the air, flying towards Mage's head...

(OOC: Hope this is okay for you, dMage!)[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Courier New]Mage watched in surprise as the wheel came flying towardss him, whistling a deathly peal as it headed towards his head. Many men might have stayed in place, watching death come with a sense of loss, but Mage was no such man. When the blade was no less than an inch from his face, his blade flew up in a block that sent the wheel spinning again,watching it as this time it lodged deeply into one of the surrounding trees. Turning his attention back to his opponent, Mage offered him a grim smile. [B]"I can't believe you would be one that would turn to such foolish tricks Anarchy."[/B]

The other looked at him unfazed. [B]"Simply because you think throwing something as a weapon is wrong doesn't mean it can't be effective in battle."[/B] he replied.

Mage simply shook his head in disgust, and stood patiently, wainting for his opponent to make a move. If the fool wanted to throw his other disc and leave himself unarmed, it would be his fault, and he would pay the price for such insolence.

They stood, both waiting for a few seconds, before Anarchy said in a challenging voice, [B]"I already tried out my little trick Mage, it your turn now."[/B] Mage looked at him in silence before he nodded, and leapt at Anarchy, sword whislting as he slashed at his foes midsection. Anarchy watched the blow, and when he judged the timing to be right, blocked Mage's blow with two hands on his blade, and used the momentum from his swing to propel his shoulder into Mage's chest. As his opponent stumbled backwards, he swung his blade around in swipe which missed grazing the other's face by mere centimeters. He then flowed into an acrobatic air kick that caught Mage full in the face, making him fall unceremoniously to the ground. Anarchy walked away contemptously from Mage, making his way to the blade that was stuck deep in the tree. He was almost there when he heard shuffling behind him and saw Mage standing, blade in hand, and a very, very pissed off look in his face. [B]"I'm sorry old friend, but it seems like this dance isn't quite over yet."[/B] Smiling, Anarchy moved over towards the other blade in the tree. Applying force, he removed it and turned back towards his opponent.

[B]"Ready when you are."[/B]
Mage nodded once before rushing his foe. Anarchy's face belying a seconds worth of surprise before Mage's blade crashed down on his own. He parried quickly and used the other blade to gash at Mage's midsection. But the other moved quickly, shuffling to the side and bringing his leg up in a kick that knocked most of the wind out of Anarchy's stomach. Straightening, Anarchy scowled and launched into an offensive, disc's and legs flying as he used every trick in his repertoire to make his opponent go down again. But Mage was ready, blocking, parrying, and shuffling out of harms way, fighting a mostly defensive battle. Anarchy was feeling tired when Mage finally switched tactics, attacking Anarchy relentlessly, and efficiently landing two to three strikes for every blow Anarcy attempted. He was feeling overwhelmed when suddenly he saw an opening as Mage brought his sword down in a forward slash. Taking the risk, he swung his left disc Mage's exposed left side. Or at least, which had seemed exposed. In a draw quicker than anything he could have expected, he saw Mage's left hand flash down to his side and out again as he brought out his short sword and used it to stab into one of the holes the wheel had, effectively pushing it away. As he did this, Mage, brought his other blade down, using the flat side to hit the now exposed forearm. As Anarchy grunted in pain, Mage reversed his blow and parried his foes incoming strike, before stepping into a front kick which caught Anarchy in the jaw and made him fly back to fall in an almost comical fashion before falling on the ground.

Mage fell back into a defensive position, patiently awaiting his opponents decision...[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

(OOC: My apologies for not being able to post earlier. I hope that everything is okay with what I did, and if there is any problems...my apologies in advance.)
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[SIZE=1]Anarchy spat out a mouthful of blood, which splattered onto the dusty ground, mixing with the soil to make a strange, claggy substance. He saw his opponent standing defensively, ready for any attack that Anarchy could make. Mage's sword glinted in the moonlight, and his short sword was ready at his side. Anarchy's wheels were dull, almost completely unreflective, from so much use and so little care. He vowed to himself to clean them and prepare them properly before his next battle.

"I don't think you wanted to do that, Mage," said Anarchy, his rage flashing briefly across his eyes. Everything seemed to slow down as he ran at Mage, his wheels swishing as they moved through the air. Just before he got to Mage, he jumped, flipping clean over his foe, and brought his wheels down towards Mage's head.

Mage only just managed to block them, and the impact of the blow sent him reeling slightly, and as Anarchy landed, he launched into a full-on assault, his strength returned after he had lost so much earlier. His wheels spun as he sliced them towards Mage, the barbs on the edges of the wheels slicing through Mage's clothes across his chest. Now both warriors had their chests bared to the elements. Anarchy's relentless attacks seemed to be wearing Mage down, and the warrior only just managed to resist the urge to fall down to the floor and rest.

Anarchy's wheels smashed down onto Mage's swords again and again, driving the warrior down onto one knee, as he had done near the end of his battle with Ozymandius Jones. When the warrior was one on knee, Anarchy swiped his legs out with his foot, dropping him to the floor, where he still managed to block Anarchy's attacks, holding his sword high above his head. Anarchy's foot slammed down into Mage's stomach, and his other foot was planted firmly on the ground, keeping his balance steady.

At the last minute, when it looked like the match belonged to Anarchy, Mage managed to move his sword to cut the soft flesh of Anarchy's ankle. He cried out inpain, and brought his foot up, allowing Mage to get to his feet. Anarchy saw this, and ducked below Mage's swipe, drawing his wheels across Mage's thighs. Blood gushed down the warrior's legs, and he fell to the floor once more.

Anarchy looked down on him, limping slightly, and drew one of his wheels back, ready to ram the barb on one edge straight into Mage's chest...

(OOC: I think one more post each should do it, don't you, Mage?)[/SIZE]
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