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Hi this is my manga idea called Dragon Seekers it can be consider a fic sorta but its supposed to be a manga think of it as Pre manga (no pics) every few weeks I'll post a new script today though I'll post the plot and main characters profiles if you want to draw them go straight ahead but post it here and if you decide to post it other places say its mine ok cool

plot: across the galaxy 10 dragons protect the galaxy from evil now one world was in tune the with them the Drakians now there race had been wiped out only one remains princess Mya Dragorian the people all of them were the liziks an evil lizard like race protected by magic they used there magic to seal great beast in 10 golden statues called "the dragon keys? now the Liziks terrorize the land with evil creatures now Mya has to find the dragon keys and set the dragon free on her quest she got aid from 4 different Races


Name:Mya Dragorian
Age: 17
Race: Drakian (race much like humans except pointed ears and a green jem on there chest
Gender: female
Weapon: Pet dragon Kyu
Eyes: purple
Hair: long, red
Description: has red hair and purple eyes slightly pointed ears and white skin she wears a purple headband and pink long sleeved shirt and pink long skirt and a black breastplate and black shoes
Personality: is very emotional and moody she has a cheerful dispotion and a bright mind
Bother last of the drakians travels the galaxy searching for the dragon keys to awaken the dragons and save the galaxy is in love with the human Kaiz

Name: Kaiz Strata
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Weapon: Quadstar sword
Eyes: brown
Hair: short?spikey blonde
Description: Kaiz has Spikey Blonde and dark brown eyes and slightly skins wears blue training sweatshirt and brown padded vest blue jeans and brown boots
Personailty: Serious and quiet and shy only confides in Mya
Bio:Wade grew up on the streets was brought up by a blacksmith throughout his childhood he crafted the Quadstar sword his heart and soul is in that weapon has special properties that no one knows about not even Kaiz met up by Mya by chance when he found a dragon key

Name: Sumera
Age? (Looks 10 or 12)
Gender: female
Weapon: Magic
Eyes: red
Hair: extremly long, pink
Description: Sumerea has red eyes and long pink hair wears white robe and red trim
Personality: Quiet and shy never says much usually only talks to Kaiz and or Mya
Bio: not much is known about Sumera except that she is an expert sorceress met with Mya and Kaiz on Luna (the moon)

Name: Sio Kreshet
Age: 15
Race: Kirsas (monkey like race live in trees mostly)
Gender: female
Weapon: Tamborene Martial arts (martial arts learned my Kirsas using a bell or tambourine)
Eyes: green
Hair: short spikey, brown
Description: Has short brown hair and light green eyes tan skin and a blonde tail has a strong build wears dark green tanktop with abdomen showing and green shorts and blue trainers
Personailty: hyper and talkative happy go lucky always cheerful never gloomy
Bio: Growing up for Sio was hard her parents trained in her Tambourine Martial arts she won her first tournament at age 5 she became a superstar she ran away at age ten still learning the art and by stealing cash and books she can be considered a prodigy or a master but she doesn't want all of that all she really wants is to grow flowers met with Mya, Kaiz, and Sumera at her job at a flower garden

Name: Bisura Zuta
Age: 22
Race: Eiroshura (muscular race with "tusks" extending from elbows and shoulders
Gender: male
Weapon:BitLancher (gun that shoots bits circular disc that can have many different things)
Eyes: blue
Hair: Short white
Description: Has short white hair and blue eyes very muscular tan skin wears red shirt and black vest white jeans and black shoes
Personailty: Queit and silent rarely speaks but always says something smart
Bio: Born rich he ran away at age 12 stealing plenty of cash to support himself got into body building and the popular sport bitlanching configured his bits into weapons met with Mya,Kaiz,Sumera,and Sio at a bit tournament

Name: Kai-Strato
Age :?( looks like kai but has a million year old dragon in him
Race: Human/dragon
Gender: male
Weapon: morning star sword and Strata sickle
Eyes: white
Hair: short spikey, white
Description: looks exactly like kai but all white and has bright wings
Personailty: Doses not stick around long enough to establish a personality
Bio: Kaiz is the descendant of Stratos and when Mya summoned him fused with Kaiz to become Kai Startos

bad guy

Name: Telck
Age: 19
Race: Lizik/human
Gender: Male
Weapon: sword and evil creatures
Eyes: lizik/human form:green
Hair: lizik:none human:short red
Description: In his human form he has short red hair and green eyes and he wears a green sweatshirt and brown pants and brown shoes in his lizik form he has dark green scales and black horns on the top of his head he wears the sam thing as in his human form only its ripped
Personailty:serious and Harsh very bad but has some good in him
Bio:thrown out of the Lizik world for being half human wants to kill mya to regain the respect of the Liziks because he is half human he can disguise himself in his human form

Namki- Thunder

please give me your opinion I'd worked on the plot and profiles a long time I think I've done a good job
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