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Sign Up DNAngel: A New Beginning [M- LV, N(if possibe)

Silent Whispers

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[COLOR=Red]Slowly but surley Daisuke surely began to notice a sharp pain in his lower body.
He ran downstairs and confronted his mother...
"my you are so handsome" she replied
"you have to be kidding me" he replied
His red hair was beggining to change to a dark shade of purple and his
face began to take on a new form...and it finally happened......
The Phantom Thief Dark appreared where Daisuke once stood.
"I'm back and i am ready for some action" Dark replied
"Greetings Dark," said Daisuke's grandpa "you will go to the ancient and oldest tree in the city, and there is a rumor that a legendary treasure loams there"
"i will retrieve it" Dark finally replied.
and with that Dark put his hand over With's forehead and With became Dark's
Jet-Black Wings...and he finally took fight from the kitchen windowsill.

"Okay so here is the story line: Daisuke becomes Dark and Dark is sent to steal a legendary treasure in a sacred old 500 year old tree. And along the way Dark is spotted and captured by the police! Soon Daisuke recieves a letter from his mom and inside there is a picture of Risa. And suddnely again he becomes Dark and takes flight again and escapes the police. Now the police are getting very angry at the teen."

*this is my first time posting something like this, i hope everyone liked it, and i hope
you can continue my adventure* :animesmil

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]okay people listen up here is how you join my RPG just fill out these few/simple questions....and RP AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

[B]E-mail address:[/B]
[B]Location[/B] [I]not your real one) ex: cardboard box[/I].
[B]Why you want to join this RPG:[/B]
[B]Your Backround:[/B]
[B]Your Character Backround:[/B]
[B]Anything else about you:[/B]

(this is my sign-up sheet to join DNAngel: A New Beginning.)
Please enjoy. :animesmil

[COLOR=DarkOrange]If you have any futher questions please contact me.[/COLOR]

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