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Sign Up Amidst the Stars (M-for possible LVS)


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(This is a bit long)

[COLOR=Red][B][CENTER]Amidst the Stars[/CENTER] [/B] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]"It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you have the time of your life"[/COLOR]

Hamera Huko stood silently staring out at the vast star studded expanse of space. Behind him hundreds of people went about there business. A comet streaked across the sky, far off and unnoticed. Hamera's gaze focused on a small yellow dot, a star hundreds of light years away. He pressed his hand against the glass of the window...

Sarah Niko stood on the balcony of her room. Staring up at the vast blue hazed sky. She wondered how long it would be before she could leave the war struck planet with her family and go to the stars. She leaned on the stone rail a tear rolled down her check...

Alfred Devori stood before his men as the ship landed, he breathed heavy, thought about his family, his son. The big steal doors began to open as the ramp lowered to the ground; Alfred armed his weapon and began into the haze of dust and gun fire...

Eric Grider sat alone on his ship; he couldn't help but cry after what he had just witnessed. He wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at the picture of his friends stuck between the panels of the controls. Eric slowly reached over to the accelerator and pushed it forward...

Amidst the stars we all will meet, and though it seems as though all is lost the questions will be answered in time, and we will come out in the end better than before.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]some back story.[/COLOR]
Amidst the Stars takes place in the far flung future. The big corporations have become the law in the space between the planets; controlling travel is a very lucrative business. Many planets are under the control of there own governments. There is a single planet that is not held my any one government, Earth. Earth is the central hub of humanity. The corporations are based on Earth; the Governments are all represented there. It is the meeting place for any inter-galactic conference.
The people are happy free to go were they please, do relatively what they wish. In space the law is the Italian Decree, signed hundreds of years ago and upheld by the Corporations.

For Six hundred and seven years the Italian Decree, Magna Carta, and Intergalactic Treaty have kept the galaxy out of war and running smoothly. All of that fell apart twelve years ago. The Demor Corporation broke the Intergalactic Treaty, which stated that the corporations would not assault any planet based government, nor would they attack any civilian transports of any sort. The Demor Corp. attacked a planet based government. With a massive army they took control of planet after planet, and then they broke the second part of the treaty, attacking civilian ships that were trying to escape.

Soon after the Demor Corp. began its assaults the refugees of the first few planets pleaded with other corporations to help, none would with the exception of one. A small corporation know on the Eagle Corp. granted the Refugees the colony ship Peregrine, and ordered its security forces to mobilize, and its production factories to begin construction of battle equipment.

Nine years have passed since the Eagle Corp. began to fight the Demor Corporation. Many people have joined there cause but still many more ignore the plight that awaits them.


[COLOR=Red]:Hamera Huko:[/COLOR]
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Peregrine Colony ship, En-rout to Earth
Attachment:1, on the right

[COLOR=Blue]:Sarah Niko:[/COLOR]
Gender: Female
Location: Nimari Mansion, Nebune

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]:Alfred Devori:[/COLOR]
Gender: Male
Location: EagleCorp. Liberation Force Landing Area, Nebune

[COLOR=Teal]:Eric Grider:[/COLOR]
Gender: Male
Location: Raven Salvage Ship, En-rout to Orion Nebula

I will accept original characters, but I need the four above. I will only accept three original characters.
After Sign ups are closed I will start the game with introductions for all characters, this will include location/ En-rout.

The main characters are not necessarily trying to save the galaxy, there trying to survive in a world that is falling apart around them. Things will happen that you don't know about. I will play as random characters with in the story and guide you to the next point in the plot. There will be many choices, each choice leads to another path, and thus to another choice.

The game will be Run on a lose Chapter system.

State the Name of the character you have chosen, or fill out this for original characters
Appearance: (Pic is best, a good paragraph will do)

Then give me a good two to five paragraphs or in character story. Give me an Idea of the person?s attitude and how you would play them. Also I want to see your ability. NOTE: Don't use what I have for the characters up top as a starting point, base your story before that.

1. Don't go too crazy with the language.
2. Try your best to keep grammar and spelling good.
3. I want Serious posts, at lest a good paragraph per post.
4. Keep all Out of Character chat to the Underground thread.
5. Must be dedicated. If you join please stick with this to the end.
6. Most important, have fun!

OK, sorry for the long read!

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