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Sign Up Kill Or Be Killed [M-LS, V - Detailed violence and gore. Discretion advised.


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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][If you are easily offended by detailed descriptions of violence and gore then please turn back now. Another thing; this is based off of a novel and props goes to whoever can guess which one.]

[U]~Late after-noon, Friday.[/U]

The passengers all sat on the bus, oblivious to what was about to happen to them. Their lives were about to take a serious turn for the worse, but they didn't even know it.
On the next stop a rather heavy-set man, black yet light in complextion, in a nice business suit stepped aboard the bus and commanded everyones attention to the front.

"Please, would everyone be quiet I have something to say!"

It took only seconds for the bus to hush to a quiet, silence as everyone aboard was dumbstruck at the man. He walked down the aisle glancing at everyone of all ages, when he returned to the front of the bus he slipped on a mask, with tubes leading to an oxygen tank around his waist. The bus driver did the same. The people aboard the bus looked at eachother and whispered amongst themselves, some with people they knew and some alone. The heavy-set man looked to the bus driver and nodded. Once. Quickly. The bus driver flipped a switch on the dashboard and gas quickly filled the cab, many passengers tried to pry open the windows but to avail as they were all shut tightly. Soon after the gas filled the cab the people were falling asleep by the numbers and within minutes they were all out.

[U]~Hours Later...[/U]

There was a thunderous clap, calling everyones attention back to reality. It took a few minutes for everyone to regain conciousness but they all did, and many of them looked around bewildered because they weren't on a bus anymore, they were now in an empty room other than the tables they were sitting at. Some people looked afraid, some looked collected but they all look confused. They heavy-set man once again appeared in front of their eyes, at the front of the room near the door.

"You may be wondering where you are, and what you're doing here but I can assure you that you will not like it. You are all here to...to kill eachother." the heavy-set man said, pacing left and right.

"What are you babbling about, you psycho! First you kidnap us and now you're telling us that we are going to be forced to kill eachother! Well, screw that! I'm out of here!" a man blurted out as he got out of his seat and advanced to the door. A shot rang out and the man fell dead in a spray of blood and agonizing screams. The heavy-set man held a large calibur pistol, and smoke was wafting from the muzzle.

"I can assure you, I am dead serious." the heavy-set man replaced the pistol in his jacket and turned back to the crowd of people.
"You have all had an explosive device implanted in you heart, if you do anything that me and my cohorts here on the island, how should I say, disapprove of.. then we will detonate them and you will be dead. Instantly."

Many people started chattering in worried tones, and some even began stirring in their seats. The heavy-set man fired his gun again. People looked around for who he had hit but it seemed like he fired into the ceiling.

"Shut up all of you! Here are the rules to this game...You will all be given enough food to last you three days, that is if you don't gorge on it. You will also be given a randomly selected weapon. When you leave this building it will lock up and you will never be able to return, oh, and don't even think of getting in. The windows, I assure you, are reinforced with steel plating and the door is of the nuclear blast veriety. So if you think you can come back and try to exact revenge, you are sadly mistaken. I will dismiss you one by one at 3 minute intervals, and I suggest you don't dawdle around because when everyone leaves this building you have 10 minutes to evacuate the area because a radius of 100 meters becomes lethal. What is that you ask? You need a explanation?...Well, alright. If you come within 100 meters of this building your heart bomb automatically explodes and you lose the game. Oh, and another thing...I will be announcing over the loud-speakers around the island which areas are "off-limits" and who has died in the past 2 hours. What do I mean by "off-limits?" Well, if you're in that area at the time I have designated you have roughly one minute to get out of that 100 meter area before your heart bomb explodes. This cuts down on hiding and heightens the challenge of the game. The last one alive wins the game and is granted passage off the island, and even leaves with a lump sum of One Million dollars..Doesn't that sound good?
The question is: Would you kill for money? Even the ones you love? Oh, trust me..I know some of you here are with family, friends, girlfriend, wives and such..So you're not fooling me by sticking together..You'll have to face the music sometime. Well...Lets get started shall we?
Oh, excuse me. I'm terribly rude for not stating my name. I am Larson Hendricks. As I point you out to leave, you will stand and give me your name and age. Let the game begin! "[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[B]Name:[/B] [Whatever you want. Nothing too...abstract]

[B]Age:[/B] [15-45]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [Picture or description. If description, make it good and detailed]

[B]Personality:[/B] [This is a big factor. Are you an angry person who lashes out at the world, or are you a closed-book? Normally happy, or usually sad? This should go with how you go about slaying the other 'players'

[B]Bio:[/B] [Not neccesary due to your personality but if you want your character related to another character then you need at least a short bio on how they react with eachother][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I will be playing the role of Larson Hendricks and various NPCs on their quest of kill or be killed. I will post Larson's background, and a picture of him when I begin to see some results. Hopefully this becomes a hit.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Last words:
This is not an attempt to thrust a massive amount of violence and bloodshed into the OB but a mature attempt at a detailed violent RPG. So put on your serious face.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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