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in a world made of childhood dreams the world was controlled and protected by the five spirits of the world thier forms were that of highly evolved spiritual beings looked upon as gods for thier combined powers rivaled that of the gods.Each being
had specific controll of a scertain spiritual and enviormental element each embodied in a symbolic creature of untold power.After thousands of years these creatures began to see problems in one of thier most advanced creatures,humans,the humans began to despise these creatures out of an act of rage the beings of the five spirits came down to thier world to fix this problem all togethr the unicorn,gryphin,pheionix,hell hound and the dragon went to the major leader of the humans and was lead into a terrible trap despite thier powers they did not retaliate the dragon however saw the human as a vicious monster and his power that brought the most life and love in the hearts of creatures would soon turn dark and twisted as they were imprisoned into the five stars. earth with light,thunder/lightning with dark,fire with dreams,water/wind with nightmares and for the poor dragon,darkness itself, fear, pain,despair and destiny. Many people believed in the elusive sixth being who was said to be the angelic princess that would awaken these five spirits
when they are needed to save thier world again.

the five main characters in the story (the spirits) later on take huminoid form
name element occupation species
michellangelo --earth-------monk----------------human

draik --thunder/lightning-----pirate-------------minotar -humanoid

vladimire --fire----gunsman/mercanary---------elvish(elf)

zacheriah --wind/water-----swordsmen/royalty-----vampire/wherewolf hybrid

deago/shiego --darkness------assasin-------------demon (this is the character i am)

luna-------------unknown-------high school student---human?(sometimes you realy cant tell the difference between her and the demon attitude wise)

clairise-----fire brimstone-----satan or the devil-----devil

any other type of creature is allowed as long as you like it and can be fit into the story(even a walk-on role is fine with me )

MY RULES TO THIS------------------

please be nice to everyonehere okay

try to stay in character every once in a while ill throw you a bone to help you out

the story progresses with more details along the way depending on were we are
i will put in some more story line

thier is alot of magical battle sequences here so be creative on the attacks of your character and have fun with it!
*the person who plays luna should know that she has alot of pent up agression in her and she has a veary excentric personality and is veary far from the damsil in distress type,plays baseball and is like some body you would find in mortal combat
or street fighter*

other than that follow the normal rules

be creative!
and most importantly.........

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