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Well, these are all things I've drawn out of boredom during my volunteer period in the graphics lab at school. I couldn't post these at school so I printed them out and scanned them in at home. I tried to make some color corrections in photoshop to correct any degradation that may have happened during the crossover, but it was honestly a half-assed attempt. Still, I'm just looking for a place to put these on the net so I figured I'd drop 'em here. Most of these were printed out at an incomplete phase of drawing (most are about 90% done, I just need to do some cleaning up), but feel free to comment on them anyways.

1. Clay Stomp logo contest piece - this baby won me 1st place in a district-wide contest this year. All art students were required to enter, but I, the only non-art student to make a submission managed to win the $100 savings bond

2. Futuristic Samurai Birdman - doodled this guy during calc, then drew him on the computer the next day

3. Skinner - angry old priest. I wrote a short flash toon script with this guy as the star. I still need to animate the darn thing.

4. Damien & Harold Main Cast - more character concepts for a script I wrote. This shows the main cast of characters for the toon.

5. DH Supporting Cast- supporting cast of characters for the previously mentioned cartoon. This one's probably the least complete of the batch.
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