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The Assassini

The Story

(you can skip the introductory story if you want, but if you want an alright read, please be my guest to do so)
April 1, 2005
Vatican City

Pope John-Paul lied pain stricken in his bed, slowly loosing his battle to stay alive. He had no idea of what was going on outside of his apartments, but he knew that word of his health had gone public. They knew he was on the verge of dying, but they didn't know he was not dying of old age, but he was dying of poison. Slowly, the words [i]Mea Culpa[/i] escaped his lips as he prayed to the lord for help...

Outside of the Pope's apartment, walked a lone nun, her head hung low as for the people around her not to see her face. She carried a shallow pail of water and a rag as she walked down the dreaded corridor. Cardinals, priests, bishops, and nuns all stood, praying, crying, hoping for John-Paul's survival, but this one nun did non of this, she simply walked. Night had come and the lights from outside filled the corridor, casting her shadow along the wall. It was a somber sight in this time of sorrow, one that would hopefully end quickly. At the papal apartment door, sat a lone Cardinal in a chair, guarding the door to the Pope's apartment. He was slumped over with his head buried in his hands, crying. As the nun approached, he jumped up with urgency and made eye contact with her.

"What are you doing here?" asked the Cardinal standing sentry outside of the Pope's door.

"The doctor told me to bring his Excellency a pail of water," said the Nun, "may I carry it inside?"

The Cardinal looked her up and down, she was young, perhaps in her mid 20s, quite young for the papal doctors to be trusting, "I'm sorry, but no one will see the Pope. Give me-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the nun hit him with the pail, not spilling a drop of the water within, the Cardinal slumped back into the chair, knocked out. Anyone passing by would think he was sleeping. The nun opened the door into the papal quarters and laying ten feet from her was Pope John-Paul II, himself. Two more Cardinals were in the room, one looked surprised and moved to get rid of the nun, whereas the other simply stood there. The nun sat the water down on a nearby pedestal and rushed to meet the approaching Cardinal, with a quick flick of her wrist, a knife appeared in her hand and she buried it inside of the Cardinal's stomach. He slumped to the floor dead. The Nun then took him into the papal bathroom and dropped his body in the tub.

"Good work Seraphim." said the still living Cardinal from the other room, "I didn't expect you to make it this far."

"What's his condition?" asked Seraphim, who removed the nun uniform and revealed a skin tight jump suit underneath which was loaded with two knives, an uzi, a grenade belt, and a radio.

"He fought the good fight," said the Cardinal, whose eyes suddenly went cold, "and he's going to live."

The Pope met Seraphim's gaze and smiled a sinister smile. "Your orders, your Excellency?" she asked the Cardinal.

"Finish the job."

Seraphim walked up to the Pope and looked him in the eye, she then put her hand over his mouth and nose, smothering him. The Pope was too weak to struggle and died within minutes.

"So," Seraphim began after the body went limp, "What's next?"

The Cardinal laughed a little and then pulled out a cell phone, "Alright, he's sleeping, come up."

Seraphim waited patiently for what seemed like an hour. Soon, two men in black suits and handbags entered the room. They surrounded Seraphim and pulled out silenced pistols.

"I'd point those elsewhere if I were you." she said, not loosing her composure in the face of a gun.

"My dear Seraphim, you've served me since you were 14 years old," the Cardinal began, "and your work has been impecable, but if I am to become the next Pope, I don't need to be in league with [i]your[/i] company."

Seraphim's eye's narrowed, "You're going to execute me? After 10 years service to you, the Holy Roman Empire, and the [color=darkred]Assassini[/color]?"

"That, I must admit, is correct." said the Cardinal, with a sinister smile on his face.

"If you do this, then I promise I'll come back for you, even if I have to break through the gates of hell themselves, I'll come back for you."

"That is a problem I shall deal with as it arrives. Until it does, the blood, for now, is washed cleanly from my hands." he began walking towards the door, "My sons, kill her."

Two shots were fired, both hitting dead on contact, and the two men walked towards her to collect the body. She lay limp, but they then saw a flash of silver light, and suddenly Seraphim flew up into the air as if lifted by the angels themselves and roundhoused one of the men, then, using her knife, she attempted to slit the other one's throat, but caught his cheek instead. Landing as gracefully as a cat, Seraphim hopped behind the bed as the sound of bullets whirled past her, luckily the room was bullet proof. Seraphim sat, holding the wounds recieved from the gunshots, neither were fatal, but they were both hurting like hell. She wanted to pull the Uzi from her side and simply spray the two, but that would cause a ruckus that the masses outside did not need to hear. On her belt however, she had a gas grenade. She quickly pulled the pin and threw it over the bed. As it went off, she sprinted from behind the bed and ran for the nearest agressor. His hands were covering his face as he coughed roughly. Seraphim ducked behind him and slit his throat with swift and silent proficiency. The saw what she had done and started firing madly in her direction. Seraphim, thinking quickly, used the dead body as a shield and grabbed the gun. By now the gas was getting to her also, but she fired the gun nonetheless and hit the second aggressor dead between the eyes.

Seraphim quickly ran out the door and jumped the balcony into the streets below. Landing as gracefully as a cat, she then turned and saw doctors and priests running into the papal quarters. Like good Catholics, she knew, they wouldn't let anyone know that the Pope and two others had been murdered this night. She walked for what seemed like hours, plotting her revenge against the soon to be leader of the Church. She knew that she'd need help in defeating this man, but why stop at him? Seraphim knew that to get to him, she'd need to take out her former comrades in the [color=darkred]Assassini[/color]. She knew that they'd provide the Pope with constant protection at all points, so she'd have to take them all out first. She could be a hero, she thought, purging the church would prove something special. She'd have to prepare though...

6 months later...

The Plan

Welcome to the Assassini, a story of revenge against the most revered man in the world. Seraphim, a young woman whose life was devoted to service in the church, didn't serve as a simple nun or lady in waiting, she served the church in another way. She was a member of the Assassini, the Church's most ancient and well guarded secret. Her purpose was to eliminate those who were enemies to the Vatican, but in this new century, the Vatican is fighting a desperate inner war. The Politics of the Church have lead the holiest of men to involvement with nearly every litany in the book. None deserve to live, all deserve to die. Seraphim has begun an underground resistance known simply as the 2nd Coming, so are you with her?

The Breakdown

Ok, if you're a fan of Metal Gear Solid, Batman, Kill Bill, or spy thrillers like: James Bond or the Bourne Identity, then this game is for you. Generally for your sign-up, I'd like for you to make your character Human but at the same time a little different. Pretty much, I'd prefer a Solid Snake or an Black Mamba/The Bride to a Splinter Cell or a Earl Swagger. Your characters are gonna be a little off, but at the same time very much human. Like I'd expect someone who'd sign up as a character whose very batman, metalgear or kill bill inspired. I'm talking about a VERY interesting background, please don't be too generic. So here's the sign-up

Name: you can leave it blank if you want to
Codename: Your character's codename
Affiliation: Assassini or 2nd Coming.
Weapon Of Choice: What your character fights with, can have more than one, please don't get too ridiculous.
Personality:YOur character's personality
Background: Your character's background.
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