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Writing suzy [m]


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last night, it was a riot
me and my bed
and she said - my left hand -
she said, suzy said,
?i want you.?
and i wanted her too, that?s right
she held me upright
we had a great time
me and my left hand suzy

i bet you?d call me a loser
but i?ve got a girlfriend
i got my left hand suzy, she?s mine all mine
she never yells but in lust
suzy, she knows the south seas like a sailor
she knows how to take off clothes like a tailor
suzy, oh yeah, suzy, she?s the gal of my dreams
she?s a queen and i?m her king
me and my left hand suzy

so screw tangled relationships
screw big-breasted gals and pretty hips
so screw maritial hell
i?d rather screw with suzy
so let your hand jive, jive, jive
and let your worries go carrying away
cause i?ve got my left hand suzy
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