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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Yes folks! It is modding I'm talking about in this here thread! For those of you out there who don't even know what modding is, I'm very sorry for you. For those of you who do know what modding is, then I'm very happy for you but why haven't you jumped on the bandwagon yet?

I know I have, and I've never been happier. Yes, I know; "Its piracy! You're thieving from all those great game companies out there that strive to make you games for your enjoyment!" However, the way I see it is that if you are willing to void your warranty and face federal prosecution to further advance your gaming experience then go for it! It makes playing the most recent games alot easier because if you can get your hands on the game then you can download it to the hard-drive, that is assuming you've upgraded to a bigger hard-drive. Aside from the rather steep price for a new hard-drive, ranging from $75-$125, it makes those without a steady cash flow easy for them to enjoy the newest games....for free!

So, those of you out there who are into the modding scene lets hear your thoughts, and for those of you who aren't into the modding scene or want to but yet to actually get going...Lets hear your thoughts, and questions too!

~Silpheed, gamer for life.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I modded my xbox well over 2 years ago with an executor2 pro chip (the one with about a billion wires to solder) as well as the whole shabang like setting up the evox OS as well as putting in a 80gig HD. I also had a pretty nice setup with XBMC so i was able access the anime off my PC and play it on my TV through my xbox. But lately aside from burning the occasional game to the HD i havent done much with it.
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