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  1. QuincyArcher

    Anime Which romance do you like best?

    I really like the romance genre and i would have to say my favorite to date is Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances). Which you listed as being under both catagories, which i can agree with. I loved that series mainly because all of the characters were so incredibly well rounded and the entire series didn't just focus on the two main characters but it went real in-depth on all the other characters as well and it had a real great dramatic storyline while also be real funny at the same time. Fruits Basket is another great series, though i've never read the manga i really liked the anime. It had a real unique plotline that progressed real well, and while the whole 'zodiac curse' thing seemed kinda wierd to me at first, they really don't overplay it at all and it actually benefitted the series a lot. One of my more recent favorites is Lamune, and I honestly have no idea why, each episode is really about nothing except the everday lives of couple and nothing really exciting or dramatic happens till the end of the series, but i was strangley hooked on it after the first episode.
  2. QuincyArcher

    Anime Anime: Why Do You Like It?

    Well I grew up watching anime so it really just seems natural to me that i love it. But i tend to prefer anime in general over pretty much 95% of the stuff you'll find on american TV mainly because in america there are so many guidelines and standards about political correctness, religion, ethics and what have you that they always have to watch out for, where as in japan none of that even exists. And i believe that stuff like that really allows the developers/producers to be a lot more flexible and make a show that much more funny/dramatic/exciting or just whatever and i think it really shows in anime. There are a lot of people who just like to classify anime with "cartoons" and while thats not completely wrong, i think anime is way more than that. I see it as more of an art form if anything. And one thing that i love about anime is that no matter what your tastes are theres always an anime for you. Myself in particular i really love comedies and romance/drama animes, but then again i like pretty much every genre out there. Also in regards to your inquiry about dubs vs. subbs etc. I honestly can't stand a majority of english dubs when it comes to anime, the voices always seem mis-cast and you just can't feel the emotion in the english voices actor/actresses voices like you can in it's original japanese state. Also (and this may sound kinda wierd) but i just think that anime should be watched in it's natural state, watching it in english just seems as logical as watching some of my favorite american movies in french or something, it just doesn't fit. i think i've rambled on a bit too long, so i'll just stop there, hope all that even makes sense to you :D and good luck with your article.
  3. I'll be the first one to admit that going without anime for a indefinate period of time is a rough challenge for me. When i went through Basic Training & AIT in the army for 14 weeks, it was pretty rough mainly because we had no priveleges whatsoever (no TV, internet, music, magazines, books, Nothing!! for 14 weeks) but once you get a few weeks into it, so much is going on that you tend to forget about everything. But nowadays i watch anime like theres no tomorrow, if i go for a few days without it something just feels out-of-whack, i guess mainly because this part of korea is so boring and theres not much else for me to do anyway after work, but i feel no shame in admitting that im an anime addict. And the cool thing about the army is that no matter where im stationed, i always find a few people who are anime addicts likes me and i can always go hang out in their room and watch anime.
  4. QuincyArcher

    Disagreeable Neighbors

    well when you live in army barracks like me, you will pretty much [B]always[/B] have ****** neighbors in either the room to your left or your right. The worst thing is when they're blasting music through the paper-thin walls at 2am in the morning when you have to be awake at 5am for the PT formation, and its never good music either. Usually if you just go over there and tell them to turn it down politely they'll do it, but 99.9% of the time on the weekends 99.9% of the people in the barracks are piss drunk and normal human reasoning doesnt work so well. But i usually let it slide on the weekends anyway.
  5. QuincyArcher

    Anime Best anime DVD purchase?

    Well if you're a fan of the Miyazaki flicks the new disney releases of all his movies are well worth the money. Lots of extras and not to mention the movies itself are worth their weight in gold. But in regards to just regular series, theres never really much in the way of extras except for trailers released by the publisher and what-not. Although the Neon Genesis Platinum dvds had some pretty nifty extras, and the Fruits basket dvds i remember had some cool interviews with the seiyuu actors/actresses among other things, but thats about all i can think of.
  6. QuincyArcher


    Hey, sorry to hear about that pixie. A close buddy of mine was medically discharged from the service a couple months ago because he contracted HIV, and unfortunatley i didnt really know what to say to him at the time either. I guess all i can say to you is, just because life dealt you a ****** hand it doesnt necessarily mean your life is over. Just suck it up, drive on and don't give up without a fight.
  7. QuincyArcher

    Anime Your Favorite Badass Characters

    Pino from Ergo Proxy is my new favorite, no one can pull off the Usagi-Pajamas as well as her.
  8. QuincyArcher

    Anime Anime and Manga Lovers Are Losers?

    I think with a topic like this you're really just preaching to the choir here. Pretty much everyone here has the same opinion on the topic, but regardless if someone thinks anime/manga is stupid just tell them to F off. heh, thats what i do anyway, but maybe in a perfect world everyone would be completely accepting of all different views, opinions, etc. but we don't live in a perfect world so theres always gonna be [I]someone[/I] who doesn't like [I]something[/I] about you, or something you like or whatever, so the best way to deal with it is to just ignore it, suck it up and drive on. And don't let the opinions of others discourage you from doing something you love.
  9. QuincyArcher

    Half Asian but don't look it

    Im half japanese from my mom's side, she was born & raised in tokyo and im half caucasion (english if you want to be exact) from my dad's side. A lot of people tell me i look hispanic, which is kinda wierd but whatever. Like most i have lost touch with my japanese heritage, my mom tells me i used to be fluent in japanese when i was an infant but i lost it all thanks to the american school system. Though if i were to hear a conversation in japanese i can still understand quite a bit of what's being said oddly enough, just i can't speak it well at all. Although i really love japanese culture, food and of course anime, i still consider myself american through and through and wouldnt have it any other way.
  10. Well first off i like girls who share the same interests as me, like common ground that we can share. I also like girls who are intellectual but also with a sense of humor, looks really don't matter to me at all so long as the personality fits. But being of japanese decent myself, I pretty much melt in the hands of japanese women though i hate to say it. But being in the army and in korea all of that is nearly impossible to find, Army chicks are just plain scary and korean women just arent the same... (especially when all i ever see off post are 'juicy girls'.... don't ask...)
  11. QuincyArcher

    End of High School

    if theres any advice i can give to those of you graduating this year it would be to keep in touch with all your friends. All of my best friends in the world i met while i was in high school, I'm half way across the world from all my buddies back home and yet we still keep in touch on a damn near daily basis 4 years after high school. while at the same time there are so many people that I lost touch with that i really wish i hadn't. Its your true friends that will always be there for you and help you up whenever you've fallen down.
  12. QuincyArcher

    Anime Where is the best place to buy anime?

    I would have to say ebay is always a good choice especially if you're trying to get a hard-to-find special edition, collector's box or what have you, for usually cheaper than retail, but you also have to take shipping into account and also double check that you're not buying a cheap chinese bootleg. back home i used to always go to suncoast because they had a huge selection and usually had a pretty decent sale going on. But now that im stationed overseas i pretty much have to buy everything online and shipping is always a ***** to korea :animecry:
  13. QuincyArcher


    [quote name='Starwind']Don't knock it til you tried it. I'm the one and only army boy ot the OB. I'm a reservist, not just ROTC, I'm a full blown solider here. I know it's not for eveyone, because not everyone is disciplined or tough enough to make it, but for us who are, let me say, there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. I love my job.[/quote] One and only my *** man, Active Duty here, stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea, the 2ID. anyways, if you're looking to pick up the military as a career i would highly suggest something like the ROTC, i wish i went thru it when i was in high school. and if you stick to it and go through college and everything you can enter the army as an officer, not an enlisted schmuck like me. But like Starwind said, i love my job.
  14. QuincyArcher

    Anime Hayao Miyazaki

    call me a softy, but my favorite Miyazaki flick is My Neighbor Totoro. Although i only saw that one in it's original japanese (unsubbed) so i probably didnt catch everything, but there are just some things that go beyond language. I've also seen Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, all of them were stellar movies as well. Still trying to find a chance to watch Howl's Moving Castle.
  15. Don't quote me on this one, since i havent updated my myotaku in ages. but i think you can put whatever the hell you want on your myotaku page.