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Sign Up War of the Universe: Eternal Warriors (M-V,L,S)


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:animeswea This is going to be kind of long so bear with me. You don't have to read the first part.:

?What the hell?!?? Blade yelled as bullets riddled the air above his head. ?How many are there!?! I?ve been killing them for an hour and they still won?t quit.?

He darted behind steel crates, ten men in black followed him, leveling their guns at him. His own gun had run out of bullets long ago. Blade pulled out his katana and leaped on top of one of the boxes, hiding behind a column of steel. Some of the men in black walked past his hiding spot. He waited, all ten men were now in front of him.

Blade silently crept forward, leaping down on top of the last man. His sword flashed through the air, appearing to be every where at once. He silently killed each man, cutting some in half. He wiped his sword clean on the last man and began to walk away. Noises sounded behind him.

?What the hell!?!? Blade shouted again as he turned around.

The bodies were rising off of the ground, putting themselves back together. The decapitated pieces came together, making the bodies as good as new. Even the pools of blood separated themselves, flowing back into the revived people. Their masks had fallen off, each of the former corps smiled at him.

?That hurt.? One of the supposedly humans said.

?****!? Blade yelled as they began to advance upon him. ?I see why they kept coming, these bastards can?t die. I have no choice but to run.?

He sprinted away, dreadful footsteps followed him. His legs churned faster and faster, he went flying around corners and leaping over crates. The chase seemed to last forever, his energy was draining away.
Blade turned one last corner and came face to face with a 20 foot steel wall.

He turned around, the things weren?t far behind. They slowly walked over to him, taking their time. Grins covered their faces as sword appeared in their hands. Blade got ready to fight for his life, his sword rose before him.

?You are too good at fighting. We couldn?t allow you to live. The Lights would?ve gotten a hold of you.? All of his opponents said in unison as they spread out, closing in on him.

They all attacked at once, from every direction. Blade tried to defend every blow but he wasn?t able to block every single hit. The largest one struck at him, Blade was forced to hold the things sword up, preventing him from blocking the other attackers. Two of them jumped at him, slamming him against the wall. The big one withdrew his sword. Blade struggled against the two who were holding him, almost managing to throw them off of him.

Two others leaped forward and helped hold Blade down. He ceased struggling, knowing that it wouldn?t help. The big one, the one who appeared to be the leader, pulled out a small vial. He took the lid off, walking forward. He pulled out a strange black stiletto, some kind of markings were engraved upon it.

?I have to drain all of your blood with this.? The leader lifted the stiletto. ?Then a slice of your heart has to go in this vial. That way, the Lights won?t be able to recruit you at all. Not even your soul would remain for them to summon.?

The leader?s eyes began to shine as he came closer to Blade. He placed the stiletto above Blade?s artery. He slashed down, but nothing happened. He tried again and again, failing miserably. He stared into Blade?s eyes, they were blank. Blade?s skin was as cold as ice and even harder than steel.

?Damn!? The leader shouted. ?I should have been quicker. This one was better than usual. Step away men, unless you want to disintegrate. We failed, the boss is going to kill us for this.?
The men stepped away from Blade?s unmoving body. One of them was stuck, his arm was trapped between Blade?s arm and the wall. Bright light enveloped the both of them, it was coming from Blade. The other being screeched as his body began to burn, turning into ash, inch by inch. The light blinded all of the attackers. When it disappeared, Blade?s body was gone. Only a statue of ash of the trapped attacker was left.
You are a gifted person or a Mange. If you are a person, you are from between the age of iron and modern day. You have either joined the Skulls (The deathless group, transformed humans, that was chasing Blade. These work for demonic aliens, Manges, who are trying to wipeout mankind and replace us as the dominant species.) or the Lights (Force of Light, protect all that is good and tries to help mankind. These are people from the future.).

If you are one of the Lights, then your body and soul were taken and frozen in time. You are stored in a base in space, Kymara, frozen on a tray. Your body is modified, magnifying your strength and speed 10,000 fold. They have also done some slight changes which grant you unknown powers along with immortality. The Skulls also receive the same modifications in a different way from the demonic aliens.

This is the story. For thousands of years, these two forces have been immersed in war. Each side wants to be the supreme master of the universe, however, a few soon discover that they would have to work together.

Warp holes have appeared in various points in space, emitting strange energies. There are even greater beings on the other side of these warp holes, each of them determined to make our universe, their battleground. Their weapons and powers are capable of truly killing immortals. Their battles will destroy our universe if we don?t try to stop them.

The Manges and Mankind must band together, something that the two races have never dreamt of doing, combining their technologies and power to hold off the tide of millions of alien super beings. If humans and Manges can?t create an alliance to fight the super beings, then everyone is doomed. Only the one group can bring the two super races of our galaxy together. You are part of that group.

Hope that got your attention. :animeswea Sorry that it was long. Here?s the signups, I need about 6-8 before I can start, others after that just have to post their characters here and you will be recruited into the group in the rpg along the way.:

Age: (18 and above, remember, you get older but you don?t age.)
Race: (Human or Mange. If you are a Skull then you are a Mange.)
Side: (Humans/Lights or Manges/Skulls)
Time: (ranging from the age of iron to modern day earth.)
Powers: (Additional powers to the speed and immortality. Use imagination. Can increase along the way.)
Appearance: (Pictured preferred, if written description then it has to be at least one paragraph.)
Weapons: (From ancient swords to pulse guns, laser guns or something like that. Optional)

Bio: (This is how I will judge your writing ability so make it good. If you are one of the Lights, then write how you were captured, similar to the beginning of this post. If you are a Skull, then tell how you became one, what you felt and why you did it. They make you a Skull by injecting a substance into you that transforms you into one of them. Make this at least two good paragraphs.)

My character:

Name: Blade (birth name: Kenshiro Nirugashi)
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Side: Human/ Lights
Time: Modern day Earth

Powers: Able to create pure energy orbs, capable of mass destruction, and do basically anything with energy. He can also fly. (Basically Saiyan powers.)

Appearance: See attachment.

Weapons: Blue Katana

Personality: Blade is a kind guy but will be cold to other people when he feels like it. He doesn?t fear anything, knowing that he?ll just be revived if he is ever killed. He sees himself as a super hero, swooping down to save the fair lady, and feels obligated to save those that he can. He is really smart and can figure things out quickly. He never misses a single detail. Sometimes he is foolish though, leaping into fights that he has little hopes of winning. He is slow to anger. He loves a good laugh and usually likes the company of other people. Sometimes, he prefers to be alone. He is also somewhat of a rebel, seldom obeying orders from his superiors. He likes to do things his own way.

Bio: Posted above in the intro.

Please sign up if you are interested. Each character will meet each other in the rpg.
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name: baalthaczaar (birth name: kanburei mizukage)
age: 26
sex: male
race: human
side: lights
time: feudal age(japan)

powers: shadow-kinesis( ability to control shadows, make use of them, like matter), use shadows as teleporter.

appearance: see attachment (except that the hair is red and the clothes are black)

weapons: battou-style katana.

personality: warm-hearted, he is easy to make friends. can usually be found with a kind smile on his face. seems to be a push over at times but if its time to get serious, he would not hesitate to be cold-hearted.

bio: kanburei is an assasin for a powerful clan in japan during its feudal age. he worked as a cook for a front bussiness of his clan during the day, but at night he comes to bring death from the shadows. a jealous fellow assasin, set him up for a trap. his superiors were sent wrong information that thier rival clan was invading thier territory, so kanburei was sent to deal with the situation. but this, was the trap set up for him. he faught bravely and to the bitter end. he eventually won, but suffered numerous mortal wounds. he died soon after.

his skill was reknowed all over. he was revived by the lights and worked for them after. he later was modified as the lights see fit. since he was an assasin, he was given the powers of shadow-kinesis. he had suffered many encounters against the skulls and thier mange army. he spends his free time after missions roaming the country side where he lived before.
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