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Has anyone seen this movie? I haven't, but from the looks of it I'm guessing it will be something I'll love. Anything with Shinichiro Wantannabe behind it is great (with the exception of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, which really was only made to keep BONES alive, so I'll excuse that), so it already has something working for it without me even knowing that much about it. The screencaps I've seen are just downright beautiful, and if Amid Midi's thoughts on it mean anything then this is something that definately should come to the US soon. It seems like the type of thing Go Fish would go nuts over, so I can safely assume it will be coming at least by the end of 2006 (although late 2005 would make it an Oscar contender, which would be good seeing as that Howl looks like very standardized Miyazaki fare and most critics unfortunately didn't warm up to Steamboy the way that I did).
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