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Wednesday 13

Box Hoy

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I'm obsessed with anything to do with horror. That includes music. And Wednesday 13 is no exception. Recently Wednesday 13 came out with a new album titled: [I]Transylvania 90210, Songs of Death, Dying and Death[/I]
I bought the album and I'm impressed. Wednesday 13 isn't one to make a good album and then come out with another album he crapped on hoping it will do just as good.
W13 incorperates alot of old horror themes in his music. Stuff like Dracula, Vincent Price, and Frankenstien.
Previously W13 has been in the bands: Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstien Drag Queens from Planet 13, and Murderdolls (Drag Queens being his longest running band).
Some his greatest songs are: I walked with a Zombie, Twist my Sister, Love at First Fright, and Going to Hell.
If you're into horror and speed metel this is the way to go.
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