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Request new ban ban for my sig sig plz plz? (pic included)

Ryoko T.D.C.

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[COLOR=Blue]yo yo yo my fellow otaku artist. i need a new ban ban plz. my old one is like, kewl and all, but i need a new one now. i would really love this pic. as my banner plz.

for the banner, could i just get his eyes and my name in the top left corner and the words "Sweet Pandemonium" in the bottom right hand corner in the font Lucida Blackletter.

oh, and why not, lets have a ava.! could it be of the razorblade in his mouth? and the same font but the word "HIM" in the ava.?

plz and thank you![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Okay, I took a little bit of artistic license with this but not as much as I could have ^_~. The banner looked a bit cluttered when I added the name so I left that out, I hope you don't mind.


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