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RPG Elementals


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first off I got permission to use this here. this rpg belongs to FantsyFanatic at FF warcry Forum

In Tezzime, the current world, there was a prophecy of Elementals. People who wielded the power of the elements yet did not know it. There were many of them as there were many a element to rule over. However, normally they would remain blistfully unaware of them, but there would come a time when there powers would be unlocked to fight a terrible force that threatened Tezzimes existance. Sadly that time was now. The Evil Empress Kaina came from a distant planet much more advanced that Tezzime to rule and control for her evil bidding. Unless she is stopped, the prophesy dictates that her tyranny will over power herself, her power will grow too great, and with such power she would implode. Taking Tezzime along with it. But this is not said for certain, this is not a tale of fate. There is still time....

Okay people, you have to be an element each. I'm really sorry if someone takes your element then there's nothing I can do. Find another, you're allowed to make them up so have fun! Oh, and by the way. No Gods, very annoying.

one thing I'm adding is the only thing your requried to say is your element but your free to add more, as for me.

Name: Onja

Age: 17

Element: Force (I can control the space or aura around someone I can constrict it and make a person immoble I can enlarge and harden it making a force felid and I can shoot my aura at people)

Appearence: Short spiked blonde hair longer in back than it front one blue and one brown eye a pointed face white skin medium build wears blue sweat shirt and brown pants both have an X symbol with a line threw it black shoes

Attitude: A calm person who never gets loses his temper often but you donnt want to be in his way if he is angry. He is quiet and shy enjoys his personal space dosen't talk very much

I'll put the starting post later today
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[size=1][color=#ff6699]While permission is definitely a good thing, please remember that OtakuBoards has a few rules you need to know as well, especially within the Arena. All RPGs start in the Inn, for instance, and you recruit players there. The RPG must contain a proper rating and a backstory of decent length (three to four paragraphs). After you feel like you've got enough people interested, [i]then[/i] you can move the RPG into the Square.

Again, please read through the Inn's sticky - everything you need to know is explained in detail there. You can find a link to it in my signature. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. ^_^

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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