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Im sure there isnt a thread for this so here goes... How do i switch the dubbing to the japanese audio? In the options menue the only choices available are...

Cursor mode
sound mode (stereo or mono)
master vol
BGM vol
voice vol
SE vol

Does it have to be unlocked or are european gamers stuck with the short straw?
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I think we are stuck with the dubbed version. i haven't checked if there is japanese dubbing on my version but I doubt there is. It's still a cool game anyway as is Phantom Brave. I missed out on Disgaea :animesigh .
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Ah well :animesigh . At least the game is good and the voices can be turned off (i hope :animeswea ). I actually bought a new copy of disgaea last week (:animesmil) so im sure you can still get it.

Back to la pucelle Im currently on chapter 4. right now im wondering what the best equipment is for cullot(sp?) as I havnt been giving him as much attention [spoiler]what with him leaving the group temporarily in chapter 3 [/spoiler]. Also Does anyone know where the best place to level him up is? Hes level 6, the rest (including monsters) are level 10-12. I dont use him much but now im wondering if its worth giving him some attention.
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