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Request Banner/Ava Request


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[size=1]All right, the picture I have linked is the pic I used for my current banner and ava. Only I want something a little flashier, a little cuter, if you understand.

Banner: my name, and the quote "I'm not giving up - and neither are you."

Ava: my name.

I don't care what shot you use; head shot, body shot, or just the sparkly confetti thingys, or her dress. Whatever. ^__________^ Very simple request. Thanks whoever does it!


[url=http://img211.echo.cx/img211/4345/pockethopea9dj.jpg]Click Here[/url]
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Hi. I decided to try it. I didnt do much. I just flipped it around a bit and added the words. Nothing fancy because my new computer is well... new. It doesnt even have my art programs on it yet.

So here is my try at it.
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