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Amazing Race Season Finale

Shadow Blade

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I was wondering if anyone had watch the Amazing Race Season Finale last night?
I did. And guess who won it was *drumroll please!* Uchenna and Joyce ! Yup! They won the One Million Dollars! And I was really hoping that Rob and Amber won that
1 million $. But however, I was grateful that Ron and Kelly didn't win, Boy! did they just constantly bicker during the last two legs of the race!

But however if you didn't get to watch it, the second to the last leg of the race,Uchenna and Joyce came in last but weren't eliminated from the race. Instead all of their belonging and money were taken away from them.So they started the last leg of the race without any money. However they manage to beg for some money to pay for some expenses. Uchenna and Joyce went to a hotel first to beg for some money, however they ended up hitchiking a ride to a Airport to beg for some money there, (they didn't do so good, but they manage to make enough to continue on to their next desination).Then the whole
Detour and Challeges started. Then as I told this leg of the race was a non-elimintion race. So begins the second the last day of the race. In this last race they did some more Detours and Challanges. Rsulting in the Million Dollar Win awarded to Uchenna and Joyce. Well at the end the eliminated teams were there to greet them. As for Rob and Amber they came in 2nd, Ron and Kelly they came in 3rd.

So as for Uchenna and Joyce they hinted that with the money they were going to adopt a child *how sweet huh?*.

I apoligize for the poor Update on the "Amazing Race Finale". So Um? are you happy with WON?
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I didn't really like Uchenna and Joyce, so I wasn't happy when they won. I like the other two teams about equally, so I would've liked one of them to win. However, I guess the best team won, and all of them deserved to win after such a hellish journey across europe. I doubt that they'll be so giving and such with their money, but its a nice image anyway.
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Er, well, In the last thread I said I wanted to see Rob and Amber win, so I was a little dissapointed they didn't make it in the end due to getting lost.

I think I wanted R&A to win because they were the only team most people really didn't want to win. I haven't seen a team on TAR that so many people wanted to see lose.

Props to Uchenna and Joyce for their victory though.
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