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Request Hellsing Banner/Ava


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I'd like a banner and avatar depicting Alucard from the Hellsing series. Hes probably one of my favorite characters and I'd like to have a vampire based banner/ava combination. I'd like it to have a dark look, red and black color based. I'd like the text to say "You'll need more then guns to stop me..." and then "Hellsing". I'd like Hellsing to be larger then the quote, since its the basis of the sig. Make it as big as you need so it'll be proportionate with all the txt. Most people know I like the fancy looking txt, you can use the original Hellsing txt if you'd like. I'll include a few pictures below you can use, but if you think you have better then feel free to use them. I like the badass Alucard pictures rather then the funny ones, if you couldn't tell from the ones below lol.


There you go, anyone can give it a shot. Have fun with it.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hee. Why do I alsways make the best banners when I don't like the show? 'tis odd, really...

Okay. You get choices this time. We have text [anytime I used cursive it got very very blurry]:



And no text:



Personally, I think the no-text banner and avi are better, but that's just me. Hope that's what you're looking for...^__^[/COLOR]
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