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Score one for the little guys


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[COLOR=DarkRed]A few of my friends are in a band, and very good one. They call themselves [B]Ego Trip[/B], and have only played at three places before, including our school's local band concert. However, someone heard them and liked them very much, spent a little money, and they're already going to be playing at [I]The Rave[/I]. The Rave is a relativley small concert hall in Milwaukee, though plenty of big names have been there (more recently includes [B]Zakk Wylde[/B], and a few weeks later, [B]Steve Vai[/B]). They will be opening for [B]Otep[/B], which is an amazing step up from playing at a school concert. I won't be able to (go because i suck... :animesigh ), but i'm still buying a ticket to at least support my friends. Hopefully they'll get recognised and make it big, that would be real cool. I think this is great for them, it would be pretty cool to say that i'm friends with a relatively big band. Maybe in a year or two they'll be playing [I]Summerfest[/I] (a HUGE music event in Milwaukee every summer, often there is a few really big bands and tons of local bands).

Well anyway, for the sake of discussion, does anyone else have a success story of the little guys? Also if you are in a band, or friends with a band that you like, and perhaps what you play. The fact that they're opening for Otep pretty much explains they're genre.[/COLOR]
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